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New release: Skylanders Collection Vault! [CLOSED]
Advisor_Orville Yellow Sparx Gems: 1083
#1 Posted: 14:35:23 26/11/2013 | Topic Creator
Graz73 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3215
#2 Posted: 18:26:30 26/11/2013
Looks like a nice idea.

BUT seriously, no ACTIVATE support? Come on! Get that sorted out, eh?

And I'd like to add all of the magic items and sidekicks too, not just characters!
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DarthW Yellow Sparx Gems: 1951
#3 Posted: 19:59:00 26/11/2013
Activate support would be nice, I guess. I'd be really pleased to see them add tracking of magic items, sidekicks, exclusive figures/items like volcanic vault and even the Target UFO Hat card.

Anyone tried it with the bluetooth portal? Does it work? I'll try it later today when I an get my hands on a figure and update here if no one else does first.
Graz73 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3215
#4 Posted: 20:12:52 26/11/2013
Yeah, it would be great if it could track rare repaints and convention exclusives. The Target UFO card taht DarthW mentioned is a great idea!
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Nroc-Nuika Platinum Sparx Gems: 5329
#5 Posted: 20:46:32 26/11/2013
I've had a look around, and It's a really nice looking collection app. However, I do agree that it feels a bit empty without the magic items, adventure levels, battle pieces and side kicks. I spent a lot of money on those too.

Also, the variants not listed, like all SA variants (only Green Gill Grunt) and employee exclusives would be nice and welcome in there too.

Maybe allow it so that if I were to register my Skylander, I could use the bluetooth portal, which could track the skylander's level, upgrades and gold too? Just a thought, I'd love to see that in it.
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Trexroarr Gold Sparx Gems: 2219
#6 Posted: 20:53:17 26/11/2013
Is this app compatible with the Bluetooth Portal of Power? That would make this sooooo much easier! Also, please add the Magic Items, Battle Items, location Pieces and Sidekicks!!
Skylanders Collection smilie
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DarthW Yellow Sparx Gems: 1951
#7 Posted: 21:18:54 26/11/2013
I just tested my Bluetooth portal and the app does not seem to interact with the it at all. smilie This is more like a beta app.

Hopefully they will update. Now I just need to decide if I could be bothered entering a 1.5" thick stack of codes or if I'll just let the app collect dust until they update it to make it functional.

I don't think they could track alt decos by name, because they are all just read as "specials" in the games anyway... but at LEAST they could have it recognize all of the items that are seen as unique in the game and then maybe just a counter that would show that you have, let's say, Series 1 Prism Break, Series 2 Prism Break, Series 3 Prism Break, Lightcore Prism Break and 'Special' Prism Break x2 (to show that you have 2 different 'Special' Prism Break variants, or any duplicates could be listed with a multiplier like that, since this IS for tracking one's entire collection, after all).
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Lash Blue Sparx Gems: 820
#8 Posted: 21:38:24 26/11/2013
Yeah I definitely won't be adding them by code. Maybe if they add the use of the portal I will take another gander, but until then, it will go unused.
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Arc of Archives Yellow Sparx Gems: 1486
#9 Posted: 22:13:01 26/11/2013
I think being able to track dupes would be nice, if that isn't already in, but it looks decent. I'll stick to my spreadsheet for now, though...
DarthW Yellow Sparx Gems: 1951
#10 Posted: 22:17:49 26/11/2013
Quote: Arc of Archives looks decent.

Yeah, it certainly is a visually pleasing app. Too bad that it's so limited.
Arc of Archives Yellow Sparx Gems: 1486
#11 Posted: 00:49:59 27/11/2013
^ ... Yep. I just tried it out. Honestly, it's just easier to manage your own spreadsheet. The app looks great- but no Portal support is a pain, and also, it just tracks what figures you own- no ability to make notes of what level they are, or upgrades they have, or anything like that. Looks pretty, good checklist, not that useful for anything else though.

Want list: ability to track duplicates and make notes on figures. Portal of Power support.

We should also be able to mark a figure as "owned" without needing to scan it in, IMO- I understand why but it just makes what's supposed to be a convenient checklist more cumbersome. To avoid cheating, make it so that a figure won't count in a comparison if it's not scanned in properly, or something.

Magic Items need to be listed as well. And the rest of the SF figures like the Green Goo variants and Nitro Freeze Blade plus the new Green Metallic variants like Shroomboom have to be added in(they're not much of a surprise to anyone who would use a checklist app...).

It's an app that has so much potential, and I really like ideas such as the PM rank, but it's not very useful at the moment and takes WAY too long to get everything registered to it.
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dcapelan Blue Sparx Gems: 746
#12 Posted: 03:32:44 27/11/2013
All flash, very little bang. It doesn't recognize the codes for Anchors Away Gill Grunt, Big Bang Trigger Happy or Blizzard Chill. It did recognize Bumble Blast and Countdown. It incorrectly recognized the code for Dark Blast Zone as just Blast Zone. I stopped there and don't plan to use this again until a) it supports all figure codes; b) whatever gets downloaded after entering a code it recognizes does so in the background or allows the content to be queued for later download. Ideally it should also support the Bluetooth portal. I don't like to give one star app reviews, especially on day one, so I'm putting this here instead of in a review but there's no reason I can dream up that this should have been released in its current state.
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jdavplay Blue Sparx Gems: 650
#13 Posted: 09:53:05 27/11/2013
Slow and disappointing, as I see the potential. Incomplete variant list is one thing, but to not acknowledge codes for items/levels that shipped on day 1 with SSA is just sloppy. I was hoping for some new character lore or animations, but the vids are just low-res versions of the console character/soul gem ones, which appear ugly on the ipad.

Download that takes place in between each added code makes adding a chore, and is already buggy. My second code added, for series 1 Terrafin, registered as Knockout Terrafin. Soe things just aren't worth free. At least label it as a beta.
GhostRoaster Yellow Sparx Gems: 1803
#14 Posted: 23:52:50 28/11/2013
In the wrong section maybe, but I put my feedback in that thread.


Bottom line---we need fixes and features for it to be truly useful. Great first attempt though.

^ The video that shows up when you register is ALWAYS the latest incarnation. If you go to the shelf, you'll see the appropriate version that got registered. They did this to save storage space probably.
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Loxone Green Sparx Gems: 368
#15 Posted: 21:33:15 29/11/2013
Anybody know how to remove a skylander from the wishlist? I had Magna Charge on there then put in the code for Nitro Magna Charge which added correctly, but now I really don't want Magna Charge on the wishlist anymore and I have no idea how to remove it.

It's pretty useless if I can't send the wishlist out to family members to potentially buy for the kids if I can't even edit the wishlist. There must be a way.
Sickboy1138 Blue Sparx Gems: 817
#16 Posted: 22:00:11 29/11/2013
Jusy tap on the character within your wishlist and itll give you the option to remocve it
Arc of Archives Yellow Sparx Gems: 1486
#17 Posted: 07:54:33 19/08/2014
This freakin' app. There are still no new features like notes, and it hasn't had an update for ages, and some of the new Skylanders don't even have 360-degree shots (which were easily the best part of the app, as it was fun to look at them all, and made it easier to see all your toys). Looks pretty, but virtually useless. Fail.
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CountMoneyBone Emerald Sparx Gems: 4826
#18 Posted: 08:24:20 19/08/2014
the skylister app was way better in features... to bad activision had it killed.
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Sboy13 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3110
#19 Posted: 15:05:45 30/10/2014
For anyone wondering, the app has now finally been released for Android:
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