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Are the bosses really as hard? [CLOSED]
BLAZn002 Green Sparx Gems: 142
#1 Posted: 07:06:15 31/12/2013 | Topic Creator
On my opinion they aren't so hard. To some of you they might be really hard.
Razz Platinum Sparx Gems: 6094
#2 Posted: 20:12:54 31/12/2013
They were only hard because they were obnoxious quick time events. Gaul and pretty much everything in TEN was way more challenging (and fun) than any boss fights in this game.
HIR Diamond Sparx Gems: 9026
#3 Posted: 10:42:13 03/01/2014
Quote: Razz
They were only hard because they were obnoxious quick time events. Gaul and pretty much everything in TEN was way more challenging (and fun) than any boss fights in this game.

I agree! I also found the 2 bosses in DotD more formulaic. While bosses like Gaul and Skabb in TEN follow very predictable patterns, they have varied enough attacks to keep things interesting. I can't say the same for the Golem or Malefor.
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Razz Platinum Sparx Gems: 6094
#4 Posted: 19:26:53 03/01/2014
I think there were more bosses in both ANB and TEN, too. There was also the increased difficulty algorithm in TEN that made boss fights even tougher the more you played (I wish you could turn that off because those bosses were hard enough XD). Heck, those dratted canon scorpion riders were harder than both the DotD bosses.
theuone Platinum Sparx Gems: 6184
#5 Posted: 18:53:47 04/01/2014
yeah, its really the elite enemies that you should worry about, unless you use the cheat codes that is.
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joinim Green Sparx Gems: 349
#6 Posted: 12:04:02 22/01/2014
I have to agree with the fact that some of the bosses in TEN were challenging. In DotD they were challenging enogh that it was hard and fun all at the same time. Perfect.
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#7 Posted: 17:54:44 22/01/2014
Not as hard,but triple as cheap.You can't really compare 'hit thing until it's dead'(except for Arborick,which is 'hit thing in specific spots until it's dead') with 'hit this thing then press an arbritary button at a given time to not lose all the progress you had in said hitting'. QTEs don't make bosses cooler if you overuse them,and reduce the actual boss to button mashing. Not that TEN didn't have it,but at least it made sure it was the strategy to begin with(with,of course,a few nice twists,like the Elemental Dragon having specific weaknesses every few seconds or Gaul being more vulnerable if you wait until he's stunned to Dragon Time into a combo).
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Bluh Blue Sparx Gems: 704
#8 Posted: 20:02:22 22/01/2014
TEN were way more challenging than DotD, Its a good game, but not the best one.
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SamXala Gold Sparx Gems: 2398
#9 Posted: 02:30:07 23/01/2014
No, not really, only the Elite Enemies are a little tricky.
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Ethenite Green Sparx Gems: 200
#10 Posted: 05:13:23 26/01/2014
Yeah the elite enemies were really tricky because sometime the colors would look the same like yellow and red, so i wouldn't know which it would be...but ANB and TEN were more challenging on boss fights...some in DOTD...
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Denragon Gold Sparx Gems: 2763
#11 Posted: 04:46:29 19/04/2014
In DotD... I've tried play this game with no armor used from the beginning of the game 'till the end (I haven't finished yet.)... Well, it's hard to beat the elite enemies and the big monster at the first... But now... It's not too hard anymore... Because every battle, what I think is only 'Whoa! Evade... evade... evade... evade... Attack!' smilie Lolz~
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