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The Last Dome of Earth
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In 2068, the earth cracked, unable to take the strain of human intervention any longer. After the soil and stone separated, there was a silence followed by a deathly fear as the vast rift suddenly screamed and squirmed with life. Grotesque creatures burst forth from the canyon, slaughtering all before them in a blind rage. Humanity attempted to fight back to no avail, quickly finding out that these creatures, these Chimeras, had no limitations. Something in their body allowed them to mutate at will, making them able to survive anything within minutes. We lost battles in hours, population plummeting until humanity as a whole was driven into hiding.
In our desperate struggle to survive, we found a weakness of these beasts;
We discovered that they saw through magnetic waves, and pulses of magnetism blinded and disoriented them, driving them away. Mankind found a foothold, and quickly started to rebuild, erecting massive Civilization Domes with electromagnetic plates that protected them from the underground as well. Finally, there was breathing room. More and more developments were made, giving us the upper hand, and we started killing them. A lot of them. We started dissecting them, finding out how they tick, how they can change themselves at will. A small but lively mutagen in their blood could effortlessly reconstruct their DNA, using whatever they have available to create further change. Science also discovered that it was extremely simple to duplicate this chemical. Soldiers were soon outfitted with abilities to fight against the Chimeras, and the commodity of splicing was born. Physically augmented warriors stormed the battlefield, almost wiping out entire groups of the creatures with only a few men. We thought we had them beat, thinking there was no way for them to combat their own abilities and power. Then, from the rift, emerged a Chimera over 1000 feet tall, as well as many other yet smaller giants leagued with it.
The creature, quickly called the Dome Breaker, roamed the ruined land, searching for Civilization Domes and leading its army to the slaughter. Again, mankind had to work quickly to protect themselves as countless cities were torn open. Genetic modification to grow a giant was nothing but a failure, so, as a last ditch effort, they created gigantic mechanical Vital Suits. Many different sizes were made, setting a class system in place, and only 3 1000 foot mechs were able to be made before the Dome Breaker confronted them. The battle destroyed two cities and the mechs that they built, but as the moon rose, humans were victorious. The remaining mech was also destroyed however.

It is now 2154, you are a militant splicer from one of the only Civilization Domes still in radio contact, the victor against the Dome Breaker, New Los Angeles. You have been outfitted with your own personal mechs and have been training for the last year for the harsh environment of the wastes. The Chimeras still run free outside of the Dome, but you have a hand in the oppression of the ones nearby. Recently, there have been rumors of a journey to another dome, their communications disappearing only 3 months ago. As you prepare alone and with your colleagues, you wonder if there is anyone even out there, if there are any survivor, because once a dome falls, hope is bleak.

-I AM GOD, ALPHA AND OMEGA, AND THE UNIVERSE ITSELF. Pretty much just dont argue with what the GM says aight?
-Gore and adult content is KINDA allowed. Nothing over like PG-16. Have your romance, but anything dirty belongs in PMS
-Splicing is pretty common in your faction of military, but splicing is also rooted in science. If I ask you to explain how it works and you cannot give a good answer or aren't willing to work out kinks, yer our
-All Mechs, unless otherwise permitted, are Class one and under. Here are the classes;
SubC: 10Ft or below
C1: 10ft-100ft
C2: 100ft-200ft
C3: 200ft-300ft
C4: 300ft-400ft
C5: 400ft-500ft
C6: 500ft-600ft
C7: 600ft-700ft
C8: 700ft-800ft
C9: 800ft-900ft
C10: 900ft-2000ft
There is no current Class 10 in existence that you know about
-Of course, no OP characters or mary-suing. No controlling characters or killing main characters, that kinda stuff


Mech Name:

