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WreckingBallBob's Skylanders Stories
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#851 Posted: 22:15:33 03/03/2017 | Topic Creator
Story 111: The New Leader of the Skylanders
Part 2

In the Meal Room.
smilie I assure all of you that I will deliver on all of these promises! Vote me for leader!
smilie Kaos, do you really think any of us are actually going to vote for you?
smilie Why wouldn't they? I am a good guy now.
smilie Hey, you pulled some crap on us a few times!
smilie What? What are you even talking about, Wrecking Ball? Are you just blaming me for random things, so they won't vote me for leader?
smilie Yes, but I'm not making anything of these things up!
smilie Why don't you just back away, Wrecking Ball?
smilie Kaos does not deserve to be our leader! Skylanders, vote for anyone but him!
smilie Wrecking Ball is right.
smilie I haven't seen Kaos do that much wrong.
smilie Do you not recall what he did to us when he was with the darkness?
smilie He's a changed... Midget now.
smilie I don't believe that someone like him can change that much.
smilie We should all vote Wrecking Ball.
smilie I'm out of this joint. Come on, Donkey Kong.
Bowser and Donkey Kong leave.
smilie Wrecking Ball would be a great leader, guys. Vote him!
smilie Isn't he about five years old?
smilie Hey, we all age differently.
smilie Wrecking Ball has done great things for all of us, but I don't believe Wrecking Ball is fit for leadership.
smilie I agree with Gill Grunt. He might end up destroying us with his wacky actions.
smilie Who else can lead?
smilie ME!
smilie Apart from Kaos and Wrecking Ball.
smilie Stealth Elf?
smilie I don't have the the drive for leadership.
smilie Yeah, me neither.
smilie Then I see no other choice.
smilie I guess we'll see what happens.

After the voting has finished.
smilie By an overwhelming number of votes, the new leader of the Skylanders is...
smilie My time has come!
smilie Kaos!
smilie Yes!
smilie No way.
smilie It is an absolute honour to be leader of you all!
smilie Who even voted for you?
smilie You all did.
smilie I didn't.
smilie Do all of you guys believe you voted Kaos?
All of the Skylanders say no except Blackout.
smilie You're all a bunch of liars!
smilie We're all re-voting tomorrow.
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Story 111: The New Leader of the Skylanders
Part 3

In Kaos' room.
smilie Blackout, you said that would work.
smilie I'm sorry, Lord Kaos.
Glumshanks: How did you manage to recruit Blackout?
smilie He's always been loyal to my cause.
Glumshanks: Don't Skylanders have to be really good people?
smilie They only have to act like they are.
Glumshanks: Is Blackout under your control?
smilie What could you possibly mean?
Glumshanks: All of the other dark Skylanders are at least good.
smilie Please stop talking about this nonsense.
smilie You must help Kaos become leader.
Glumshanks: I am doing the best I can.

In Wrecking Ball's room.
smilie We need to stop Kaos from screwing about with the votes.
smilie You're right.
smilie How can we do that?
smilie Can't we get them to remove Kaos from the votes.
smilie All Skylanders are meant to be involved.
smilie It doesn't matter if Kaos is a Skylander or not. He fooled around with the votes, and he needs to be punished.
smilie No, we will leave him in the voting system. We'll just make sure he won't mess around with the votes.
smilie it will be good to knock Kaos down!

In the Skylanders Meal Room.
smilie Keep yourselves on the look out for Kaos.
smilie Is that Glumshanks over there?
smilie He's still around?
smilie And still working for Kaos?
smilie I'll get 'im!
Shroomboom runs over to Glumshanks and tackles him.
smilie Good job, Shroomboom.
Glumshanks: What did I do wrong?
smilie Kaos' servant needs to go back to Kaos' room.
Glumshanks: But...
smilie Go or we'll make you.
Glumshanks: Okay.
Glumshanks leaves the room.
smilie Looks like nothing has ruined the votes yet.
Pop Thorn rolls into Blackout.
smilie How did you notice him so quick?
smilie I'm just on edge.
smilie I was just placing my vote.
smilie No one is voting for Kaos anyway.
Shroomboom and Pop Thorn take him away.
smilie I'm here to place my vote.
smilie You can't vote for yourself.
smilie Why do you think I am going to vote for myself?
smilie You don't want anyone else to win.
smilie And they won't.
Wrecking Ball Tongue Whaps Kaos.
smilie I haven't done anything wrong.
smilie I don't trust you!
smilie Voting ends in five minutes!
smilie Get out of my way!
smilie No!
Wrecking Ball pulls his lightsaber out of somewhere and cuts Kaos' leg off.
smilie Ahahahusbshaj. HELP ME!
smilie Oh snap.
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Story 111: The New Leader of the Skylanders
Part 4

