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Who were you disappointed with, and who were you surprised with?
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#1 Posted: 17:23:24 17/05/2015 | Topic Creator
I'll tell you mine-

i was disappointed with...

Head rush- she was VERY bad!

Lob Star- he was meh.

Blackout- i don't hate him.. he's just a bit slow for my tastes... His wing whips are cool, and his spike roll thing is cool, but it's all too slow, and it leaves him weak. He's cool looking though..

Eye Five- he has the same flaws as blackout- Slow.

I was surprised with..

Knight Light- don't let his odd looks fool you- Knight Light is BOSS. His aura areas slowing down enemies and increasing damage? YES.

Enigma- his invisibility attack lets him sneak up on enemies like shrednaughts and bruiser cruisers, and then do great damage to them. he's also fast!

Knight Mare- strong, fast, and cool looking. Better than blackout/lackout IMO.

Luminous- favorite villain by far!

Lob Goblin/Mab Lobs- they seem like clones, but they're sill cool!
Deja Vu Platinum Sparx Gems: 5301
#2 Posted: 18:51:31 17/05/2015

smilie I didn't expect much from him, but I also didn't expect that he would be that BAD! Worst character in Trap Team IMO.

smilie Don't get me wrong she's an amazing character, but I guess I expected more from her. Her gameplay is just a little bit pale, similiar to Stealth Elf. Except Stealth Elf is frickin' fast what makes her fun to play with, but Tuff Luck... meeeeeh.

smilie He's not bad, but he's sooooooooooo slow!


smilie I already thought she would be great, but she's even better than I thought!

smilie I didn't expect TOO much from her, but I was proved wrong. She's by far one of the best characters for Kaos Mode that you can get.

smilie Same as with Echo.
newkill Emerald Sparx Gems: 3962
#3 Posted: 19:58:42 17/05/2015

smilie Boring to play.
smilie Thought she'd be cool with the time-related abilities, but I'm struggling with her.


smilie Was the Trap Master I was the least interested in. Turned out to be in my Top 5 Trap Masters.
smilie OP!
GhostRoaster617 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3963
#4 Posted: 20:26:10 17/05/2015
smilie Definitely was over hyped and certainly didn't build up for what he was worth sadly.
smilie He really let me down sadly, but at the same time was better than I thought he would be. I'd say he's a little bit of both.

smilie Wow this guy amazed me for a guy who didn't seem all that interesting. Great power and his soul gem is uber boss.
smilie I thought he'd be very boring, but in the end is now one of my favorite earth characters.
smilie Also thought he'd be boring and now I like him too.
smilie Even though I knew I'd like this guy, he's even better than I hoped for.
smilie Part of me felt she wouldn't be that good, but she only managed to be another reason why I love the Undead element.
smilie Didn't think I'd have that much fun with him, but he actually is one of the best starter characters in the game.
smilie Seriously looked too straightforward, but he's the fastest, original and most fun core I've played with in a long time.
smilie An actual fun fire character for me and at least was better than smilie
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Blink182Bouncer Yellow Sparx Gems: 1659
#5 Posted: 22:38:03 17/05/2015
Jawbreaker - A bit lacking in attack variety (Very button mashy)
Gusto - Just a bit basic overall
All the minis - Just don't feel solid, hard to aim, look a little clumsy

Gear Shift - Wasn't expecting much but she is really varied attack-wise
Trail Blazer - Really powerful and satisfying to play as
Head Rush - More fun and varied than expected from such a basic character
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Akseyomiht Yellow Sparx Gems: 1494
#6 Posted: 01:15:51 18/05/2015
Quote: newkill

smilie Thought she'd be cool with the time-related abilities, but I'm struggling with her.!

so much this
fairyland Emerald Sparx Gems: 3800
#7 Posted: 01:37:59 18/05/2015
I was dissapointed with Torch. She was completely boring especially since as I had the much better Gear Shift and Head Rush to use, so I put her away and never bothered to use her again.