Unique traits:
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✨Reserving Spot✨
Still in Editing
Name: Latis
Mech Name: Azurel
Age: 19
Gender: female
Splice: Water, Color Changing, Size reduction and gain, also healing
Appearance: Normally a light blue chubby liquid girl. Example Goo Girls~
Personality: kind and caring always concerned about those around her and never thinks of her own well being.
Backstory: Latis also known as project 2. Was collected at age 13. As a human she was a average height girl with long curly brown hair. Her eyes were a blue and her physic chubby. She lived at the edge of the dome with just her mother. Her mother was a taller elegant woman with darker hair and a pretty face. They had almost no money and her mother worked long daily shifts, slowly wearing her energy away. Lapis saw this and was pained knowing she was doing this for her. One day, alone at home a nice man in a suit came to her home offering her money to be used as a test subject. She told him she would take the job if all the money went to her mother and they made sure her mother was taken care of. He agreed and she signed away herself to the government. As time went on and so did tests she wrote to her mother saying she had a job with the government and had them send money with the letters to her. As she became more mutated she began to lose memories of her mother and who she was before. One of the last days she had clear memories of her she asked them to tell her mother she died in an accident so she would not have to worry when she received money and no letters. Lapis still retains a need to care for others, to comfort them and make sure they are happy. Now though she has no memories of her mother and what she looked like before, only a blurry figure who she knows means so much to her.

Class# 1
Size/Appearance: 60ft, mostly grey blue colors
Equipment: her mech is mostly based off defense, strong shields and carries a large shield
Unique Traits (her and the mech) : for her she can heal using the stem cells floating around in her body. Her mech is powered by hydro electricity as she flows her self through the mech. She is able to create a water shield if the one in the mech is lost. If she opens her potential in a emotional rage she could boil water or if she is close enough water she could create a tsunami.
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*Still Editing*

Warning: Backstory is a big read!!

Name: Norwick
Mech Name: TecKnight
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Splice: Technomancy, Technopath, and later Cybernetics
Appearance: About 6'8" in height, has white spikey hair, Tanned skin, Violet eyes, a lot of scars on his chest, back, left arm and leg, wears H.U.D. contacts
Personality: Serious and calculating, Prideful, only laid back when chatting with his A.I. unit, Supportive yet protective, Secretive, Careful
Backstory: Norwick and his Twin, Rave, entered the MECHA Initiative at a very young age, pressured by their over demanding father due to his high social standings. Both boys were prodigies in their right. Anything mechanical, electrical, or computer tech focus that was Norwick’s knack, while anything medical, biological, chemical, or neurological was Rave’s. They did everything at the Initiative together, even though most of time they didn’t always get along. Norwick was more laid back and careful, while Rave was more outgoing and a know it all.

When they became of age for splicer program (Age 13), their father made sure they had the best of the best splices. Norwick’s splice changed his mind and turned it into a supercomputer, giving him the powers of a Technopath, Rave’s splice made his body adapt to any environment and gave him super senses, reflexes, and the ability to read his opponents before they made their move, complete with super fast healing. These traits made these two perfect candidates for the Mech program.

Norwick never wanted to be a pilot because he felt his gifts were better used to be designing and making better mechs, and didn’t want to be stuck in a mech with Rave all the time. Rave was a natural and the best pilot ever, only at 15 years old, which he boasted to Norwick all the time. The two were paired together and made the best mech pilot team, tho they argued a lot, but they were the best pair. They gave each gave something special to the MECHA Initiative in their spare time. Norwick was one of primary designers that made most of the mechs what they are today, while Rave helped oversee in the Splicers department trying to make it better and less failed experiments. They even started their own pet project, something of their own making working together of their own strengths, bio and tech.

A few year later, Tragedy struck. Long Story short, 18 year-old Rave sacrificed himself to save his brother during a Mech battle against the creatures. They were ambushed. The mech was destroyed with Rave inside while Norwick was forcibly ejected out. Norwick felt destroyed on the inside. Although they never really got along, they were brothers. He vowed to finish their pet project that never got to see the light of day. He promised to appreciate his brother and who he was then to now, continue his brother’s dream, and move up the ranks of the Initiative.

