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Heroic Challenge Exploit Glitch! [CLOSED]
a cat Yellow Sparx Gems: 1641
#1 Posted: 01:01:26 04/08/2015 | Topic Creator
Ok, so I revisited Spyros Adventure after lots of time of Trap Team, and returned to playing heroic challenges. I found an exploit! Remember how you would buy an upgrade to make a certain mission seem impossible to complete (Looking at you purple chompies) and having to reset if you want to win?

Well, now you don't have to do that!

Here is what you do!

1. Go to the ruins
2. Talk to Cali as the Skylander you want to beat the mission with, not the one you want to gain stats
3. Pick your challenge
4. While loading, this is where it gets IMPORTANT, Put the character you want to get the stat boost on the portal
5. The mission starts, but you get a message telling you to return the Skylander you started with on the portal (DONT)
6. Instead hit pause, hit restart, and now you should be able to just play as the original Skylander on the portal, while the new one (the stat gainer is on the portal)
7. Beat the mission (preferably win don't know what happens if you lose)
8. Get the stat boost!!!
9. Don't believe me? When back on heroic challenge select, you will see it checked off!

I was on my XBOX 360 playing Spyros Adventure. This may work on other systems, and it may work on Giants. Haven't tested Giants yet, but will soon
SkylanderGoo Yellow Sparx Gems: 1195
#2 Posted: 02:42:44 04/08/2015
can you keep boosting stats for the same skylander?
a cat Yellow Sparx Gems: 1641
#3 Posted: 18:28:57 04/08/2015 | Topic Creator
Yes, but you gotta go back to the ruins again, and repeat the process from what I've tested
LameLime Yellow Sparx Gems: 1200
#4 Posted: 18:38:38 04/08/2015
I'm going to try this on the Wii version if I can.

However I have a Stealth Elf that beat all the difficult heroics. If I insert a figure that doesn't have such heroics, would it work if I switched to my Stealth Elf and replay the heroic? Would I still get the boost with the other one?
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wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#5 Posted: 20:49:13 09/08/2015
Tried it on PS3 but it doesn't seem to work unless I'm doing something wrong.
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