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You, a Skylander.
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#1 Posted: 01:37:28 05/06/2016 | Topic Creator
With Skylanders Imaginators, you can actually try and make yourself a skylander.If you did make yourself a Skylander, what element would you be, and what class?
GigaCamo Emerald Sparx Gems: 4288
#2 Posted: 01:40:06 05/06/2016
I'd be Life, have dragonic features (I want that Camo tail) and own some kind of gun (hopefully a crossbow)
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#3 Posted: 01:40:49 05/06/2016
a light element brawler.
Dark35 Blue Sparx Gems: 931
#4 Posted: 01:42:30 05/06/2016
A water element sorcerer
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Nightmoon Yellow Sparx Gems: 1760
#5 Posted: 01:42:54 05/06/2016

As for class, sorcerer. I'd be using the dark arts! >:3
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Drek95 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4741
#6 Posted: 01:43:43 05/06/2016
Most likely a Dark winged dragon Knight or Sorcerer, equipped with a silvery armor and a red cape.
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#7 Posted: 01:49:42 05/06/2016
[User Posted Image]

I'm not really that into putting myself in games, never liked it. That said, the fictional character I usually have as my "face" on the internet is very much a Magic Smasher bird-catgirl with a giant sword. If there's a trenchcoat acessory she'll be pretty easy to recreate.

disclaimer; I don't actually use big coats often, it just looks good on the character more than anything.
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isaac343018s Emerald Sparx Gems: 4346
#8 Posted: 01:53:31 05/06/2016
I'd probably be a Light Sorcerer. With wings because you gotta
TrapShadowFan Emerald Sparx Gems: 3473
#9 Posted: 02:10:56 05/06/2016
It would be cool if instead of guest stars this year on Wii U, they put a mii head option in the editor.
KeybasHedKey Ripto Gems: 1862
#10 Posted: 02:25:45 05/06/2016
Air Knight or Magic Knight, I'm more like a Knight.
Yoshicrashcart8 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3424
#11 Posted: 03:22:14 05/06/2016
Probably either a Dark Smasher or a Magic brawler
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sunburnninja Yellow Sparx Gems: 1106
#12 Posted: 03:25:29 05/06/2016
Dark Ninja.

I've always been fond of the dark element no matter what game and I'm pretty stealthy ( I actually am)
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Quid Yellow Sparx Gems: 1569
#13 Posted: 03:47:12 05/06/2016
Making a character based off me is not my style, but I guess whichever class best matches Aikido and Kobudo would suit. Aikido's mainly weaponless, so that's out. My favourite weapon is the jo, but I'm not sure what class would fit that.. Smasher's a bit too heavy on the hitting side of things, and knight is probably more suited to sword work, so I guess brawler would be the closest. Doesn't feel quite right though.

As for element - probably Ground, but also maybe Life or Water.
Street50 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1897
#14 Posted: 08:27:12 05/06/2016
I'm trying to decide between Fire, Air, Dark or Light for skylander based on me.
Mostly my guy will be blue and brown and no red on his outfit. But when it comes to his attack either I want him sending out Lightening or a Fire Ball.
He'll be a Knight that's for sure however.
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Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3145
#15 Posted: 09:11:29 05/06/2016
I don't like to self-insert, but I would probably make myself use a bigass scythe or dual pistols (because those are my favorite weapons, both seem fun to zone with), or something to zone with or place around the environment and do cool attack strings with, stand kinda tall (being 5'0" IRL is no fun) and be a robot or cyborg (I don't think the robot/cyborg designs we get will fit what I'm looking for, which is something sleek, but being a robot able to upgrade myself... something about that just sounds like it'd be right for me if it were possible- alas, that kind of scifi technology would probably never be released within the lifetime of anyone reading this, if it were even figured out how to apply it to humans at all).

Alternate idea: a short vampire, because DIO made me like vampires again and as much as I'd love to be tall, beating up enemies much taller than me would be satisfying and fits better for an imperfect, organic lifeform than a specially guilt robot/cyborg body. As for weapon... Uhhhhdunno, guess I'd just go with a teeth-and-nails Brawler.

Honestly, I don't make many OCs at all, and I don't really think I've had one I've used to represent myself... Maybe this dragon from a few years ago, but she's a quadruped, wingless one inspired by eastern longs who has jets built onto her feet and uses those to fly and fight/shoot with, and I don't think I'll be able to recreate that at all. smilie Anyways, both of these ideas are pretty shaky, I don't think I'd go with either of them. If I tried to make an OC to represent myself in this game, the parts would probably be ones that I bump into, that seem like they'd feel right for me, not ones I look for.
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Deja Vu Emerald Sparx Gems: 4425
#16 Posted: 10:20:37 05/06/2016
I'm not a big fan of "creating myself in a game where it's impossible for me to be in it" too, but I'd probably be a Dark Sorcerer since that's the only battle class that doesn't exist in real life and Dark would probably make up an impressive set of spells.
angelg Gold Sparx Gems: 2663
#17 Posted: 11:51:25 05/06/2016
Some of you would choose to have wings, nice!

I would be a winged light archangel mage. I wouldn't grow up or get ill thanks to the power of light and would also grant myself a nice armor. I would have the option to fly both my means of my wings or just because of the inner power of my blood.
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Wishblade Emerald Sparx Gems: 3034
#18 Posted: 11:57:42 05/06/2016
Earth brawler with horns and a big hammer. And a fire element sorcerer.
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Luminous35 Gold Sparx Gems: 2457
#19 Posted: 12:30:25 05/06/2016
I'd probably be a Light Sorcerer.
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sprocketrocket Emerald Sparx Gems: 3660
#20 Posted: 12:52:51 05/06/2016
A dark bazooker with some angel type wings but black.
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juarmo Blue Sparx Gems: 749
#21 Posted: 13:31:13 05/06/2016
Quote: Bifrost
[User Posted Image]

I'm not really that into putting myself in games, never liked it.

God, at times we're polar opposites, at other times, well, you, me and my brother are like 3 of a feather...
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PopFizzFan5 Red Sparx Gems: 52
#22 Posted: 15:44:32 05/06/2016 | Topic Creator
Could a mod plz make this sticky so that when the game comes out, we can show our pictures of ourselves as Skylanders?
alicecarp Prismatic Sparx Gems: 10979
#23 Posted: 19:50:02 05/06/2016
I would be a fire knight or bowslinger with dragon or phoenix features.
Windumup Emerald Sparx Gems: 3217
#24 Posted: 18:26:00 09/06/2016
But I am already a skylander smilie
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AdamGregory03 Gold Sparx Gems: 2156
#25 Posted: 18:40:54 09/06/2016
Why be a Skylander when you can be a Portal Master? smilie
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Bionichute Yellow Sparx Gems: 1889
#26 Posted: 19:17:45 09/06/2016
Bugs. Lots of bugs.

Maybe some tentacles too
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undeadmaster Gold Sparx Gems: 2108
#27 Posted: 02:12:47 10/06/2016
Undead sorcerer maybe? Defiantly undead but I don't know what class..
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PopFizzFan5 Red Sparx Gems: 52
#28 Posted: 21:11:46 10/06/2016 | Topic Creator
Quote: AdamGregory03
Why be a Skylander when you can be a Portal Master? smilie

You can be both!
MagnaSurge Yellow Sparx Gems: 1045
#29 Posted: 05:08:00 11/06/2016
My OC is a life brawler because it deals with life energy. I already typed up a description and a stat list with the upgrades and paths for it.
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