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trading codes [CLOSED]
romancex3 Red Sparx Gems: 15
#1 Posted: 01:22:00 21/11/2014 | Topic Creator
I have a few codes, which has only been used 1 time. It's only swap force, a few giants and 1 or 2 pyro's adventure. If someone doesn't have one and you want to trade, every skylander that isn't listed below I need smilie I asume that most people have these already but if you don't ... smilie

These are the ones I have to trade:

free ranger
chop chop
twin blade chop chop
lightning rod
double trouble
hot dog
tree rex
jet vac
eye brawl
stealth elf
lightcore wham shell
wash buckler
trap shadow
night shift
blast zone
magna charge

The following I have but no codes:

blizzard chill
stump smash
sonic boom
rubble rouser
pop thorn

So anyone? smilie
SkylanderDude9 Blue Sparx Gems: 828
#2 Posted: 22:11:32 06/12/2014
free ranger double trouble and pop thorn I want ill trade winterfest lob star jolly bumble blast and legendary spyro pm me ill pm you
smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie Forgotten 8 FTW!
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skylandersspyro Emerald Sparx Gems: 3840
#3 Posted: 18:04:26 07/12/2014
i will trade blades for zap i will PM you
Uh Uh Uh! You didn't say the magic word!
funnybone Gold Sparx Gems: 2474
#4 Posted: 00:38:47 26/01/2015
i will trade Chill for wash buckler
I will trade Eruptor for magna charge
Meh idk wut i am doing alive rn
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Badwolfmichael Gold Sparx Gems: 2511
#5 Posted: 00:53:34 26/01/2015
No codes? You can just look at the code in-game.. >.>
Magarac69 Red Sparx Gems: 41
#6 Posted: 09:29:01 27/03/2016
Quote: Badwolfmichael
No codes? You can just look at the code in-game.. >.>

?? Is really possible?
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