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Reviews *Spoilers* [STICKY]
CynderFan1309 Gold Sparx Gems: 2235
#301 Posted: 21:57:11 03/03/2012
Quote: InsaneAlphaBeta
like i said, your not helping the matter at hand and you went off topic.
either way thats irrelevent, though perhaps you should tell yourself that, sense you ended up going off topic about something that could have been said in a PM.

Well hello, Pot! Nice seeing you call the Kettle black.
Samius Hunter Gems: 9294
#302 Posted: 11:32:05 11/03/2012
I can't believe I haven't made a review yet. Well here goes:

The fighting system failed epicly, and it made the game boring..
The story was full of plotholes, and it made the game annoying..
The fanbase got torn apart. Nice.
Cost me 50 euros.


That is all..
samzur Blue Sparx Gems: 701
#303 Posted: 19:30:06 12/03/2012
Eh... Well like Samius i'd say that fighting system failed, trough story wus kinda good but still it would be better.
And still, i kinda liked it.
I would give it a 6/10
JetH7 Blue Sparx Gems: 827
#304 Posted: 01:19:14 28/03/2012
(9.5/10) My only real issue was the game was too darn short......
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AshETERNAL Green Sparx Gems: 387
#305 Posted: 06:00:51 28/03/2012
I loved it. It's my favorite LoS game. It allows us to engage in combat with more than one character, and that means more life to work with. The worlds are large and vast, and they look realistic. It's almost a free romaing game. There's no one way to defeat an enemy, some things must be done to kill an opponent, but there's always some slightly differant way to do it. Some of the puzzles and levels really get you thinking, and make you have to think and observe things more than you usually would. Each character's fighting style is differant, and some things only one character can do to make that character valuable to the game, and not just a 'useless addition' to gameplay. The ending is mysterious in it's own way, making people wonder if they really did die or not. The programming is amazing, and I've seen few glitches in the game, making this game near perfect. I give it a 10/10
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Spyroconvexity Hunter Gems: 8710
#306 Posted: 17:02:14 10/04/2012
I give it a 9.8/10! It is really cool
spyro and sonic Diamond Sparx Gems: 8325
#307 Posted: 23:59:19 10/04/2012
11/10 this was an amazing game just like the 2 before it.
ArbiDragon292 Gold Sparx Gems: 2337
#308 Posted: 16:44:50 11/04/2012
This is the rating of the game by IGN:
7.3 / 10
What's amazing game mode, graphs, plots, OST.
Something innovative that only first saw this game: ☻Multiplayer Mode☻.
For me, I give it a 9 / 10.
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LevanJess Emerald Sparx Gems: 3516
#309 Posted: 20:57:28 11/04/2012
Terribly underrated?
I'd say it's overrated..
but i love it all smooth
JetH7 Blue Sparx Gems: 827
#310 Posted: 20:34:37 18/04/2012
I'm not trying to be a jerk, but overrated!? Realy...
I am the ghostly watermelon!!
LevanJess Emerald Sparx Gems: 3516
#311 Posted: 21:56:15 18/04/2012
Yep. IMO.
but i love it all smooth
awesomespyros10 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1437
#312 Posted: 01:28:37 19/04/2012
I give this game A 9/10! in fact, I give all spyro games that score.

Ern... I played this when I was a younger child, so, yeah. Ah, memories, you're so awesome!
This was from my 3DS. Now it isn't. I also like the number 10, which is why I put it in my username.

I <3 all Spyros!
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SamXala Gold Sparx Gems: 2398
#313 Posted: 16:19:46 03/05/2012
Mmm... I give this game a 8/10. Because the story it wasn't bad, the gameplay was different but very easy to understand from the beginning, feeling free to use your "Unlimited" Fly ability (It has some limits, but it looks good), you can play this game with a friend if you like (I play it in my Playstation 2 with my buddy) AND specially the soundtracks of the game, these are so beautiful, just like other Spyro games of course xD. I'm not saying something like "This is the best Spyro game", I like this game so much, just like the other ones, but is not the best >.<
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Youla Yellow Sparx Gems: 1982
#314 Posted: 17:44:34 09/06/2012
Sorry to just poofing up from nowhere...
I can give 8/10,
The story is real exciting and other positive thing, the system (giving free flight), nice graphic. However, I play this game with mu budy, Denragon. He who bought the disc, so he who choose the character, and he choose Spyro (as my survey says, Spyro is good with non-elemental combat, as his element consume much of the mana). So I play as Cynder, with doing ranged attack with poison and fear element. Unfortunately, the exp gems goes to who close to it, t goes all to Spyro (Denragon), my element still not maxed out when reached Malefor's lair...If somebody could fix the exp gems to go to the one who killed the enemy, I would give 11/10 (Dunno where the 1 coming from smilie)
Sorry if this comment a little long...
Waaksian Emerald Sparx Gems: 4906
#315 Posted: 13:47:50 19/06/2012
^Long comments are good! smilie