At the age of 23, he completed his very first A.I. Unit which he generated to have a personality and be his personal assistant. Very quickly, it became his very best friend. No one asked questions, they just left him be. At age 24, he became one of the highest ranking strategists of the Initiative. He became one of the best pilots of his sector and although many times he was offered a commander position, he declined, he didn't want to be cooped up in a commander center, he wanted the action on the field and so did his brother. He wants to avenge his brother and will not give up on the fight. If the war ends in vain, then his brother died in vain. That is just something he can't live with. He fights for humanity, he fights for his brother, he fights to survive, and no one will ever take that from him.

A.I. Unit-
Name: R4X3L
Nickname: Bro, Rax, Trouble
Personality: Playful, Optimistic, Creative, Musical
Uses: Co-Pilot, personal assistant, targeting system, emergency directive

Class# 1-2
Size/Appearance: 88ft (Class 1), 197ft (Class 2), Slender "Knight in Shining Armor", Gray with accents of Black
Equipment: C1EU Suit (for pilot), Shifter Weapon, Shield on Back, Hidden Speakers and Amps
Unique traits:
*Weapon Shifter* - Weapon Shifts into its three other forms via somatic movements.
*Class 1 Exterior Uplink Suit* - Suits only wore outside of the mech, gives the pilot armor and protection but also short bursts of time to control the mech from the outside (For Class 1 Mech only)
*A.I. Uplink* - Instead of VI to help run the mech, there is a AI that helps control the mech and uplinks the pilot to the mech, bringing control to whole new level.
*SuperCharge* - Uses weather patterns to recharge the mech
*Summoner* - Charges melee attacks with electricity
*BARDS System*- Super powerful sound system for special reasons
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Reserving a spot

Name:Alfred Krieger. Everyon just calls him Krieger
Mech Name: Rudolph or MAU (mobile artillery unit)
Gender: Male
Splice:Hardening of his skin and organs through hardening and reconstruction of the carbin in his body as well as carbon converson of his soft and hard tissue.
Appearance:tall muscular with chocolate skin long brown hair tightky braided
Personality:boisterous, outgoing, goofy,
Backstory: Krieger grew up as any other kid did, two parents and a house. His parents both worked full time. His father was ex military. After being injured on duty he was granted a metal and an honorable discharge. But his fathers heart never left the battle. After a few years he his wife and son, Krieger, had a good life. Until his father started drinking. Kriegers mother left. The son and the father were alone. The mother still kept contact however and even took their son on weekends. One day however when Alfred came home his father was not there. He was found dead outside the dome a riffle in hand and dead creatures all around him. He went out with a bang at least. After that as soon as he was able Krieger joined the military. He trained day in and day out. Using it to get away from the past. His mother however could not have disapproved more. "Your gonna end up like your father." she would say. Sadly she was not wrong. He became the top of his class. Best marksmen, top rated scout. Evem got a mech. Until he got injured. His spine was severed at the base and his knee was crushed. 4 of his ribs were replaced. He went home on an honorable discharge. Bitter, angry. He went to drastic measures. With whatever money he had left he went to a black market splicer. And he had them do it, no test to see if it would work, no preliminaries to prepare him. With the black market however, they did not give him any painkillers no anaesthetic. He had to be awake through the entire thing his body being assaulted by itself. Prosthetics being ripped out and replaced by the organic tissue that originally inhabited those spots. the carbon in his body being ripped out and put back in. Hours and hours of this, And it stopped. After that he broke. His mind shattered. He became a different man. Coping with the trauma he became outgoing, boisterous, loud. Using people to escape from his own mind. Thats when the military found out. If it wasnt for his damn good track record he would have been killed. No instead he was asigned to a special platoon, a platoon of splicers. And this is when he met ragnarock. His best and thus far only true friend. He tempered Ragnorocks shyness with his outgoing confidence. And at the same time kriegers crazy outbursts where tempered by Ragnarocks calm collectedness. They made great friends. "OOOOOOOOOH DAAAAAAMN its my main squeeze ragnarooooock, hottest dude on base haha!" ever since then he has done some crazy stuff often even choosing physical pain over facing his own mind. If approched about it he will often reject even needing mental help. He carries only two weapons on his person. A Gauss gun that fires magnatized metal spikes. And a long range traditonal sniper riffle.