Deja Vu I just could not figure out how to use and I've tried for a few hours. There didn't seem to be any point with her clone attack as she was horribly weak to start with. I bought both versions of her and her comic too. She looks cool, but plays horribly.

Tough Luck was a bit of a let down too but not as much as Torch and Deja Vu. She doesn't really seem to do anything special and I cannot figure out how to active her healing properly.

Also I was greatly disappointed with just about every trapable villian. It was just too many generic weak lack-luster characters tossed out at me at once with no real reason to use any of them. I was hoping for some point to switch crystals and have them do something interesting but there wasn't anything like that.

I was surprised with Gear Shift. She looks butt ugly but has some great attacks.

Also I was surprised that I ended up liking Tae Kwon Crow as he's probably the second strongest villian to use. I generally don't like characters with his personality type.

Sadly I knew characters like Blastermind would suck. Just about everyone that I bought lived up to my either high or low expectations of them though.
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funnybone Gold Sparx Gems: 2331
#8 Posted: 07:01:24 18/05/2015
S2 smilie very boring
smilie May too weak
smilie Bad attacks
smilie OP!!!
WF smilie Amazing super strong!!
Meh idk wut i am doing alive rn
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AdamGregory03 Gold Sparx Gems: 2156
#9 Posted: 18:57:48 18/05/2015
Disappointed in:
smilie Slow, not very effective attacks, and feels clunky overall.
smilie Same problems as Funny Bone, though his attacks are a little better.
smilie I don't know what I was expecting from a floating head, but she just turned out to be my least favorite Doom Raider.

Surprised in:
smilie Wasn't expecting too much of him, but he's actually pretty powerful.

Keep in mind I don't have every character, which is why this is so short.
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AzureStarline Emerald Sparx Gems: 3539
#10 Posted: 19:17:59 18/05/2015
smilie Surprisingly boring
smilie Bland
smilie Everyone seems to love him and he looks awesome, but...meh. Kind of slow for me.
smilie So slow
smilie Still waiting for a true music-themed Skylander

smilie He's actually fun and effective!
smilie He still reminds me of Totoro, but his attacks are great! Melee and distance together? Tough to beat that.
smilie I wish his HP was a bit higher, but using his various abilities in tandem is fun
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Plordigian Blue Sparx Gems: 626
#11 Posted: 03:01:05 19/05/2015
Really like topics like this! It's a good way to get brief reviews of Skylanders from different viewpoints. smilie It seems like several Skylanders, even since day 1 of SA, are only good on certain paths. That's why it's always recommended to test each full path in the midst of battle before forming an opinion... Rocky Roll, for instance, only seems good when Roll can eat five boulders and run around pummeling his fists into everything. That's kinda fun. And Enigma is tricky to use, because his upgraded invisibility is actually a great way to move around quickly.

smilie why oh why on earth does her dash animation end in a full stop?!?
smilie also too slow. Soul gem is way too finicky.
smilie and smilie boring and weak

smilie somebody really put a lot of tlc into designing her. Fun and strong.
smilie OP
smilie remarkably untouchable
smilie surprising mobility and damage on the spiked-ball path (bamboo = useless)

Edit: Having tested Knight Light, I have to add him to the disappointed path. He's just not very strong, and gets ripped to shreds trying to go toe-to-toe with even medium-level baddies. And what's the point of juggling foes if it doesn't even slow or stall their attacks? I'm just personally very disappointed with the whole Light/Dark experience altogether, from the question marks to the disappointing levels, all of it. That's just me.
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lamoracke Yellow Sparx Gems: 1635
#12 Posted: 17:44:17 19/05/2015
First off, let me say I just reset Fist Bump today from the Bamboo Bonanza path to Rowdy Richter and he is so much better, he can even hold his own in the Kaos Doom Challenge 81-100 now whereas before he was dog meat.

