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Elements of Origin -- A SLICE OF LIFE RP (Sci-fi/Fantasy)
redpillremix Green Sparx Gems: 309
#1 Posted: 01:53:29 19/02/2017 | Topic Creator
The year is 2017, (dark ages didn't happen) humanity has reached a golden age of technology and prosperity, but in the dark corners of this golden age lies a strange and mysterious shadow world of meta humans and magic. Your goal is to explore this treacherous underworld full of danger, intrigue and mystery to discover the secrets buried deep at its core.

You have been awakened to this mysterious, new reality by a tramatic experience (of your choosing).

Select your Element:
Infernis (Fire)
Hydross (Water)
Terrene (Earth)
Zephyr (Air)
Lumen (Light)
Umbra (Darkness)

Character Template
Elemental Choice:
  • Abilities/Powers within your element


Also, P.M. me your tramatic experience, so the other players don’t know. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

1. I am D.M.
2. No God-Modding.
3. No one liners. Be descriptive, allow the other players and enemies to respond.
4. CHOOSE ONLY ONE ELEMENT, no DUAL elementalists.
5. You can only have one character.
6. Romance is allowed, keep it PG
7. Be creative with your power type.
8. Show Character Depth.
9. Have fun!
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Data_Sora Green Sparx Gems: 106
#2 Posted: 08:53:26 19/02/2017
Bit more detail on the "How it is used" please?
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redpillremix Green Sparx Gems: 309
#3 Posted: 18:34:39 19/02/2017 | Topic Creator
I just fixed the post to "elemental Choice:, and power/abilities within your element, meaning I want you to describe what you want to be able to do with your powers.
The path of a hero is in power of one's own choices.
S2 Swap Force Emerald Sparx Gems: 3078
#4 Posted: 21:28:21 21/02/2017
Does Terrene also include nature, like trees, grass, crops and other plants?
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jokerstix66 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1413
#5 Posted: 04:44:28 22/02/2017
Character Template (assuming this is just a few decades before our run at this)
Name: Aetheris Nicholas Jekyll
Elemental Choice:Hydross
team, and steam constructs, bending the mollrcules to be has hard as concrete. However without much life expirience only rough shapes are made.

Personality: Curious, with a profound lust for knowledge. Often risking his own life and limb for some obscure lead to his next mutagenic formula hr is also fiercely protective of his formulas one in particular

Appearence:Tall and thin, wearing dress ckothes out of his lap and a white lab coat in, he wewrs and pair of wire spectacles. His black hair and brown eyes always scanning as if searching for something. Heavy stubble covers his jaw and upper lip, as if he has spent days at a time working.

History/Origins: Coming from a family of scientists he picked up that legacy with open arms, inheriting Jekyll mutagenics he has perfected the Temperary Inhailent Mutagen or T.I.M's with the use of a modern ecig or vaporizer one can temperarily enhance oneself with a particular mutation. This is his pride and joy using them often. With such tittles as Cinnistrong and cistrispeed. TM, many things have come from his lab into hhi shop. However through his family line they have one dark secret. The hyde serum, when one of the ancient jekylls made this formula he meant for it to cut the evil away from men but failed instead pulling a spirit from the vale that would inhabit his body and the body of all fist born children since then. Now only legend and a fun read, hyde has long since given up his life of slaughter. This happened through a combination of counter serums and the long term threat of non existance. In recent years his business has been doing well with new research delving into mutating different elements into people however so far it has been fruitless. Jekyll is not however immune to the troubles of life, as recently someone had tried to steal the hyde serum a closely guarded secret, and having hyde nearly torn from his very body. While a failure this caused much mental scaring to Aetheris, making him paranoid and scared to even go outside at times. No such attempt had been made again since that night. jekylls assailant running into the darkness away from the now very real and angry hyde. Currently jekyll has been working on red hearing formulas and the development of aspect mutation. Not willing to go into permanent injection mutation however it remains to be seen if it will bear any progress.
Other: Jekyll mutagenics is a long standing company closely tied to another company where shipments of mutagenic materials are gathered and distributed, his personal shop is on the corner of main, and division. Where his open lab and inviting lounge area, make a nice meeting place for those who wish to relax talk and get their fix of both nicotine and TIMs.
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Zartose Yellow Sparx Gems: 1233
#6 Posted: 15:35:13 22/02/2017
Name: Atom (Everyone knows him as the semi famous actor Lawerence Price)
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Elemental Choice: Terrene
Can manipulate his own flesh to disguise himself. An ability he calls "flesh memory" which he can use by effectively assuming the physical identity as someone else or to take on almost any appearance. He must however make physical contact with any person he would like to copy. He can store a number of different physical identities but he must remember each one for if he forgets one then he can no longer assume that physical identity.

Personality: Lawrence tries to be outgoing and fun, however the strain of signing autographs or being harassed by the paparazzi makes it difficult. He is well mannered and tends to give advice even if one does not ask for it. He will remain friendly even though he is clearly upset or stressed.
(Atom is cautious around new people and almost never shows his powers, due to him being treated horribly for it in the past. He is usually quiet and tries not to say much. He keeps his thoughts to himself and due to his build it just makes him more of a target. He tries to remain polite and collected even when angry, and he will almost always attempt to bid you a good day if he just cannot seem to remain calm.)

Appearance: Lawrence stands at 6'6 with bright red hair atop his head, and a sinister mustache adorning his top lip. He usually wears a suite with a red tie and a pocket watch in his left side pocket. The suite he wears varies from black to a navy blue with matching dress pants. The way he holds himself says "there is nothing I can't achieve."
(Atom stands at 8'6 and is built like a brick house. He is quite muscular for his size, and his flesh looks as though it has suffered from severe burn scars though the scaring has faded. He typically wears a thick heavy leather trench-coat, and leather combat boots. Underneath his coat he wears both a thin hoodie as well as a white shirt that has obviously seen better days.