smilie What the heck happened?
smilie He cut off my leg.
smilie Uh, Thumpback, take Kaos to his room and reattach his leg.
smilie All right, Gill Grunt.
Thumpback takes Kaos to his room.
smilie I was kinda just sick of his faeces.
smilie That's all right.
smilie It is?
smilie He can't mess with the voting now.
smilie But, I cut off his leg.
smilie Nothing we can't repair.
smilie You can't reattach his leg.
smilie Why not? A cut leg should be able to be reattached.
smilie Not from a lightsaber wound.
smilie Lightsaber? What are you talking about?
smilie That's what I cut his leg off with.
smilie A lightsaber? They're not even real, Wrecking Ball.
smilie If you say so.
smilie Voting has now finished!
smilie Looks like we are about to find out who our new leader is.
All of the Skylanders gather in the Meal Room.
smilie Hi, Hot Dog.
smilie Hi, Shroomy Boomy. Did you like that, Golden Queen?
smilie Of course I did, Hot Dog.
smilie The results are finally in!
smilie It's time to reveal our new leader!
smilie The person with the most votes is...
smilie Hell yeah fam!
smilie You did it, Wrecking Ball!
smilie That's my best friend!
smilie Oh, wow.
Wrecking Ball climbs onto the main stage.
smilie I really thought that it should be someone else. I thought that I wouldn't be best suited for a leader, but you all seem to think I would be a great leader. I guess it's about time that I begin believing that as well.
smilie I didn't think you would work too well as a leader, but I do believe you're the best choice we have. Well done, Wrecking Ball.
smilie Thanks, everyone.
Kaos returns to the room with a cybernetic leg.
smilie You'll pay, Wrecking Ball.
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Story 112: April Fools Is Lame
Part 1

smilie Well, I guess this is goodbye.
smilie I didn't think this would happen so soon.
smilie Bye bye, friend.
smilie Wrecking Ball, you can't leave us!
smilie It would be nice if you weren't with Golden Queen for the past few weeks.
smilie You're right. I need to remember that it's pals before gals.
smilie Sorry, it's too late now, Hot Dog.
smilie I'm sorry too.
Wrecking Ball goes into the Meeting Room.
smilie Is this the place I do meetings at?
smilie Your office is through that door in the corner.
smilie Why didn't we elect the new leader in this room?
smilie This room is for the leader's meetings only.
smilie When will I even be meeting people?
smilie You'll usually get people coming in from town or other places across Skylands.
smilie Alrighty then.
smilie Just one more thing, Wrecking Ball.
smilie What's that?
smilie April Fools!
smilie Really?
smilie You don't start business until monday.
smilie You guys are such trolls.
smilie Yeah, but we all had fun.
smilie I guess.
smilie See you here on monday, Wrecking Ball.
smilie Bye.

In the Training Room.
smilie I sometimes forget that this room exists.
smilie We're working out because we're triggered at you doing leader stuff.
smilie Gill Grunt April fooled me and said I start on monday.
smilie Okay, I'm actually gonna spend some time with you.
smilie It's not like I will be doing leader stuff all the time.
smilie You just won't be able to play with us all the time.
smilie Exactly.
smilie You'll pay, Grub Worm!
smilie Sorry about your leg, buddy.
smilie I can't gain muscles with this cybernetic leg.
smilie I knew they wouldn't able to reattach.
smilie Kaos, can we just call a truce? I know you haven't exactly been the best guy since becoming a Skylander. I'll just ignore all of the things you've done since joining us if you call a truce with me.
smilie I just wanted my rightful place as leader.
smilie It wasn't your place. Look, I know how to fix your leg. You just gotta ask Spy Rise.
smilie Great.
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Story 112: April Fools Is Lame
Part 2

