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Portal for android? [CLOSED]
claudekennilol Red Sparx Gems: 42
#1 Posted: 16:25:04 21/01/2014 | Topic Creator
Using portal for Android.

So I've got 4 portals (one that cam with Spyro's adventure ps3 (so the wireless one) -- another that came with swapforce for ps3 (non-360 swapforce wired one) and two for the 3ds (spyro's adventure and Giants (I bought Giants before the first game so I needed a portal and then the first game doesn't come without a portal)).

So my question is if I use an adapter to plug my portal into my phone/tablet (generally referred to as an On The Go cable (USB A female to micro-b male adapter)) will that work for Battlegrounds (or other games, but I'm mostly just worried about the adventure items for Battlegrounds since I've got all of my Skylanders already on my activision account from punching them in manually for Lost Islands).

I don't want to have to buy the wireless mobile starter pack since it comes with an IOS code for the game and I have an android device. So is there a way using the above mentioned adapter (or some other way) to use the portals I already have?

And similarly related..the platinum treasure chest isn't any different than the treasure chest that came with the pirate themed adventure pack, right?
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