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Super Bonus World Without 100% [CLOSED]
Spellslamzer75 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1333
#1 Posted: 01:54:03 30/09/2015 | Topic Creator
So, on my 98% complete file that got the infamous Speedway Glitch, I was playing around with the cheats and, surprisingly, the warp-to-level cheat allowed me to warp to the Super Bonus World without 100%. This was on the PSN version, if that makes a difference.

I have to say, it was nice to have finally seen that level without doing everything again. Though one more thing, I started up my second file which was not at Midnight Mountain yet, and the cheat would not work. Not just the Bonus World, the cheat wouldn't work at all, so the cheat seems to require access to Midnight Mountain, or maybe even beating the Sorceress, before it will work.
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ladala Yellow Sparx Gems: 1899
#2 Posted: 14:36:57 30/09/2015
Yep, the cheat starts working at the time you unlock the Sparx warping ability, which is unlocked when you beat the final Sparx level after beating the Sorceress.

I've heard they tried to take the cheat out, but for some reason getting the Sparx warp reactivates it. It means it's not useful for anything but getting to Super Bonus Round, however, since you need to beat the game to get it.
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