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I got 300%! [CLOSED]
Ross Gold Sparx Gems: 2159
#1 Posted: 20:11:17 11/12/2008 | Topic Creator
So, yeah, I just finished my third playthrough of this game. How many times have you played it? It's actually a pretty good game. This game is either my fourth or fifth favourite in the series (with the original trilogy on top).
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silver dragon Yellow Sparx Gems: 1071
#2 Posted: 20:40:03 01/02/2009
Well I've compleeted this game and it was the first spyro game I got this is a good game well it was in it's hay day, but this is what got me hooked on to spyro. I haven't got 100% still I don't have all the gems or fireflys.
Why live life following someone else's map?
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spyro fan 8 Ripto Gems: 2948
#3 Posted: 14:24:43 08/02/2009
what do u mean 300%?
dingodile555 Gold Sparx Gems: 2655
#4 Posted: 18:23:10 08/02/2009
I think he means he beat it 100% three times...
silver dragon Yellow Sparx Gems: 1071
#5 Posted: 19:17:05 08/02/2009
Why live life following someone else's map?
spyro fan 8 Ripto Gems: 2948
#6 Posted: 23:55:42 22/02/2009
i get it...
ravenouscynder Ripto Gems: 864
#7 Posted: 20:41:44 04/06/2010
i havent got 100% yet but i need a couple more gems to get it. i beat all the levels and got every firefly.
Fireball Emerald Sparx Gems: 3156
#8 Posted: 22:51:01 27/05/2011
I've had some good memories of this game. I've had it for over five years. I've beaten it probably five times.
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GamingMaster_76 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1271
#9 Posted: 00:02:22 28/05/2011
I would have 300% but my files deleted themselves and I haven't bothered to play since.
AgentWaffle123 Red Sparx Gems: 49
#10 Posted: 01:09:44 09/06/2011
I've beaten the game 100%...too many times to count. D:
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