In Spy Rise's room.
smilie This place reminds me of things I used to work on.
smilie What do you want?
smilie I want you to replace this cybernetic leg with a real one.
smilie It looks like the wound has been cauterised.
smilie Wrecking Ball's stupid lightsaber did that.
smilie Surprised he managed to get one.
smilie You actually believe me?
smilie I've seen lightsabers before.
smilie And where do they come from?
smilie Kyber Crystals are very rare to find in Skylands.
smilie Can I find one?
smilie They're far too difficult to find. That makes me wonder how Wrecking Ball got his.
smilie What's that machine over there?
smilie I've been working on a virtual reality device.
smilie That sounds very interesting.
smilie I've also been working on cloning.
smilie You can clone whole beings.
smilie I can't go that far yet. I've only cloned small body parts of animals.
smilie So you're going to clone my leg?
smilie Precisely.
smilie Well, let's get to it.

Several hours later.
smilie You awake, Kaos?
smilie Is it done?
smilie Yes, the leg has been attached successfully.
smilie Thank you, Spy Rise.
smilie Why don't you go thank Wrecking Ball for sending you here?
smilie He cut off my leg in the first place.
smilie He only wants what is best for all of us. He didn't want the votes tampered with.
smilie You're right. I shouldn't force my leadership on them. I'm a changed Midget.

Kaos knocks on Wrecking Ball's door.
smilie Come in.
smilie I'm sorry about all the things I've done. I've realised how good it truly is be around nice people.
smilie I'm glad you have realised that, Kaos. I didn't cut off your head because I knew Spy Rise could clone legs.
smilie Settle down there, Skyloser. Haha.
smilie See you later, Kaos.
From Wrecking Ball's headset on Discord.
smilie Did Kaos do an April Fools joke?
smilie Nope.
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Story 113: New Leadership
Part 1

smilie Wake up, Wrecking Ball!
smilie Huh?
smilie It's 4A.M., buddy.
smilie Why would I wake up at four?
smilie Me and Trigger Happy think it would be best if our new leader of Skylands began waking up at 4A.M. everyday from now on.
smilie What could possibly happen within one hour?
smilie Many problems could occur in this one hour.
smilie Why don't you guys take charge when I sleep?
smilie We need our sleep too, Wrecking Ball.
smilie Fine, I'll get to business.
smilie Can we rest now, Wrecking Ball.
smilie Sure thing.
smilie Thanks!
Trigger Happy and Gill Grunt leave Wrecking Ball's room.
smilie I wish I didn't have to send other people on adventures.

In Wrecking Ball's Office.
smilie There's nothing even going on most of the time. All of the cameras just show the city peeps doing their everyday lame things.
There's a knock on the door.
smilie Come in.
smilie When are you going to come adventuring with us again?
smilie I can't really send myself out on the small missions.
smilie Just get other people to look at these monitors.
smilie My job as leader is just find the problems and send Skylanders on quests to fix the problems. If I wasn't looking at these monitors, what would I do?
smilie Spyro didn't look at these monitors all of the time.
smilie Maybe that's why we had so many attacks on our HQ.
smilie Your leadership role shouldn't be about just looking at monitors.
smilie You're completely right. I should organise assemblies for the Skylanders to attend. It's not like that's a complete waste of time when I can just use this microphone.
smilie Look, I know this leadership role is incredibly hard, but you need to hire people to do things like this while you do other things. Leaders don't do everything on their own.
smilie Gill Grunt and Trigger Happy already cover the night shift.
smilie Then you need to hire some other Skylanders to watch these monitors in the daytime while you cover other important things. Look, I'll get myself, Hot Dog and Shroomboom to begin working on posters to put around the HQ. Sound good?
smilie Yes, Pop Thorn. Thank you.
smilie No problem, buddy.
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Story 113: New Leadership
Part 2

In Hot Dog's room.
smilie Golden Bae, do you want to play Left 4 Dead 2 with me, Shroomboom and Pop Thorn?
smilie I don't believe I am very good at Left 4 Dead 2.
smilie Don't worry. We'll carry you.
smilie All right, Hot Dog.
Pop Thorn knocks on the door.
smilie Yes, mate?
smilie Get Golden Queen, and come to my room.
smilie For what?
smilie We're making posters?
smilie Anti-feminist posters?
smilie Uh, we can do that next time. We're making posters to get Wrecking Ball back.
smilie When are you gonna make posters to get me back?
smilie You're not busy enough for that.
smilie Okay, I'll be at your room in a few minutes.

