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Just what is the song to Gulp's Overlook? [CLOSED]
MOV_Games Green Sparx Gems: 146
#1 Posted: 22:46:08 05/03/2014 | Topic Creator
Before I start, I know there has been some topics before like "heard Gulp's Overlook on TV" etc. This thread is more about finding out where it came from.

As we all know, Gulp's Overlook's Music track seems to appear in media quite frequently. Now, being a fan of videogame music, I thought it would be worth searching through countless games, TV shows and movies to see exactly how many times it has been used.

What I found though is that not only is Gulp's Overlook's main orchestra section definatly not composed by Stewart Copeland, but it is part of a larger song which is commonly cut into chunks and used for tons of games etc. And I still can't find the name of the piece.

The most complete parts I have currently found are from Spiderman The Movie Game (2002), and Jurassic Park Trespasser (1998), the former is below as it is currently the most complete version I have found;

Now, so far this is the current list I have of where parts of this track has appeared throughout the years:

Medievil (1998), Zarok Battle
Half Life (1998), Adrenaline Horror (Intro Only)
Jurassic Park Trespasser (1998), Race To The Summit
NFS 3: Hot Pursuit (1998), Flimsy (last 30s is a rock version of Gulp's Overlook smilie)
Spyro 2 (1999), Gulp's Overlook
Spider Man (2002), Scorpion's Sting
Cyberchase (2002 onwards)
Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly (2002), Ripto's Showdown
My Parents Are Aliens (2005) S7E4, Halloween Tales
Heavy Rain (2010), Fightin' Mad Jack

The earliest it seems to pop up is 1998, which could be the year it was created. Does anyone have any examples of the track appearing earlier than this? For some reason I'm adamant at finding the source.
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alicecarp Prismatic Sparx Gems: 11148
#2 Posted: 19:12:14 06/03/2014
You also hear it in the Ripto boss theme in Enter the Dragonfly.

MOV_Games Green Sparx Gems: 146
#3 Posted: 15:29:21 13/03/2014 | Topic Creator
Added, forgot about that one.
InsomDog Platinum Sparx Gems: 6641
#4 Posted: 10:57:22 04/04/2014
This is from First Strike, a Jackie Chan movie from 1996.

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