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Unable To Run On Windows 10
OldClassicGamer Blue Sparx Gems: 816
#1 Posted: 13:14:48 21/05/2017 | Topic Creator

I am wondering did anyone ever manage to bypass dreaded SecuRom protection that this game has. Due to SecuRom not working on Windows 10, I am unable to launch game. I searched if someone made NoCD .exe file for game but no luck. I even tried to install it on Virtual Machine with Windows XP but SecuRom was designed not to run on Virtual Machines. I currently have no way of starting the game.

Anyone here managed to get it working on Win 10?
TheStealthElf08 Green Sparx Gems: 283
#2 Posted: 20:47:09 08/01/2018
how are you having issues with SecuRom ? SecuRom just makes it so you have to have the disc in everytime you play it which helps protect against copying and pirating stuff
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CountMoneyBone Platinum Sparx Gems: 5033
#3 Posted: 13:16:08 11/01/2018
you are better off not playing the pc version, it can make the figures stop working, since there the pc portal driver is not good and you could risk a faulty save being done to the figures.
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dawber Red Sparx Gems: 14
#4 Posted: 15:24:51 08/04/2020
Windows 10 detected the PC version of the "Portal of Power" as "Spyro Portal" and installed the driver automatically.

@TheStealthElf08, some PC desktops and laptops do not come with a DVD drive / Optical Drive. So the obstacle is not always piracy related. If Activision offered a digital download version for PC, I would have no issue coughing up some extra cash for that edition, just to reduce my software footprint.

I use/used the software Alcohol 120% to create a MDF/MDS image file combination on a machine that had an optical drive. On my gaming computer I use that same software to create a virtual drive and mount the media.

The game was clearly written for console and ported, so for controls I use an Xbox 360 wired controller, specifically this one:

The game has frozen a few times (not due to the virtual media), and a couple times I just alt-tab away, and back again, and the game resumed. I have duplicate figures, so I am not worried about corrupted progress on my figures I am currently using. Has not happened to me yet, but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen.

Alcohol is a paid software, but it does give a free trial. Also the author did make a free version called Alcohol 52%, not sure if that one works after your trial is up, but worth kicking the tires.
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