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Most Annoying Enemy? [CLOSED]
Dragonhope Gold Sparx Gems: 2992
#51 Posted: 22:29:59 13/10/2008 | Topic Creator
Grove worms oozing out poison with blue spirit gems.
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Spyla Blue Sparx Gems: 535
#52 Posted: 05:02:51 14/10/2008
death hound r not so bad or that hard but i don't like the pirate dog-apes now those r annoying cuz they're just poping out of no where smilie but i'm ready for them smilie u mess with me go turn into a baseball foo
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Dragonhope Gold Sparx Gems: 2992
#53 Posted: 22:31:15 14/10/2008 | Topic Creator
Just stand on one side and maybe they'll pop up.
Gaccha! Tanoshii dyueru dattaze!
Spyzilla Yellow Sparx Gems: 1903
#54 Posted: 19:31:26 26/10/2008
i hate the grove mites,its hard to kill them when theyre on you
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Cloudtail4ever Yellow Sparx Gems: 1818
#55 Posted: 19:33:49 26/10/2008
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Earth Terrador Blue Sparx Gems: 778
#56 Posted: 14:44:28 02/11/2008
Back on topic...Death hounds are annoying.
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spyroblack Gold Sparx Gems: 2951
#57 Posted: 00:28:27 14/11/2008
Volteer Blue Sparx Gems: 566
#58 Posted: 05:17:52 16/11/2008
can someone tell me how to kill the scorpions..uhh blunder tails. i accidentally skipped the part where it told me how and i just kill them with fury every time. lol
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Crush Gold Sparx Gems: 2812
#59 Posted: 10:09:01 16/11/2008
You need to stand right intront of it and hold down the O button. Then, you will break their block and then, you can attack them, until they manage to put the block up again. When their health bar are down, you need to do a Tail Strike on them to finish them for good. If you don't do it, they get up again with full recovering and you have to start over again!
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Cynder_543 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1277
#60 Posted: 09:27:33 15/12/2008
The death hounds and Skabb.
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elder volteer Yellow Sparx Gems: 1527
#61 Posted: 22:37:34 18/12/2008
i hate scabb he was a freakin pain in the butt
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elder volteer Yellow Sparx Gems: 1527
#62 Posted: 22:37:44 18/12/2008
i hate scabb he was a freakin pain in the butt
Brawl!!! Friend meh!
Spyro2008 Ripto Gems: 1353
#63 Posted: 04:53:54 19/12/2008
Spyro 666 Green Sparx Gems: 326
#64 Posted: 15:10:25 20/12/2008
Either the Death Hounds or those spider thongs in Ancient Grove
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super spyro Yellow Sparx Gems: 1454
#65 Posted: 01:48:49 24/12/2008
I would say its one of the boss were spyro gets to the tree and the tree comes to life and we have to fight he is just so annoying!!:/
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Polar-krush Blue Sparx Gems: 871
#66 Posted: 03:39:48 27/12/2008
i hate the death hounds, grove worms, grove mites, ravage rider, and gaul.
wanderist Platinum Sparx Gems: 6904
#67 Posted: 04:09:45 27/12/2008
GoldenDakota13 Blue Sparx Gems: 812
#68 Posted: 20:05:41 27/12/2008
the stupid dog thingies!!!!! lolsmilie
and the medium pirates..the r stupid
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jimmy dragon Ripto Gems: 841
#69 Posted: 03:04:39 29/12/2008
the arborick.
Dark Cynder_27 Platinum Sparx Gems: 5661
#70 Posted: 08:06:55 31/12/2008
dark_fury912 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3836
#71 Posted: 08:32:14 01/01/2009
thedarkmaster09 Blue Sparx Gems: 784
#72 Posted: 17:31:23 24/01/2009
ravage rider and death hounds.
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Jackson117 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3875
#73 Posted: 04:05:00 25/01/2009
Ravage rider!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is a noob
Dragon-Stone Blue Sparx Gems: 999
#74 Posted: 10:31:52 30/01/2009
The Death Hounds!!!! Og hate em!! smilie
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Spyro-Fan Platinum Sparx Gems: 5296
#75 Posted: 14:07:19 25/02/2009
I hate Death Hounds!!!!!!!smiliesmilie
DIE DEATH HOUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
darkfurydragon Emerald Sparx Gems: 3312
#76 Posted: 17:47:45 26/02/2009
Its those growths and death hounds. and mites.
Duskwolf Red Sparx Gems: 29
#77 Posted: 02:40:24 19/04/2009
Arborick is mean. He only knows how to beat up poor little annoyingly stupid baby purple dragons.
Earth-Ice Red Sparx Gems: 61
#78 Posted: 01:29:14 20/04/2009
Skabb, definately Skabb oh, and the invisible commanders
smilie smilie THEY ARE AWSOME!!!!!! I guess these guys are ok too smilie smilie
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Dark Gaia999 Ripto Gems: 199
#79 Posted: 20:46:36 21/04/2009
Quote: Earth-Ice
Skabb, definately Skabb

Yeah. Or maybe Gaul.
cynder9087 Red Sparx Gems: 54
#80 Posted: 00:38:29 24/04/2009
are you friggen kiddin me iv beaten that game 19 times right now mallefor semes like a wuss
hero orc max Blue Sparx Gems: 619
#81 Posted: 15:13:34 22/05/2009
pirate ghost those thing just appear from nowhere and scare me
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