Anyways, I think I might have posted here before, but whatever.
devink32 Red Sparx Gems: 21
#316 Posted: 01:50:14 27/06/2012
This game was absolutely amazing. It had a rare type of video game storyline with major upgrades from the first LoS. The addition of flying was great along with Cynder. The two-player had problems but gave the game new possibilities. Unlike TeN, DotD wasn't to hard or to easy. They also brought some humor back to Sparx(I liked the part at the dam)and gave Cynder a new personality in the game. I also enjoyed the cutscenes where you had to press the button at certain parts, made the game more interactive. Along with some other, smaller, parts, I would give DotD a 10/10 for great storyline, gameplay, and rarity.
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GamingMaster_76 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1271
#317 Posted: 04:08:21 03/07/2012
It's full of good ideas, but overall, doesn't reach what it could have. Unfortunately, it tries to push the story too much, which is filled with potholes, paradoxes, and is overall very poor and boring. Combat is decent, although against smaller enemies it's pretty mindless. Flight and Co-Op were both good ideas that were executed horrendously and a shaky camera murders the latter too. The good news is that the graphics and locations look very nice, as well as the music, and the voice acting isn't as bad as people say, even if all of that's done a bit cliche. At least it's more challenging and lengthy for the price than Skylanders. 6/10
cynder fan47 Green Sparx Gems: 272
#318 Posted: 02:14:11 19/12/2012
10/10 for me
(it was a good game)

cynder says
i love you to
cynder rules!
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HIR Diamond Sparx Gems: 9026
#319 Posted: 00:39:00 24/01/2013
^Please do not double post. Use the edit button at the bottom-right corner of your post...
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spyro and sonic Diamond Sparx Gems: 8325
#320 Posted: 00:45:39 24/01/2013
Quote: spyro and sonic
11/10 this was an amazing game just like the 2 before it.

Did I seriously post that? e_e
HIR Diamond Sparx Gems: 9026
#321 Posted: 01:40:13 24/01/2013
Quote: spyro and sonic
Quote: spyro and sonic
11/10 this was an amazing game just like the 2 before it.

Did I seriously post that? e_e

Welcome to the wonderful world of you 1 year ago! At least my opinion of the game hasn't changed, even after over 4 years. <.<;
Congrats! You wasted five seconds reading this.
Spyroguy2001 Green Sparx Gems: 115
#322 Posted: 21:20:39 24/01/2013
Two numbers:10/10
Spyro rules!!!!!!!!!
Hot Dog 542 Gold Sparx Gems: 2872
#323 Posted: 21:14:06 26/04/2013
I played this game with my bro once, it was the first time I had played any Spyro game. I liked flying around being Cynder, but the fighting wasn't as good as I expected...
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cynder fan47 Green Sparx Gems: 272
#324 Posted: 21:46:27 08/06/2013
i love the game too but now i relly hate the,now my review is 9/10.
cynder rules!
TorchSheep Emerald Sparx Gems: 3361
#325 Posted: 13:05:27 22/08/2013
Boy has my opinion changed on this game in the past year...

The story is absolute horse****, alot of my problems with it might just be small nitpicks but they still bug the crap out of me. The main plot itself is okay at best, but nearly every single subplot of the game is absolutely horrible and is packed with plot holes that still confuse me. For instance, if Spyro and Cynder were frozen for three years, how the hell did they age three years? That's only one example of stuff that doesn't make and god damn sense, another thing that irritates me is that the Dragon Elders are supposed to be the best of the best in martial arts, combat and ****, then why the hell did they all get their asses handed to them with one punch of 'The Golem' each, it just knocks a bit of health of Spyro and Cynder, why does is ****ing paralyze the masters of combat? Nearly every character in the game is a one-dimensional moron. Spyro does nothing apart from ***** and moan about him 'becoming' like Malefor in the end, despite Ignitus explaining how his case was different a billion damn times, Cynder is just so god damn annoying, though I don't hate her as much as alot of people do, I still find her to be a very bland and overall pointless character that only really has any relevance to the plat right at the end. This especially pisses me off as Cynder was a really interesting and great character in 'A New Beginning' and especially 'The Eternal Night', what the hell happened, guys? Sparx has absolutely no relevance to the story at all... like seriously... none. It was kind of sad that he and Spyro were supposed to be best friends in the last two games, but in this one Spyro just ignores him all the time and only ever makes interaction with Cynder. Ignitus is just boring as always, Hunter is incredibly one-dimensional, and Malefor... actually I kind of liked Malefor, he's about the only interesting character in the game for me, the build up for him was worth it in the end.

