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Question about variants?
MetaVolca Green Sparx Gems: 464
#1 Posted: 00:59:15 22/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Sorry I haven't been here much, kinda got lost with amiibos. Currently I am making an outlaw Brawl and Chain trap from Target a custom, so it looks like him. Can someone please tell me the variant villains and the traps they come in? Thanks

EDIT Also if they are store exclusives, which store?
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abstractsardine Gold Sparx Gems: 2244
#2 Posted: 01:07:58 22/05/2015
Steamed Broccoli Guy, Toucan trap in a 8 pack
Rebel Lob Goblin, Rocket trap
Red hot Tussle Sprout, idk

that's all i know
undeadmaster Gold Sparx Gems: 2117
#3 Posted: 01:10:32 22/05/2015
red hot tussle sprout is in the earth totem
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stinkbomb29 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1697
#4 Posted: 01:13:58 22/05/2015
Then there is a steam punk shred naught in the flying helm. Not yet released.
Wolfgang Gold Sparx Gems: 2044
#5 Posted: 05:45:45 22/05/2015
There's also Riot Shield Shredder life trap, but it was an E3 exclusive as far as I know.
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Phoenix_Lord Gold Sparx Gems: 2061
#6 Posted: 16:30:04 22/05/2015
There is 6 Trap Variants....
Outlaw Brawl & Chain in the Logholder Trap (was an Target Exclusive)
Riot Shield Shredder in the Torch Trap (was an E3 Exclusive in the UK)
Steamed Broccoli Guy in the Toucan Trap (was bundled with the 8 Pack)
Rebel Lob Goblin in the Rocket Trap (was an Gamestop/EB Games Exclusive)
Red Hot Tussle Sprout in the Totem Trap (was an Toys R Us Exclusive)
Steam Punk Shrednaught * the Trap he will be in is not confermed yet* (not know when/where to be released yet)
Here is a Trap List i made...inspired by dinoah2005 smilie
[User Posted Image]
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