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High School vs. Aliens (Private)
Grizzle Gold Sparx Gems: 2272
#1151 Posted: 23:50:02 31/07/2021
Real Name: Spud Danvers
Alias: Spud Danvers
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student - Reporter for the school newspaper (Well, he is supposed to be in charge of the crossword)
Grade: 12
Faction: Independent/Both (You’ll see)
Personality: Spud is a ‘free agent’ as he’d put it, however he’d die for the Order if he had to, well, maybe not die, he’d certainly say that he would though. The little weirdo was rejected by the Order not once, or even twice, in fact he tried a total of 27 times under different (and obvious) pseudonyms that fooled no one. However Spud considers himself an asset to the Order even if he’s not employed by them (yet.) He likes to write things down a lot in a notepad he carries around with him everywhere he goes. He considers himself a detective of sorts and needs to find the truth since to him everything is a conspiracy theory and there’s always something else to the story. Spud runs with every group, clique and gang in the school, he’s so weird to the point people don’t even bother to bully him ‘Oh, it’s just Spud’ in fact, most people just humor him so he’ll go away faster. He nevers seems to stick to the same schedule, always appearing where he ‘needs’ to be. It’s possible he was suspended or expelled on the first day and the teachers let him roam the school cuz they feel bad for him, but that’s just a rumor. While odd, he’s somehow incredibly observant to a scary level. One thing to note is the only reason he wanted to join the Order so bad was because he believed a reporter with a dark backstory makes for good business (he probably would just leave the order after a few days of being with them, he honestly has no malice or a bad bone in his body) He ‘skipped a few grades’ and was supposedly supposed to be in middle school, grade 7, but instead was put ahead to grade 12 for ‘exceptional brains’ or at least that’s what he says
Opinion on Humans: He has no true opinion on anyone, after all, a reporter can’t be bias.
True Appearance: 5’0, scales like a dragon that fade from aqua to navy to pink, he has a gator snout and an abnormally round head and large eyes like an owl, always watching you it feels like. He has an irregularly long tail thats middle drags along the ground while the end is up in a curl, he has seahorse like fins on his back and a set of very tiny wings that barely function. He has webbed duck like feet and t-rex arms, several tendrils come out of the back of his orange shaped head, most of them feel rubbery and squishy and are long and end in a rounded end, the top one is pointed.
Human Appearance: 5’0, he wears a gray and brown corduroy suit with a brown corduroy vest, he wears an old gray press hat from the 40’s and pants that seem too big for him, you can barely see his shoes. He’s got dark ginger hair that’s almost a shade of brown but you’d never really know unless he took his hat off, which he doesn’t. He has slight freckles and chubby rounded cheeks
Other: Followed the order to Earth and to the school which is how he got there. Also, he’s really odd.
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