The level design in this game ranges from great to damn right awful, the only levels in the game that I like were 'Twilight Forest' 'The Valley of Avalar', and 'The Ruins of Warfang' most these places were absolutely gorgeous to look at, in fact 'Twilight Forest' in particular feels like a classic Spyro level of sorts, to me anyway. Although alot of people state the 'Valley of Avalar' to be one massive fetch quest, it still doesn't take away my enjoyment of the level, true the fetching can get pretty monotonous at times, I didn't mind because I loved the level design and roaming around in it looking for more gems and armour, they're weren't that many enemies to get in the way either, this was one of my favorite levels in the game and I wish the rest of levels were more like it. 'The Ruins of Warfang' was also very enjoyable to me, it had a very balanced mix of combat, roaming, and puzzles, overall making it feel like a very complete level with a simple concept, so... WHY WEREN'T THE OTHER LEVELS LIKE THIS!? They got 'The Ruins of Warfang' so right, yet the got all the rest so wrong. 'The Catacombs' is bleak, boring, and barley anything goes on throughout the level, unless you count the damn Golem appearing every three seconds something. 'Dragon City' was absolutely horrible! It was probably my least favorite level in the game, mainly because it is SO ****ING DRAWN OUT! Seriously is this level doesn't scream repetition I don't know what does, oh and that door closing segment... don't even get me started. 'The Golem'... I can't... I just can't... 'The Dam' was okay at first, but became extremely boring and drawn out near the end making me constantly wondering when the hell the level was going to finally end. 'The Destroyer' would have been an okay level if it wasn't for the freaking broken flying mechanics, which I'll get into more later. 'Burned Lands' was about as annoying and drawn out as 'Dragon City', except this time is way too ****ing hard considering how many times you have to kill a **** load of enemies before you can move on which happens WAY too much. 'The Floating Islands' weren't anything special, and I can't really find anything to complain about it for, it's goal was simple I guess, not bad I guess. 'Malefor's Lair' was a tad too easy, but I didn't really care at that point as I just wanted to get the game over and done with at that point. Overall most of the stages looked pretty bad to me, it's art style seems really off, I really liked the artstyle of ANB and TEN, but for some weird reason they decided to scrap the cartoony look to a more realistic approach, this change in design was really not a good idea at all. SPYRO LOOKS LIKE A GOD DAMN DOG (first stated by HIR smilie). I don't know why they didn't keep it this way, I mean seriously, why fix what isn't broken? When it comes to music, there's only a few tracks I liked, Avalar, Twilight Forest, Guide You Home, alot of tracks were pretty forgettable to me, also I'm not sure if it's just the Wii version or not, but this game has some really horrible audio issues.

We still haven't even got into the most important part of the game here folks, the gameplay! I got the feeling that the developers spent most of their time to come up with the story and did a half-assed job on the gameplay, just a theory. The gameplay is fairly similar to it's predecessors, you beat **** up with melee attacks, and elemental breaths. Except with a new feature, there are two dragons this time around! Spyro and Cynder! Though I can why they'd do this, I don't really like it, shocking right. I don't mind it so much in one-player mode, but it is incredibly frustrating in two-player, maybe the person I played with just sucked or having two players at once makes the gameplay seem even more repetitive than it already is. I say repetitive because you have to beat **** up SO DAMN MUCH! With no real difference in difficulty with a few exceptions, just the same thousand enemies around every corner, granted you do have a choice of a few breaths, but the only ones I found to be useful were Spyro's fire breath and Cynder's wind breath. The melee attack does nothing so just stay away from it. The gameplay isn't that bad, but it's certainly been crippled since the last game. Just a personal opinion though. Oh yeah, they also tried to make a free flying function in the game, too bad their are magnets in the floor, seriously I can never get this damn thing to work properly when the game never really let's me know how high I can fly in certain places, it becomes a major pain in the ass and I tend to never use it.