That said, characters I was surprised with or better than expected
1. Krypt King's swarm power gives him nice versatility
2. Gusto is better than I expected originally with his electro ball he can get out of trouble pretty quickly
3. Fist Bump - as said above

1. Knight Mare is very cool looking and acting but she cannot survive in the doom challenge, just does not move fast enough or do enough damage to survive.
2. Enigma, lots of wait, but his new powers just leave him to be obliterated pretty easily or it takes a long time to defeat enemies
3. Eon's Elite Terrafin. Trap Team ruined Terrafin's shark dive completely, he is easily the most disappointing waste of money in a character in Trap Team.

Also, disappointment in Activision for way way too many different traps for this game, was unnecessary. Tangent rant over.
Skylanders fan Emerald Sparx Gems: 3940
#13 Posted: 20:52:28 19/05/2015
Krypt king-he was strong but way to slow on a harder diffculty he would get destroyed
Gutso-I had hope for this guy but just to unoriginal
Wallop-would have loved for him to do something really unique if they still wanted to use hammers as weapons

Knight Light-a fun charcter way better than I thought he would be
Fist bump-if you learn how to use him he can be op
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Drek95 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4753
#14 Posted: 21:41:23 19/05/2015
I was surprised with Knight Light, Rocky Roll, Fist Bump, Bushwhack, High Five, Déjà Vu and last but absolutely not least Bat Spin.

Don't know if I can say that some character truly disappointed me... Let's say I was expecting a bit more from Blackout and Knight Mare but it is almost nipticking.

I would mention Lob-Star, Krypt King and Blades too but I was expecting a lot from them so I wouldn't say it was a surprise. smilie

lamoracke are you talking about the different molds?
Why would that be a disappointment?

They simply gave you the possibility to choose your favorite ones while others may have different tastes.
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Kevin16 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4514
#15 Posted: 14:57:31 20/05/2015
Funny Bone, he is pretty boring to play as
what even is this site anymore lmao
goldenrushducks Yellow Sparx Gems: 1572
#16 Posted: 21:48:53 20/05/2015

smilie Bad design
broccoli guy: Activision ran out of ideas.


smilie Cool design
smilie Fun to play as
smilie OP
Eon's Elite: OP
Tigorus Emerald Sparx Gems: 3589
#17 Posted: 22:14:28 20/05/2015
Disappointed in most of the Trap Masters. For the most part being larger is just a liability. Exceptions being Gearshift and Wallop.

Love all of the cores. Batspin, Echo, Blackout, Spotlight and Cobra Kadabra stand out for me.
Snap Shot Gold Sparx Gems: 2672
#18 Posted: 10:02:16 22/05/2015
Pleasantly surprised by the two light characters but dissapointed by the two dark ones Torch was certainly a nice surprise too.
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skylander_chaos Blue Sparx Gems: 825
#19 Posted: 15:39:31 22/05/2015
My likes/dislikes are more general.

LIKES : variants (chase) seem more available and easier to obtain this time around..
the core-landers seem very original and fun to play as well..
new light and dark elements revealed as the 8 were getting stale..

DISLIKES : trap masters don't have any swag in toy form (no swappable feature or lights)..
the uneven amount of total figures in some of the elements..
way too many traps and no physical variation in the variants of traps..

Overall : a very original and fun game for me AND all my children.. Even though the wife hates it with a passion, but that's just because the too much too fast too expensive that skylanders is known for!
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Sworn2Skylands Yellow Sparx Gems: 1353
#20 Posted: 21:24:34 22/05/2015
I'm just going to say which Skylanders have surprised me in a good way or a bad way. Only four have truly left me disappointed, so without further ado...

Surprised in a bad way:

Thunderbolt: Suffers from a surprising lack of versatility. Don't get me wrong, he can be strong, his thunder cloud can do rapid damage and his twister's launch effect is great, but it takes too long to set the twister up and it would have been nicer if he had been given a ranged attack instead of a close range attack that emits a bolt that goes into long range (and doesn't do too much damage). There were lots of combat situations where I didn't know what to do.

Head Rush: Playing her was awful. When I use her, it seems like I cannot find a way to charge without getting hit at the same time and the foot stomps, while powerful, are much too slow. She can use the yodel to hit enemies from a (kind of) safe distance... but only if they're in front of her.

