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Dr. Whiskers
patho38 Blue Sparx Gems: 769
#1 Posted: 03:26:07 13/08/2014 | Topic Creator
Does anyone else think Dr. Whiskers is creepy? I mean the way he laughs constantly is just unsettling. I played this as a kid and thought the fact that he laughed alot and you could hear it from a considerable distance was just weird. Did you ever think of the character in this way?
LocoGuy107 Ripto Gems: 390
#2 Posted: 17:12:55 22/08/2014
Was this part horror game? I didn't get that far.
SuperSpyroFan Diamond Sparx Gems: 8101
#3 Posted: 21:51:07 22/08/2014
When I was a kid, I thought it was the Professor when he was older.
patho38 Blue Sparx Gems: 769
#4 Posted: 11:12:58 15/02/2015 | Topic Creator
No lol. When I was a kid I just found the fact that he laughed so much unsettling.
patho38 Blue Sparx Gems: 769
#5 Posted: 11:15:31 15/02/2015 | Topic Creator
That's understandable since they are similar characters. I believe they even re-used sound clips of the Professor from previous games for Dr. Whiskers and his assistants in EtD.
KrazyKariana Yellow Sparx Gems: 1145
#6 Posted: 21:55:02 21/02/2015
Kinda reminds me of Mr.Whiskers from Brandy and Mr.Whiskers by name. The often laughing is a bit unsettling, though.
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Queen_Cynder Yellow Sparx Gems: 1675
#7 Posted: 05:56:20 25/02/2015
tbh? all of Jurassic Jungle feels unsettling. it reminds me a little of when people hack into a game and find unfinished levels (anyone remember that hacked Blink level that was left out of AHT with the weird slide things?). It's like... at that point, the developers were so clearly working to finish the game that it was rushed to the point that it just plain comes across as unfinished.

So yeah I guess I rambled there a little but Dr. Whiskers does come across as unsettling, his sound clip isn't just reused from the Professor (as are the pigs in Luau Island if I remember right?? which is sorta weird), they play waaaay to often like you said, so he's sorta annoying if not very creepy and odd.
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DragonDog Ripto Gems: 1798
#8 Posted: 22:28:26 16/03/2016
This level, along with Theives Den, IS really creepy to me and his laughing does not help at all.
There was two things I noticed as a kid that made it creepier to me.
1.) Spyro's charging in this game is noticeably laggy and this is the level I first noticed it at.
2.) When going on a certain path in a paticular direction (haven't played the level in a long time because I find it creepy. I would have to play it again to figure it out.) part of the level you were heading to disappears completely. Now it might just be my disc but it DOES NOT fix itself. You're stuck on one half of the level until you leave!
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