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PS3 download [CLOSED]
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#1 Posted: 13:59:21 02/10/2015 | Topic Creator
I'm thinking of getting this game, but I need some details
How much does it cost on ps store
How much hard drive space does it need because I suffer from 12gb console syndrome
That's all,
Some peopel- why don't u just look at the ps store your self?
Because I'm gonna go to sleep rn,
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#2 Posted: 15:55:34 02/10/2015
From the UK store.

£2.00 until 7th October, (usually £3.99)
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#3 Posted: 17:08:49 02/10/2015
In the US it costs $5.99, its totally worth the purchase if you havent a psx or $50 to spend on a hard copy.
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#4 Posted: 18:16:54 02/10/2015
Keep in mind that the version on the PStore is a really early version of the game. The main things to be aware of:

-There's a glitch where if you don't complete the Speedway races without leaving, the egg does not spawn when you beat them upon returning. (So basically, 100% Speedways when you get to them)

-I think one of the cutscenes doesn't play. Not a huge deal, and you can play it using a cheat code once you unlock Sparx warping, and it doesn't contain crucial information.

-The music for the final boss is hilariously incorrect. It is also missing music that is only present in the Greatest Hits version of the game. Not game altering, but something to be aware of.

I have the game on the PSP, but I believe the PS3 uses the same version.
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#5 Posted: 00:45:42 27/12/2015
^ Goddammit you're serious? I was actually thinking about getting the bundle for all three games on the PS3. Do you know if they release a better version for the bundle? >__<

My version has Spike's Arena music playing when fighting the final boss. I believe the one you're talking about is Sunrise Spring, which happens on the NA version. Mine also had Habour Speedway's music playing in all of the speedways.
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