Oh my ****ing god the ending was atrocious! Okay Spyro and Cynder they beat Malefor but have to sacrifice themselves to save the world, which I really admire, I mean they know they did their jobs and probably knew that they'd might not survive all of this, and not that's it all good at done everybody can remember their heroic legacy and they will always live in in our hea.... oh wait, they didn't die, they survived for an unexplained reason just so some fans wouldn't cry to death... I have no words.... Oh and also Ignitus survived too.... hmm... *kills self* SERIOUSLY!? SERIOUSLY!?!?, God, now I know where the 'Dark Knight Rises' got it's ending from. >.>

Something that really bothered me more than anything about the game was it's atmosphere, it was so ****ing depressing all the time, which made the experience of playing this game very bad for me, hell I even enjoyed Skylanders a ton more than this. I play games to have fun, to have a good time, when a game like 'The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon' comes along and presents me with a ****ty story, bland one dimensional characters, monotonous levels, and repetitive gameplay, it really doesn't make it easy for me to give it a high rating. The funny thing is, this isn't even my least favorite Spyro game, but that's for another day. With all of that said I give this game a:

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gunmastO Green Sparx Gems: 293
#326 Posted: 23:44:25 15/10/2013
I got the game on Wii in 2008, but I wanted to play a more definitive version of DotD to give it fair judgement. So, I finished the PS3 version this week! smilie

Even after playing through more recent games like The Last of Us and God of War: Ascension, I must say that I really enjoy this game. I've done a lot of reading in this thread and when it comes to shortcomings in the story, you guys are right. But I'd like to leave a little video here...

Gary Oldman, the voice of Ignitus, said that it's not really inventing the wheel and it's a simple theme of good vs evil. He's 100% correct! The story has a number of holes in it, and even lacks character development in some areas, but what is there is a really nice treat. The good vs. evil theme is portrayed well and it's clear that Chris Wilson wasn't trying to break any new ground with such a common theme and I don't think there was much wrong with that. And because of this, the holes in the story for me are forgiven since I don't mind speculation. I didn't see any large and troublesome holes in the story to be honest.

I applaud the voice acting. I think Elijah Wood could have put some more happiness into Spyro despite the war-like plot, but Christina Ricci, Gary Oldman, and Wayne Brady captured their characters phenomenally. Blair Underwood was good, but Hunter didn't seem all that significant. Mark Hamill got cheated a little, they messed with his voice too much.

The game looks just beautiful! A work of art that really touched my passion for fantasy and art. Valley of Avalar with a steady framerate would have been the highlight of 360/ PS3 graphics. The middle chapters don't look as good as the beginning and end chapters, but DotD is an overall beautiful game.
There's so much detail and life portrayed in most levels.

Gameplay is basically God of War: Dragons Edition, but that's not a bad thing if you like God of War. I don't find it too repetitious since I like to experiment with each Dragon's four elements to put strong combos together. The battle system is simple yet still rewards players for combining Melee with elements and throws for strong combos. Platforming and puzzles are neat, but there's not enough of them to be honest. Flying is really cool but limited. Camera is ok. It does the controlling work for you so you don't need to control it at all. This makes the game easier to jump into for kids, but exploration can be cumbersome.

Soundtrack is amazing despite recycled tracks, makes the experience a lot better.

This was a very short game. Something like this is acceptable on Wii and Ps2 but not PS3. There's only about 12 hours of gameplay here unless to give coop a go with a sibling or friend.

Overall, I love this game. I wish flying was expanded on and that you could combine Spyro and Cynder's elements for some devastating moves (I mean they're already fighting together why not?! Lol). Like if Spyro's flame with Cynder's tornado created a fire storm or electricity and fear created lightning strikes from the sky. There are a lot of missed opportunities given this was a rushed game, but like Gary Oldman said, it's a simple thing crafted in a special way.

A touching story, amazing graphics and soundtrack, and swell gameplay all come together to be Spyro's biggest adventure ever. It was really cool to come back to Spyro years after YotD and see that he grew up to do bigger and cooler things rather than getting ripped off by bears and gliding everywhere cause his wings were too small.


Pros: Graphics, Voice Acting, Flying, Elements, Soundtrack.

Cons: Content, Camera, Flying, Framerate
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Arc of Archives Yellow Sparx Gems: 1486
#327 Posted: 19:29:23 16/10/2013
^ I actually agree, you summed that up really well.

I do think that there were enough platforming elements while exploring for 100%, however, and I think The Burned Lands was a massive negative part of the game because it had such an unreasonable, unfair difficulty jump. That made the later parts of the game feel like a slog because already, The Destroyer was a very long level.

But it's not really as bad as some people say, in my opinion, though I see why you might hate it.
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