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Skylanders Collection Vault bug list [CLOSED]
jdavplay Blue Sparx Gems: 650
#1 Posted: 10:00:33 27/11/2013 | Topic Creator
Seeing as I have encountered more faulty than working codes in my first few add attempts, I figured I would post for the benefit of the community before you consider spending any time with the 1.0.0 version of the collection Vault. Note I have only tested with the web codes that came in the packages, I have not tried the codes from the in game character screen (I do not recall if they match)

Known 1.0.0 issues
Item codes - not recognized
Level codes - not recognized
Sidekick codes - not recognized

Series 1 characters reposed as Series 2 show the Series 2 videos upon unlocking (some show the series 3 video with their alt names)

Series 2 reposes are not listed as compatible with Spyro's Adventure

Dark Spyro S1 shows Spyro S1

Legendaries show vids for their regular counterparts
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Matteomax Platinum Sparx Gems: 5378
#2 Posted: 14:13:16 27/11/2013
Not all limited edition Chase variants are listed. Bronze E3 Hot Dog and Employee Prism Break are the two Giants characters that have yet to be listed.
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Nroc-Nuika Platinum Sparx Gems: 5366
#3 Posted: 14:16:45 27/11/2013
There is only 1 video for each skylander, it doesn't bother with specifics of series or alt decco.

Other bugs or inaccuracies;
Series 1 Drill Sergeant shows the series 2 figure when unlocked
Boom Jet, Bumble Blast and Lightcore Grim Creeper spin the wrong way
It doesn't recognise series 3 skylander codes, or Legendary Grim Creeper
Some accolades are impossible to get, such as the download one.
Lightcore Pop Fizz shows the early prototype figure, and when unlocked doesn't spin
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Graz73 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3215
#4 Posted: 14:47:08 27/11/2013
I entered my code for Ninja Stealth Elf and it didnt work. I was sure that I entered it correctly too. It gave me some message that the toy is not yet available?
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Trexroarr Gold Sparx Gems: 2219
#5 Posted: 04:58:43 28/11/2013
I think this app is absolutely fantastic and has great potential, but obviously since this is the first release version, there are some issues.

Here are all of the problems which I have found with it:

- BLUETOOTH PORTAL COMPATIBLE!!! This is an absolute MUST! Some of us have well over a hundred characters with codes. To manually punch in each code will and does take hours. Also, how else would we add in our sealed Chase variants if we can't access the code? The Bluetooth Portal is incredibly important!!!

- Activate compatible! Another thing missing is Activate compatibility.

- We need a way to add notes to each character's page such as what level they are, how much gold they have, how many heroic challenges they have completed, etc.

- Sidekicks, Magic Items, Battle Items and Location Pieces are all mssing from the app.

- Many Chase variants are not listed, including all from Spyro's Adventure (aside from Translucent Green Gill Grunt), Bronze E3 Hot Dog, Employee Prism Break, Metallic Green Gill Grunt and the new Swap Force Green Slime variants. (Others may be missing as well.)

- When added, some character's intro videos come up as a different incarnation of their figure, such as a S1 Spyro coming up as a S2 one.

- When adding in some Swap Force characters (Mega Ram Spyro, Super Gulp Pop Fizz, Anchors Away Gill Grunt, Blizzard Chill, Big Bang Trigger Happy, Heavy Duty Sprocket, Ninja Stealth Elf, Twin Blade Chop Chop, Legendary LC Grim Creeper, Knockout Terrafin, and Lava Barf Eruptor) the following message appears; "Toy not supported. The toy you are trying to unlock is not supported by this application."

- FILE SIZE!! Why does every character need to be downloaded once added and why does it take up so much space?! I currently have 135 characters added and my app is taking up 1.6 GBs of space! This is absolutely ridiculous! I don't want half of my iPhone's space to eventually be dedicated to this one app. PLEASE FIX THE FILE SIZE! THIS IS A SERIOUS ISSUE!!!
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isaac343018s Emerald Sparx Gems: 4478
#6 Posted: 21:21:25 01/12/2013
Not sure if this is a general bug with all s3 Stealth Elves or not, but when I put in my code for her, it says:

"The toy you are trying to unlock is not compatible with this application"
DrLobo Green Sparx Gems: 172
#7 Posted: 13:06:17 02/12/2013
I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw this app .... after using it a bit some disapointment occured though ...

I was glad i could download hi-res artwork of every character , except in fact i can only get the art for one version of each character ...wich sucks ... no dark spyro or halloween Eye brawl or Crystal cynder
There's no activate or icloud stuff so syncing between devices is impossible ... too bad ...
updating collection via/through/with every app you own (maybe via activate again) would be awesome

Not compatible with sidekicks, expansion toys, etc ... i guess some very special version of some character didn't have a 'special code' to recognize them from the regular one that could explain why Crystal cynder, ruby Drill sergeant and blue bash seem to be missing ...wich is also too bad !

Like previous poster said, a way to track your level and challenges would be a must !

Way to go Activision ... other games are quite regularly updated, let's hope the vault will get a great treatment from the develloppers, this is a dream come true for every skylanders collector so please make it awesome smilie
Spyro7850 Gold Sparx Gems: 2656
#8 Posted: 16:06:58 02/12/2013
LOTS of prototype Skylanders are shown on the spin screen.
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Spyro7850 Gold Sparx Gems: 2656
#9 Posted: 18:36:06 02/12/2013
The menu button in the top left corner tends to disappear after registering a Skylander using the link on their page.
#1 Roller Brawl fan
"Ness, you'll always be the best character in Smash."
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Ackis Green Sparx Gems: 354
#10 Posted: 01:16:18 03/01/2014
Quote: Graz73
I entered my code for Ninja Stealth Elf and it didnt work. I was sure that I entered it correctly too. It gave me some message that the toy is not yet available?

There's a few like that it seems. Pretty disappointing IMO.
scandal Green Sparx Gems: 114
#11 Posted: 11:48:22 03/01/2014
I am (or my kid is! :-) ) new to the universe of skylands.
I bought a used set of two games (Spyro's adventure and giants) including 21 skylanders.
We would like to add them to the Collection Vault, but I struggle to find the "mobile code" - can anyone advise me where to find it?
Tigerbear222 Green Sparx Gems: 358
#12 Posted: 16:34:50 17/01/2014
It takes more than 2 GB for all the characters data? My god...
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GamerZack7 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1709
#13 Posted: 05:14:40 26/01/2014
Not every in-game variant is listed in the app. I am currently unable to add smilie, smilie, smilie and smilie to my wishlist. Also, there seems to be a bug when attempting to view my wishlist on the Internet, as smilie does not appear at all despite appearing in the app. Other than that, it's a handy little app.
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Captain Biggs Blue Sparx Gems: 845
#14 Posted: 15:46:40 31/01/2014
All of my Series 1 codes for characters worked just fine (SSA), last night when I started entering SSF character codes quite a few of the codes said toy not available or compatible (I forget the exact words) The ones I remember not working was S3 Stealth Elf (previously mentioned) also Horn Blast Whirlwind and Thorn Horn Camo did not work. I sure hope they fix this I added them without the codes. Which I am glad you can do that as it's a handy way to keep track.
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