Blastermind: When I first looked over his upgrades in the upgrade menu and tried my first couple of them (most namely tasty waves and brain storm) I thought I was going to get something amazing. It didn't work that way. Tasty waves slows him down too much and his brain storm takes forever to charge, and you have to use tasty waves to charge it... smilie His projectiles are just awful too, they don't do enough damage, it's hard to hit anything with them and they don't hinder enemies enough.

Cobra Cadabra: His concerto cobra path is cool, but once you get snake charmer's solo, you better be careful about not holding the Attack 1 button by mistake, because you can't move if you do! And he's hard to use without the ultimate flute rock upgrade you get on concerto cobra.

Lob-Star: I like his Lob-Star express and traptanium star throws, but I really, really hate how long it takes him to boil. His performance just does not compare if he's not boiled, but there's almost no way to do it safely...

Surprised in a good way:

Wallop: When I first used him (before picking a path) I just thought he was just a lame Crusher clone. Now that I've gone down the Tantrum Thrower path, he's tied for my favorite trap master in the game!

Ka-Boom: Ka-Boom really shocked me at how much damage he can do in a tremendously huge area. The amount of destruction he can cause is amazing, and rivals that of an oil baron Hot Head!

Food Fight: I've always been unimpressed by Food Fight's tomato shots, but his artichokes are amazing! It just takes a second to plant them and he can keep devastating enemies on the run that way.

High Five: High Five is wonderfully versatile, with his powerful attacks, to his ability to mess up certain enemy projectile attacks with his charging Attack 2 move to the poison clouds on the Pollen Prince path. I understood the user (dont' remember who) who said he was like a "Drobot 2.0", but I think he may even be better than Drobot because of the poison clouds. They add extra damage and are huge, so High Five can even count on the clouds to damage enemies as they waft around the battlefield while he gets into a better position to attack.

Snap Shot: When I first tried Snap Shot, I thought: "Yeah, he's okay, but he's only going to be average as a projectile user." Boy was I ever wrong. Once I learned how to use his Hydro Arrows back-to-back, he's actually become one of my favorite ranged Skylanders. I even beat Dreamcatcher on Nightmare mode with just him!
batcoolszx89 Ripto Gems: 697
#21 Posted: 18:01:02 23/05/2015
Head rush i hated he
Hijinx she was weak
Deja vu she blackhole thing was good but everything else sucked
Trend Head when i upgraded him he was powerful
Short cut when i got his basic upgraded i starred to like him
Drobit i just dont know why
Food fight same with drobit
newkill Emerald Sparx Gems: 3962
#22 Posted: 00:40:00 24/05/2015

smilie Kinda hard to control and boring to play.


smilie I'm not a fan of monkeys in general so I wasn't expecting much, but this guy is actually fun to play. I picked the Upgrade Path that improves his Magic Carpet Dash attacks and it is working very well.
StormDragon21 Platinum Sparx Gems: 5156
#23 Posted: 01:30:23 24/05/2015
Knight Light: Loses health too easily. I could beat Nightshade with Knight Mare, but Knight Light was nearly killed.
Tuff Luck: Not really that disappointed, but her healing has a mind of its own.


Not really any...
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LoveProfusion15 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1701
#24 Posted: 04:21:01 24/05/2015
Impressed With:

Lob Star- really cool charge power ups and I've always enjoyed Skylanders that shoot objects like Trigger Happy.
Bushwhack- Really fun to play with, and always felt fresh to me.
Knight Light- Amazing fighter and great design.
Blackout- After not caring so much for Knight Mare, I found myself loving Blackouts attacks.


Jawbreaker- Really love Techs the best, but he was just boring, uninspiring, and slow.
Spotlight- I figured I would love her attacks because Knight Light was amazing, but I ended up enjoying Blackout so much more.
Rocky Roll- Boring moves, but great concept design.
Fist Bump- Too slow for me and moves werent too impressive.
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