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This Game Was Actually A Prequel to The Legend of Spyro [CLOSED]
LocoGuy107 Ripto Gems: 390
#1 Posted: 13:46:47 01/03/2014 | Topic Creator
When you think about this game now, it makes sense that critics didn't like the game. The story wasn't the best one put together, and many of the character movements were bland. What's more is that this is supposed to be more of an emotional story. Where were the character emotions, though?

The Legend of Spyro fixes that, at least. It also has the same combat moves Spyro gets in Shadow Legacy, except that the TLoS Spyro gets more variety.

Also, both of the main enemies were purple dragons who wished to get as much power as they can in order to rule the world. And I'm not sure, but I think the Sorcerer might have been trying to free Malefor so they can combine their powers to get an ultimate fusion (at least that what the Sorcerer intends).

And that cliffhanger in Shadow Legacy.....I think the sequel should tie both of the stories TOGETHER.
RadSpyro Gold Sparx Gems: 2007
#2 Posted: 16:33:44 01/03/2014
Shortly after I played ANB, I noticed the similarities between the two gameplay-wise. I always felt that the Sorcerer was basically an early version of Malefor.

Honestly, I think that they could have easily made A New Beginning using Classic Spyro, continuing on from this game. Part of me still feels like rebooting the series was a terrible idea, especially since so many people abandoned the series altogether as a result (I've seen my fair share of parents that were expecting the same lovable characters from the original series, and that their kids found TEN far too difficult for them). Sales shot down with DotD too.
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Razz Platinum Sparx Gems: 5992
#3 Posted: 17:08:51 01/03/2014
LoS is basically a more serious version of AHT/SL. It helps that Chris Wilson and Mike Graham (who wrote LoS) worked on AHT and SL both.
theuone Platinum Sparx Gems: 6072
#4 Posted: 20:01:26 01/03/2014
I totally agree of how both are related, and I think maybe there should be a sequel where the Sorcerer returns. after all maybe the Sorcerer was who Malefor was talking about, (in my stories, Spyro got amnesia, which could explain not knowing about the Sorcerer) both the TLOS games and SL have things in common. its too bad I only have a ps2, id get this game.
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Razz Platinum Sparx Gems: 5992
#5 Posted: 20:45:24 01/03/2014
I wrote a post years ago that pretty much went through everything that points to LoS being a more serious AHT/SL. Having played all five of those games now, it all just feels more true.
SamXala Gold Sparx Gems: 2398
#6 Posted: 23:51:26 01/03/2014
Mmm... maybe it has some kind of connection
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LocoGuy107 Ripto Gems: 390
#7 Posted: 02:14:52 02/03/2014 | Topic Creator
I don't have any good ideas to make a Spyro sequel that only takes the original. I found out it'd be better to fuse the two stories.
Razz Platinum Sparx Gems: 5992
#8 Posted: 03:45:30 02/03/2014
Here is the old post I wrote about the matter. Man, 2009...that was forever ago. o_o
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