Mech-Class# 2
Size/Appearance: 200ft 6 legs with one massive main cannon and 2 minniguns on the front it is painted a brown and red colour.
Equipment: one main artillery gun, two minniguns and a long range radar dectector with built in firing tables for long distance shots
Unique traits: a smaller 30ft mech, aptly named 'santa' can eject from the main mech. It houses the main cockpit and two miniguns.

Name: Vincent Drenner
Mech Name: Storm Sweeper
Splice: Cerebral modifications
Appearance: Tall, Bald green military fatigues Green eyes, weathered features on his face. 5-o-clock shadow
Personality: Strict, organized, nostalgic.
Backstory:He was young, when the first wave hit, when the mechs had to be built, when splicing was just beginning. he was a soldier, selected among many, to be tested on, the first splices were basic. almost straight mutagen, most did not survive, those who did were given implants to make use of the splices, his,and the rest of the Storm Sweepers, were modifications to the way the brain connected itself, this allowed for quickened reflexes, however the true experiment was the equipment used to utilize this splice. a direct cranial up link to the mech. it was successful, for those who did not reject the uplink. those who survived, joined the first splcing unit, the Storm Giants. Those who tried to go into mechs too large, would fry their brain, those too small, would be awkward and inefficient. mechs were built to accommodate the special needs of the pilots. internal weapons would not work, the mech would need to work like a body, External weaponry, held like fire arms, the massive weapons mimicked those used by foot soldiers. however, things always went wrong. when a piece of the mech was damaged, the brain would take that as actuall damage. the pilot would feel it, and often would cause temporary damage, an arm could lose use for up to a month, vital organs would shut down sometimes. sometimes the ejections seat would malfunction and the connection would stick in the back of the pilots head, what would be left is a dead mech, with a mechanical lynch with a dead pilot hanging from the chest of whatever mech housed him.
Vincent lived through it, won battles, killed hundreds if not thousands of creatures. 20 years, he fought, he retired at the age of 38, retired to sentry duty, the big guns you see on the edge of the dome, oh yeah, thats him and the rest of his old men. for a few months though some of the recruiters have been trying to get him back into a mech, although for all the danger out there, and all the extra danger that was presented by the old mechs, he is unwilling, he fought his battles, "its up to the next generation, im done." although, after After Alfreds father died, its not confirmed, but it is said that there is some relation between him and the widowed Mrs. Krieger. and Alfred, is just creeped out by the thought, and nothing makes Vincent more excited than the fried chicken Mrs Krieger and her son makes.

Size/Appearance:150 ft
Equipment: Automatic Storm Battery. (Assualt riffle) fires 120mm shells,
6 round 220MM shell mountain Driver (pistol)
and a 7 meter long combat knife.
Unique traits: Complete Bodily control via cranial connection. the mech opperats just as a body would under movement. a complex series of hydroponics and gyroscopes facilitate natural movement and quick reflective movement, the newer versions of this however have fixed most if not all major design flaws from the previous models.
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OOC: Took the other character out for now, as I do not know what to do with him

