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Heroic Challenge Bugs/Exploits
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#1 Posted: 00:08:30 02/04/2017 | Topic Creator
Look, the sequel to my "Worst Heroic Ever" topic.
I've been doing a lot of heroic challenge work for my SSA collection lately. And throughout the experience so far, I had found plenty of exploits and bugs that either break or give you shortcuts, etc.:

Note: This is seen in the Wii version and other systems may or may not have these bugs

Minefield Mishap (Stealth Elf's): This is probably my favorite heroic on the subject, even though it has the "This is Tough!" label on it (The easiest one with this warning, BTW). This heroic has multiple exploits to it such as passing through several walls of mines (Still taking damage though). In the final maze section, you can easily collect the Scepter of Nort to end the challenge once you teleport there. Just burst a mine next to the Scepter, and quickly run across the mine before it respawns. That is if you have a fast skylander. I also just finished using Voodood for this challenge. And I found out you can go full speedrun on the challenge with this trick plus another, but very risky. When you approach the first Gun Snout with mines in front of it. Zipline with Voodood at it to fly across the mines. You will lose a lot of health doing so, but the next teleporter takes you to the final area with the scepter. I managed to finish the challenge in under 40 seconds (Or was it 30? Wasn't paying attention)

You've Stolen My Hearts (Zook's): There are also multiple bugs in this challenge. Depending on your performance with the first two Hob 'N' Yaros, the gate to the third one may not open. It's uncommon, though. Another bug is at the last Hob 'N' Yaro behind the last gate. First of all, it is possible to bypass this gate - Confirmed with Drobot. (He MIGHT be the only one to do so). Second, if you approach the edge of the gate in attempts to bypass it, no matter if you succeed, the Hob 'N' Yaro will spawn and steal the heart, but will only start running when the gate is opened.

Pod Gauntlet (Chop Chop's): Some walls of pods can be cut through like the mines in Minefield Mishap. This is confirmed with Wrecking Ball's tumble attack and, again, Voodood's zipline. You can cut through the winding path of spear traps to instantly reach the key segment at the start.

If someone finds anything else interesting, put it here. Because let's face it, heroics can be broken.
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#2 Posted: 11:01:45 10/04/2017
For Trigger Happy's one, go for the teleporter the camera centers on.

For Camo's, take the left teleporter first and go to the bottom. Check if the gate is in front of the button. If it is, go to the center teleporter. If it isn't check the button that you're supposed to go to with the left teleporter. If it's protected by a gate, go to the right teleporter. Should be simple after that.

Anvil Rain is good for both Whirlwind's and Double Trouble's challenges. Which is good because their challenges come one after another.

For extra challenge, try beating Wrecking Ball's Challenge without taking damage. smilie
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#3 Posted: 03:50:02 13/04/2017
Ever notice that some heroic challenges boost a different stat in Giants? I'm a speed freak. I do all challenges that boost speed in SA, then in Giants, and it pushes that stat above the max. I believe you can also do this with critical hit if that is your favorite stat.
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#4 Posted: 23:09:14 04/08/2017
Oh yeah, and in the Wii version at least, sometimes the cake in Whirlwind's challenge just doesn't appear.
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