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Genie In A Trap
funnybone Gold Sparx Gems: 2164
#1 Posted: 06:49:15 20/09/2016 | Topic Creator

Kaos has now got the amazing new power to brain wash skylanders & making them into doomlanders! Now it's up to smilie,smilie,smilie & smilie to save smilie before it's too late!, But it was too late!...

smilie - Ninjini Basically the Genie, i supoose
smilie - GearShift "Got the Gear, Got to fight!
smilie - Stealthy Gotta stalk!, Uhh i mean stealth! That sounded normal right?
smilie - Kaos! Behold my awesome description for this Fan fic of DOOM!
smilie - Fisty Smash to the Max!
smilie - Veggies Veggies really? i prefer awesome lander!, No oh come on!
[User Posted Image] Glumshanks Yay it's me smilie
smilie Spyro All Fired Up, Wait isn't that my catchphrase oh nvm k restart okay?
smilie Spyr0 I'm basically a clone of Spyro but i'm on the dark side!
Meh idk wut i am doing alive rn
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funnybone Gold Sparx Gems: 2164
#2 Posted: 06:49:40 20/09/2016 | Topic Creator
Genie in a Trap chapter I
The Skylanders are in the biggest battle ever, Kaos has tried to get the ultimate Trap that can Trap anything even Skylanders, The Skylanders are loosing,*
*Middle of battle scene*
smilie Triggs pass me the gun!
smilie Trigger Happy!
*triggs passes the gun, Glumshanks catches*
[User Posted Image] Too late Ha!
*All the skylanders then get defeated except Gearshift , Stealthy & Ninjini
smilie go now get the trap,
All: Let's go!
smilie wanna hand?
smilie we're fine thanks smilie
smilie oh okay
*Scene moves into a dark forest*
smilie Um are we lost
smilie nah, We're fine!
smilie Really?
smilie gotcha!
*Kaos traps ninjini in the ultimate Trap*
Meh idk wut i am doing alive rn
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