Name: Ivan (The not so terrible but very cuddly) Vladislav
Mech Name: Raijin-Chikara formation
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Splice: Biological electricity capacity
Appearance: Ivan stands at 7 "8 and built like a wall. He has a big barrel chest and broad shoulders. He has sharp blue eyes and thick burly eyebrows. He sports a beard that reaches down to the middle of his chest. He usually keeps his hair short and tidy. He wears a red shirt that is tucked into his pants. He has a "12 wide belt that keeps his pants up, it is checkered black and red. He always wears combat boots from his native Russia. when going places he will sometimes wear his big red fur coat. The coat has thick black wool along the cuffing of its arms, along the shoulders and neck. The black wool reaches along the outermost seems as well. The decals are simple stitching work that looks like spades. The huge coat goes down to his ankles. His pants are of typical Russian make, with 4 wool layering. His shirt is a simple design only sporting a single pocket and is a thick and heavy cotton make. He always wears a black Ushanka which he keeps firmly tightened to his head. His hefty beard is black and very smooth, as he likes to keep it clean.
Personality: Ivan always looks angry and irritable, but once you start talking to him he does not shut up. He is extremely kind and caring, and has been known to put his life on the line for others even if it means his death. He will always offer one to join him in a meal and to share a vodka. He is jolly man who likes his vodka best served amongst friends. He is as flirtatious as men can get, and has received a slap or two in his lifetime because of it. Ivan is a kind and gentle fellow, even if he is in a bad mood.
Backstory: Ivan is 100% full blown pure-blooded Russian. Ivan is originally from Moscow, Russia. He lived there his entire life under the dome, until the horizon went black and the smell of death lingered in the air. Moscow lost radio contact with the remaining Russian domes. The days grew steadily darker and loud sounds could be heard echoing from everywhere. It was weeks before the survivors from the outside world came knocking. Ivan and his superiors were told of a monolithic chimera, that came from the sky. Days passed and the army of mechs were gathered... They would all soon die. Had they never left they would have survived including the city itself. As the army went out to confront the creature, each soldier stood in awe as their death stood before them. It was coming from the east, a 2,000ft monster was coming for them. As Ivan prepared himself, the creature was already upon the pathetic army. Skyfall, as the chimera was called destroyed the dome and 95% of it's total inhabitants before Ivan and his squadron fell the creature. The superiors of Ivan that still lived had made one final contact with another dome, "The survivors are to be transferred to New Los Angeles." With his family killed and his home gone completely, he had no choice but to move on. But the battle was long from over. The chimeras followed them from Russia all the way to New Los Angeles. The trek was long and some of the planes and helicopters fell out of the sky. The mechs that still somehow functioned were all stuck to the ground. And they tried there best to succeed but it was not enough. It was three months 24 days and 17 hours before they were even heard of again. Out of the 5% of the survivors of Moscow, only two mechs, one plane filled with 150 people and two helicopters made it to New Los Angeles. This was his new home, this was were he had acquired his splice of Biological electricity capacity. Which meant he could store and redirect a seemingly limitless amount of electricity. His best friend piloting the other mech, died soon after due to suicide. His friend wasn't the only one to do so either. Of the total 176 people who had finally made it to New Los Angeles, only 42 stayed around. Having nobody left he new, he fell into a solitary mindset. He eventually received counseling and help, and eventually felt "The Crush" once again. That was all fifteen years ago, and Ivan has since remained strong and relentless. To his friends he is known as Ivan (The not so terrible, but very cuddly) Vladislav. Ivan lives in remembrance of those he lost, and has vowed to himself that they will not die in vein.

Size/Appearance: 45 foot mech, wide and dense in structure. Many Raijin's systems are condensed into the upper body of the mech, focusing on raw strength and stopping power. Chikara's kanji is boldly etched on the left side of the chest.
Equipment: Plasma cannon, external conductors, modular hydraulic plating
Unique traits: Raijin's electrical conduits are laced along the chassis of the arms and hands, giving the mech the ability to shock during melee combat. Raijin's left-armed plasma cannon is overclocked, giving it enough power to melt solid stone, at the expense of firing speed.
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Name: Splicer
Mech Name: Barrage
Age: 40, looks 25.
Gender: Male
Splice: Raw Mutagen
[User Posted Image]
Personality: Inquisitive, and a little insane.
After becoming addicted to the sensation of splicing, and self-modification in general, he adopted the name "Splicer".
Craving more and more dangerous and cutting-edge mutations, he finally resorted to injecting the raw mutagen.
After a time, his mutations became unstable, and he was labeled with a Code Black K.O.S. warrant.
After the military failed to kill him via electric shock and lethal injection, he was put on a special task force, under careful and close watch.

