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Extra Things About The Enchanted Towers Skate Park
YellowGemiinii Green Sparx Gems: 184
#1 Posted: 15:07:46 05/04/2016 | Topic Creator
I could've sworn I mentioned this already, but apparently not? Oh well.

I was replaying the Enchanted Towers Skating area for the millionth time, and I decided to walk away from the first half pipe during the tutorial (not the big half pipe, the one that leads to the triple towers if you go left) for whatever reason. When I came back, the skakeboard spawn that was placed in front of the half pipe especially for the tutorial was gone.

So I talked to Hunter. And got some new dialogue from him about that trick that I'd never heard before. He showed me the trick again, and I also got to see an extended animation of his trick demonstration where he curved over to the left after landing.

I've found that you can do this with all of the tutorial skateboard spawns, except the one in the giant half pipe, cause that one is always there, plus you can't walk away from it. If you fly out without doing spins, it'll just put you right back in there.

I can't remember what any of the new dialogue was, or if there were any other extended animations of Hunter's that you could see, but it's pretty easy to find it yourself. I think it's kinda interesting 'cause I've had this game forever, and yet somehow never ever thought to walk away during the tutorial. So I thought that maybe there would be some other people who didn't know about this, either.
madison-dwrd Emerald Sparx Gems: 3201
#2 Posted: 20:14:22 05/04/2016
Hmm interesting. I've never even thought to try that. I'll definitely check it out later. Any excuse to do some more Spyro 3 skateboarding is always a good thing smilie
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Spyrobaby Emerald Sparx Gems: 4109
#3 Posted: 21:29:05 06/04/2016
I tried this today actually it's really interesting I don't know why I never thought of that! Thank you! smilie
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