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Regarding the PS2 version... [CLOSED]
sonicbrawler182 Platinum Sparx Gems: 6917
#1 Posted: 20:53:33 16/01/2014 | Topic Creator
I'm hoping anyone who owns the PS2 version can help me with this, but I have a simple question:

Did the PS2 version of this game have any minor, but noticeable slowdown issues within the very first area of the game? I know the Gamecube version doesn't, but I can't recall what the PS2 version was like.

I'm only referring to some very sudden and brief instances of slowdown within the games first area (where you start when you start a new game). If anyone can check this for me, that'd be great.
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theuone Platinum Sparx Gems: 6065
#2 Posted: 21:04:57 16/01/2014
since I have it for ps2, I don't recall anything about slowing down in the area, so I guess you will be ok.
is this an answer that you would want, cause im a bit fuzzy on your q.
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#3 Posted: 03:12:45 17/01/2014
Err, I don't have it, but I do see to recall hearing about some slight frame rate issues in the PS2 version. Although, I think that was a recurring issue with GCN/PS2/Xbox multiplatform games. <.<
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