History/Origins: His mother was from Germany while his father was from Switzerland. He grew up in Britain and attended normal high school and graduated at the age of 12. He went on to receive a higher education in biology, psychology and zoology. He received his doctorate degree at the age of 16. He then went on to become an actor due to his father getting into a severe accident and becoming comatose. Now as an actor he travels from place to place never really staying in one place for to long. In recent years he has become more of an unknown face as he has been trying to keep himself in his career rather than dealing with paparazzi; He has become semi-renowned for his work and already has a somewhat large fan base. He is known to play monsters in the films and plays that he is in. His most famous role is playing both Dr. Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde. Him playing the doctor Jekyll has been part of a 3 movie series about to continue as a TV series.

Other: Because of his lifestyle and choices, no body knows that his actual name is Atom nor do people know that Lawrence Price is simply a guise. Because of this he has made quite a life for himself as Lawrence Price. That said, he suffers from night terrors and severe anxiety. He cannot look at his own reflection if he is not in the guise as Lawrence.
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Data_Sora Green Sparx Gems: 106
#7 Posted: 06:17:38 23/02/2017
Name: Mort Animus Greenweaver
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Element: Zephyr
  • Air Solidification - With a little focus, he can solidify and move air as long as it is touching his body, his clothes or it is within his line of sight. Once solidified he doesn't need line of sight to keep it solid, but he has yet to keep any air solid without consciously thinking about it except when focused on his "Gauntlet Looms," but even then they only last about a minute without concentration. Normally when he solidifies air it is near-transparent with a shimmer to it (think desert shimmer), while whenever he uses solidification with his gauntlets, the air has a slight indigo color to it.
  • Aura Sight - Due to Air's Innate connection with the mind and soul, he is able to see souls and their elemental affinities, even when blinded. Each soul has a different color depending on the element.
  • [This part was furiously scratched out as if in a hurry]

Appearance: Mort is 5'9", green eyes, brown scruffy hair with a little blue on the ends, and while skinny, has some muscle on him. He has thin red tribal tattoos over his whole body including his face. He wears a plain cyan shirt, khaki pants, and a black zip-up jacket with his "gauntlets looms" attached to the arms. the back of the jacket is a picture of a 3 pointed claw going upwards with the words 'Weave with me.' underneath.
Personality: Mort is an upbeat individual who loves to learn about whatever he can get his hands on. He believes that the best way to deal with stress is to laugh it off.
History/Origins: Mort was the son of Aron and Olivia Ashur and younger brother of Evangeline. At the age of 5 he contracted a disease known as 'The Blight Infestation' a disease that is rumored to eat at the very soul itself. About two weeks after he came down with the illness, Evangeline found me and asked for my help. I agreed and in the middle of the night I came to the house and cured him. Unfortunately for the children their parents came down with a strain of Fatal Insomnia a month later, and were pronounced dead within the week. I found their story in the newspaper, and I adopted them since they had no family to go to. I cared for them for several until his 10th birthday when Evangeline came down with the Blight as well. Unfortunately, I was unable to cure her in time since she was already in the second stage of the Blight by the time I found out. She died...peacefully. Although Mort was sad, he became very determined to learn more about the Blight as well as to defend those who have been infected by it. Despite these hardships, he still managed to get a formal education.
Other: He works for me at the shop named "Soulful Weavers" as both a Tailor and a Weaver like myself. As a birthday gift I made his Custom Jacket to help him in his line of work. I've also taught him some self defense since our line of work is mocked due to machines doing most of the work nowadays.

I am confident that he is ready for the next step in his training. Here's hoping that he'll- oh what am I saying, of course he'll make it. The question though is how long I can hold out...

-Murk G. Greenweaver
I've seen your version of sanity. It bores me.
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LegendOfZelda Emerald Sparx Gems: 3787
#8 Posted: 06:18:46 26/02/2017
Name: Fenris Ragnor
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Elemental Choice: Infernis
  • Thermal energy manipulation: Within contact of his body, he can control the vibration and friction of molecular structures. He can induce metal to melt and can form plasma, as well as absorb outside thermal energy forces.
  • Nuclear Fission: The core of his abilities comes from this, where friction becomes so much that atoms collapse on each other around his body. Although he never uses his abilities to the fullest, there was news of an explosion like this years ago.
  • Thermal vision: Like a viper, his vision is heavily dependent on thermal signatures. His eyes work fine, but his sight is overlapped with the thermal pattern of everything around him.

Appearance: A tall, lanky and almost malnourished man with unkempt black hair and long beard. His clothes are slightly worn, contrasting the pristine technology riddling his attire. His eyes show fatigue and sleepless nights, blue and crystalline. You can tell by the vary way he carries himself he is used to travel.
Personality: Reserved, hesitant, and calm. He has an immediate feel of responsibility of others and a silent fear of himself.
History/Origins: There isn't much about his history that he talks about. He claims to be a highschool dropout, coming from a small town and not having much to his name. He has no long term history whatsoever.
Other: He has a surprising amount of high profile tech for his vagrant status. There are many electromagnetic devices clipped onto his body over his clothing, and his gloves are a mix of bikers gloves and technology.
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Spotalope Green Sparx Gems: 101
#9 Posted: 01:37:18 02/03/2017
Still working on it.

Gender: Female
Elemental Choice: Lumen.
Abilities/Powers within your element
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