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Battlegrounds 1.3 update! [CLOSED]
Advisor_Orville Yellow Sparx Gems: 1083
#1 Posted: 03:09:21 27/11/2013 | Topic Creator
Battlegrounds 1.3 is now live on iOS and Android.

• NEW! Enter the Chapter 4 Overworld and battle your way to King Brock!
• NEW! Wave 2 Skylanders SWAP Force™ heroes have arrived!
• Now, take your Portal Master skills all the way up to level 40!
• Bug fixes


GothamLord Yellow Sparx Gems: 1790
#2 Posted: 05:12:56 27/11/2013
So with the new 1.3 update and the game on sale now, is it work getting as a Android user?
claudekennilol Red Sparx Gems: 42
#3 Posted: 19:02:44 21/01/2014
I'd like to know, too. Previous (old posts by now) indicate that this is dead/too easy/not worth investing in, but this update is more recent than those posts so I'd like to know if anyone has any opinions on it.
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sklndrmommy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1508
#4 Posted: 20:36:33 02/02/2014
I just bought this at Walmart for $15... I figure my son can at least take the characters to his papa's house and we'll see if the actual game is any good.
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