Assailant-Class Melee Mech
Class# 1
Size/Appearance: 40 feet tall, made of a dull, grey metal that makes his mech weigh as much as most c3's, despite being 1/5th their size.
Equipment: Ballistic/Explosive movement and attacks
Unique traits: Uses a Class 2 jet propulsion system


Stance Shift;
Attack: The mech becomes more rigid, and the thruster system move the the back of joints (knees, elbows) to allow for devastating ballistic blows.
Speed: The mech becomes less rigid, and the thruster systems move to the hands/feet to allow for super-fast movement and dodge capability

Skyrocket: All thrusters point downwards, launching the mech high into the air. At the apex point, the thrusters reverse, causing the mech to fall like a meteor. Easily able to destroy almost any stationary target, building etc.

Ultimate: Full Salvo
Small hex plates open all around the shoulders and upper torso of the mech: a large number of mortar rounds, hellfire missile, and cluster munitions launch skyward towards a single target. First, the missile attempt to target the thing closet to that area. Second, the mortar pound into the target area. Third, the cluster munitions level anything still remaining in the area.
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Name: Ragnarok
Mech Name: Jericho
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Splice: Pyrokinesis, spontaneous combustion
Appearance: A short young man, thin and almost frail-looking. He almost always wears an environmental suit to protect others from his sudden outbursts of heat. He has freckles, long black hair, and crimson eyes. Once ignited, his body is slightly more bulky, and has a composition seemingly made of thick magma. His eyes glow white, with black deadzones as pupils.
Personality: Gentle and shy, he often keeps to himself when not in the company of his two close friends, Krieger and Latis. Once he is with his peers, however, he seems more outgoing and loud, laughing at almost anything. He is constantly afraid of burning others, keeping a small distance from anyone, even with his suit on.
Backstory: At the age of 12, Ragnaroks father sold him to the government to be part of the Elemental Initiative, a program to test the limits of splicing. Out of the 11 that joined, Ragnarok was one of 4 to survive, and the first to successfully control his abilities. He was given his name after he flared, sending an entire warehouse to embers. Once he was outfitted with a mech, he was put on the field, becoming well known for his prowess against the enemy at such a young age.

Size/Appearance: Class1-80ft, completely made of titanium alloy, giving it a faded orange hue. A large red core fits in its chest, the cockpit for Ragnarok
Equipment: Multiple outlets for flame and fuel spray
Unique traits: This Mech is the only truly manual one ever built, using Ragnaroks abilities as its main and only source of power. It houses no technology, his heat proving too much and melting any assistance systems
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#8 Posted: 04:45:27 30/09/2016
OOC: Still need to edit down the backstory but here is my second character

