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New member, finally finished SSA - introduction
spideyrdr Green Sparx Gems: 208
#1 Posted: 21:22:36 26/10/2016 | Topic Creator
Greetings! I wanted to introduce myself as a new member who's been lurking for a while. Back in May my daughter brought the Skylanders games to my attention while shopping at Gamestop. I'd never heard of them, or any of the "portal" games, at that time. Some kid at the store explained the gist of it to me and I wasn't convinced it would be that much fun, but I bought Spyro's Adventure and Giants (used) along with some used characters for super cheap and figured that would be it. Here I am 5 months later and I am more hooked than my daughter!

That out of the way, I have just finally completed SSA 100% today, including the (4) expansion packs. As we started our collection and before I knew about the Eon's Elite I went ahead and assembled my own "team" of characters I wanted to complete the game with:
Sonic (series 2)
Stump Smash (series 2)
Slam Bam (series 2)
Ghost Roaster
Dino Rang

My thought there was I wanted to use a group that was mostly made up of the forgottens and some that never had anything but a green and orange base.

While the game was fun, I found myself really enjoying the Heroic Challenges. I spent the first few months (can't game heavily so it took a while) completing all (50) Heroic Challenges with the above characters. With the exception of 1 or 2 characters, I managed to do the 32 original HC's in SSA - but just couldn't complete the dreaded "Save The Purple Chompies" in SSA. Upon trying it in Giants I found it to be MUCH MUCH easier in that version. Generally all the re-done HC's seem to be easier in Giants (which is probably not news to most of you, but it was a surprise to me) and of course there were the handful that were new to Giants. So having completed the HC's and fully upgrading my 8 and maxing health, I set out to finally PLAY the game. (As a side note, after learning about the Eon's Elites my daughter I started calling my group "Dad's Dangerous".)

I finally finished today and ending up doing ~ 90% of the game with Dad's Dangerous. I ended up liking Drobot too much to not use him, and Stealth Elf grew on me, especially toward the later levels.

I am not so much into the chase variants so we focused on the cores and in-game variants only. As of today we have all 37 of the SSA figures in our collection.

We have nearly all Giants (exceptions are lightcore Pop Fizz, Granite Crusher, Molten Hot Dog, Polar Whirlwind, and Royal Double Trouble).

At least one variant of all SSF swap-ables and nearly all others except Punk Shock and Scratch) are on the shelves.

We slowed down considerably for Trap Team and pretty much only have (1) Trap Master of each element, maybe a dozen core characters, and (7) different traps.

For SC, which I haven't even played yet, we have about a dozen each of the drivers and vehicles.

On the Imagnators side, we have the base starter pack, Kaos, Candy-Coated Chopscotch, and a total of (5) crystals - oh and my custom Imaginator card showed up yesterday "Crimson Menace".

All told, I am enjoying the games and have stuck with the SSA to begin with so I can work my way though. Giants will be next - I don't want to switch to a game that allows jumping only to have re-learn how to play when I eventually came around to Giants again.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello, introduce myself, and really just say how much I, an old dad who has had trouble finding a game he likes, really enjoy the series. My wallet rues that fateful day in May my daughter said "Hey Dad, how about we get Skylanders?"

Bifrost Diamond Sparx Gems: 9604
#2 Posted: 21:39:39 26/10/2016
It's definately best to go game by game if SSA was enjoyable. Most people we introduce with newer games since not everyone is tolerant of a game that aged kinda poorly, but if you look past that, feeling the progression is great even replaying years later.

Welcome to the forums!
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spideyrdr Green Sparx Gems: 208
#3 Posted: 21:46:01 26/10/2016 | Topic Creator
Quote: Bifrost

Welcome to the forums!

Many thanks!
JohnnySmasher42 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3063
#4 Posted: 23:58:45 26/10/2016
So you're telling me you have spent nearly a thousand dollars on this franchise since MAY!?
You'll fit in just fine with the rest of us smilie
Skylanders is dead and Activision killed it
spideyrdr Green Sparx Gems: 208
#5 Posted: 00:09:38 27/10/2016 | Topic Creator
Quote: JohnnySmasher42
So you're telling me you have spent nearly a thousand dollars on this franchise since MAY!?
You'll fit in just fine with the rest of us smilie

Hahaha! Yes, I seem to be "normal" with my addiction. Although I definitely didn't spend quite THAT much. I am a.. erm.. frugal shopper. Many B2G3 free trips to Gamestop, Amazon warehouse was a great source, even WalMart online had a ton of used characters for cheap. I'd wager 90% of the figures I have bought were $3 or less. At least that's what I have told my wife. smilie
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