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Fighting Kaos: Rules and Glitches Help [CLOSED]
MugoUrth Ripto Gems: 3234
#1 Posted: 22:43:42 13/05/2016 | Topic Creator
Lately I've been doing a one-and-only challenge with Wham Shell, and most of the game was fairly easy. ...But Kaos? My god, he is a NIGHTMARE!

First off: he takes SO LONG to beat.
Second: Cutscenes you can NOT skip.

...But what I hate the most about the fight are what appears to be glitches. There are two glitches: One where after you beat a wave of minions, the hydra will try to cast a spell and the minions will attack you and DEAL DAMAGE while Kaos is scolding them, and another where Kaos will summon minions WHILE the Hydra is casting a spell.

I figured out how to avoid the first glitch: If you kill the last minion in a wave too late before the Hydra casts a spell, the glitch will happen, so if you got the last minion on his ropes and you think the Hydra is about to cast a spell, wait till after the spell is over, THEN kill the minion. ...But the second one I'm not sure. Does it happen if I deal too much damage? Does it happen if I use Wham-Shell's Poseidon Smash? Does it happen if I eat food? Does it happen if I go behind it? ...Is it even a glitch at all, or is it supposed to happen? Do they REALLY expect you to dodge Chop-Chop, Sunburn AND the lasers all at the same time? Help!
Kerosedge Red Sparx Gems: 89
#2 Posted: 23:16:34 31/05/2016
Yes they do expect you to. Took me twice to beat him, and around 12, lv10 dudes. But if you doge the hydra really close you get health back.
Either way it was pretty rough.
MugoUrth Ripto Gems: 3234
#3 Posted: 11:21:58 01/06/2016 | Topic Creator
From what I gather...

Water Spell: Can't gather food.
Life Spell: Can't use your third attack.
Undead Spell: Can't move behind Kaos.
Fire Spell: Never encountered the glitch here.

I eventually did defeat Kaos with Wham-Shell, but it took everything I had: Learning every trick of the fight, buffing Wham-Shell up by completing every Heroic Challenge that grants Speed, Armor and Critical Hit (Elemental Power doesn't really help for that fight), but eventually I was able to beat him just with Wham Shell.
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