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Collecting all sticker sheets SSA
DevonB Red Sparx Gems: 62
#1 Posted: 17:04:22 10/12/2016 | Topic Creator
I've got a baseball card like album that I put all of my trading card/web code/sticker sheets in for all my Skylanders characters. However, this obviously doesn't work for Spyro/Trigger Happy/Gill Grunt since those stickers all came out on one sheet. Aside from the fact I can't find the sheet from the original game right now (probably because I didn't think I'd get into the game this much, nor the fact that I would start to collect them all), are there any options to get those sticker sheets in the same format as all the other 29 characters from the game? Anyone have suggestions or know of something I'm missing?


Tomugol Red Sparx Gems: 84
#2 Posted: 08:21:36 11/12/2016
Check your inbox.
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