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The Enchanted Towers Dog Glitch
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#1 Posted: 22:29:44 16/05/2016 | Topic Creator
I guess replaying this game (and particularly this level) a million times is worth seeing something new every now and then. My mom was doing the "rescue Farley" mission (can't recall it's actual name) in Enchanted Towers, and came across a glitch with Farley's AI.

It occurred at the first jump you have to make with the dog, where you throw the ball to the other side, and raise Farley up on a platform so he can cross. Farley just dissapeared. We couldn't find him, we hadn't seen him cross over to get the ball, but he was no where in sight. Eventually, he randomly appeared on the other side of the gap, and ran off per usual.

It was the next part where things became utterly broken. It's the one where you have to make Farley stand on a button to raise a platform so you can reach the button that opens the door. Mom tossed the ball onto the button, but Farley decided to ignore it and break the laws of physics instead. He ran past the ball and button, and right through the stone underneath the door. After waiting a while, he made a loop of the entire map, came back, and ran right through the stone again. We couldn't find any way to intercept him and make him stop, even the ball.

Exiting the level fixed the problem, but we still have no idea what might have caused it. I think it's funny that so many years later and new little glitches and things are still popping up here and there.
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