Name: Glavin
Mech Name: Titan
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Splice: Ferrokinesis/enhanced endurance and fortitude
Occupation: Mechanic/Scavenger
Appearance: 5’6”, Dark tanned skin, various scars across his body, skin looks glossy, has two multiple colored bands on his wrists of various metals, long platinum grey hair pulled back into a ponytail.
Personality: Risk Taker, Resilient, Determined, Whimsical, Thriller
Backstory: At a very young age, Glavin and his siblings lost everything when the creatures came and destroyed their town. Those that survived had to survive the elements of the wastelands. Many of them bound together including Glavin and his siblings with the scarce weapons that they could find. They braved the elements as they journeyed to the next closest domed outpost. Most of them didn't survive the trip due to the air quality and the creatures themselves. Those that survived the trips were forever changed or tainted by the Wasteland. They craved the death defying experience of survival and adrenaline. Glavin and most of his siblings craved the experience, their old life was too dull and dreary for them. The wasteland changed them, they physically became resistant to the effects of the wasteland and craved access for that “Fresh” corrupted air. The group actively sought access to the wasteland though it was restricted. Some of the old group had to find a new high so they tried to do death defying effects, some became criminals, some stole adrenaline from medical facilities. Those were the crazies. The stories of the wastelanders scared people, now the 13 year old Glavin proposed a solution to their dilemma, they seek a different way to get their high, they dared the most insane feats of helping people. This was when the Adren-a-Lifers were born. The group was made to help save lives to the utmost of extremes, they dared to go to places that the local force would never dare go. Their fame grew and as did their numbers. (The initiates would survive a week out in the wasteland with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a weapon of their choosing along with their chosen member to help them out there, if they survived the week or didn't give up, they would become members.) They were given access to the wastelands by local authorities of various outposts. They left many Adren-A-Lifers in their wake many in each outpost, making their numbers grow. A couple years went past, Rumors spread of a new system on the market, a way to upgrade oneself against the threats of the wasteland. This new wave of inhumans was making it harder for the Lifers to do their job. A meeting was called by the leaders of each city they decided to join the ranks. It was agreed that ten members from each city would join the initiative. They knew of the survival rates of this system was slim but they were ready, it was for the greater good. Those that endured would come back to lead against the inhumans who were more creature than human. All of Glavin’s men entered as they were the wanderers, the spreaders of the Lifer lifestyle, if the inhumans were evolving they would need to evolve with them. Many entered the system in a blackmarket setting to get their slice of the splice. Nearly a hundred went in, only five exited the process. 25 of them endured the process but the mutation overwhelmed their bodies or they became a larger target than they thought on the wastelands. Only five exited completely fine. That is when his childhood flashed before his eyes. The creatures attacked the dome again and destroyed the black market city. The five tried to fix back with their new found powers. Glavin had no noticeable effects of his splice, so he fled. Most of the Lifers disbanded by the time that they got freed. So they looked for a new high. They separated ways. Glavin decided to learn his enemies. Four years went past as he traveled and learned how to use his splice. On a scouting mission, the militant authorities spotted a man traveling without a suit and decided to pick him, thinking that he was a survivor from another city. Creatures attacked the militants, and a mech came out of nowhere and saved them. It was all a blur, the creatures were defeated and the young man was just standing there unscathed. He was brought into the initiative. The medics did a overview of him and he was in peak condition and discovered he was also a splicer but refused to tell them his abilities, he just grinned. They set him up with a mech but the machine just shut down and powered off. He told them he didn't need one, he preferred to be a guide for the wasteland as they saw that he knew more about the wastelands than any of them and the creatures ignored him on missions. He joined the initiative only as a guide but there is more than meets the eye with him. He hangs out more in the garages and the scrap yard.

Class# 1
Class Type: Tank/Melee
Size/Appearance: 75ft, various metal colors melded together, very crude design, not smooth and polished like other mechs
Equipment: N/A
Unique traits:
Armor of the Lesser - Armor made is of various metals making it weaker than most mecha’s common armor strength
Recycle Regeneration - Able to heal itself using metal materials from the wastelands form fallen mecha
Form shifting - Mech has various forms to shift through keeping the enemy on its toes and
Fluid transition - The transition happens quick enough as if it were a fluid
Weapon Summoning - Able to summon metal weaponry of other Mecha in the wasteland to fit it to itself
Class Morphing - (later to be learned) -
Upside -
Able to shift up and down Mech Classes
DownSide -
The more up it moves, the more rigid the movements it gets (At class 10 without extra pilots, Mech is immovable)
The path of a hero is in power of one's own choices.
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