In Pop Thorn's room.
smilie So, Shroomboom, what have you made so far?
smilie I used my crayons to make a nice, colourful poster.
smilie I can hardly read the writing.
smilie Crayons aren't known for having good writing, Pop Thorn.
Hot Dog comes into the room with Golden Queen.
smilie I got my box of pencils and pens.
smilie What's wrong with crayons?
smilie I'll melt them with my paws.
smilie Now, I'm gonna play some Left 4 Dead 2.
smilie What the heck? You have to make some darn posters too.
smilie I don't have fingers or toes.
smilie Fine, Golden Queen, let's make the best posters ever!
smilie We shall do that, Hot Dog.

In Wrecking Ball's office.
smilie I want to apologise for everything I've done.
smilie I haven't seen you do anything to make me believe that.
smilie I know what I've done, but I don't know why I did it.
smilie Because you're not truly one of us.
smilie No, when I joined the Skylanders, I vowed to do everything for the good of Skylands. Ever since then, it's as if I have been under some sort of control.
smilie Seems like Kaos did that.
smilie You know that for sure?
smilie No. It just seems like you've always been working for him. Kaos seems to truly be one of us now. I hope.
smilie Thank you for believing me.
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Story 113: New Leadership
Part 3

In Pop Thorn's room.
smilie Why do I have to play with these special people? They're not even helping me.
smilie I'm coming, Pop Thorn.
smilie Hot Dog, Golden Queen, are you guys done with those posters?
smilie Yes, mate.
smilie Show me.
Hot Dog and Golden Queen show the posters they made.
smilie Wow, they're pretty good, guys. Good job.
smilie Thank you, Pop Thorn.
smilie Back off, Pop Thorn.
smilie Huh?
smilie Nothing, Pop Thorn.
smilie Time to rage quit, Shroomboom.
smilie Yeah, these nerds are real bad at this.
smilie Let's go put those posters around the place.

In Wrecking Ball's office.
smilie Hey, Wrecking Ball. Are you enjoying being a leader?
smilie I can't say it's the best experience.
smilie This ain't the Wrecking Ball I know. The Wrecking Ball I know wouldn't sit around looking at monitors all day.
smilie I've had to make a change.
smilie No, you didn't need to make a change. You were made leader because of you, not this. You need to be who you were for the Skylanders.
smilie Perhaps you're right.
smilie I know I'm edgy, but I'm not truly evil. I hope you know that.
smilie I do, Ghost Roaster.

In the Skylanders meal room.
smilie Get putting those posters up, guys.
smilie Why aren't you helping?
smilie I don't have any hands.
smilie Neither do I.
smilie Good point.

Hours later.
In Wrecking Ball's office.
smilie This is clearly a job for me.
smilie Ro-Bow?
smilie I'm also take a shift.
smilie Thanks, guys. You two decide what times you want to take and...
smilie I'll join in as well.
smilie As will I.
smilie Thank you all.
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Story 114: Back to Normal?
Part 1

smilie Gimme pills!
smilie *Takes pills* I just used them.
smilie Wow, you didn't even need them, man!
smilie I was almost at 39HP!
smilie It's okay, guys. I have adrenaline.
smilie I guess that will do.
smilie Here you go...
smilie CHARGER!
HQ Speakers: Wrecking Ball, we need you in your office right now!
smilie Looks like I have to go.
smilie But, the Charger missed you.
smilie Sorry, this is what I signed up for. *Wrecking Ball leaves the game*
smilie This is flippin' lame!
smilie We don't even get to finish gaming sessions with Wrecking Ball anymore.
smilie I wish Wrecking Ball wasn't leader anymore.
smilie Wrecking Ball is too good to step down from leadership.
smilie I wish someone else could be leader.
smilie Everyone either sucks or is too much of a nerd to lead us.
smilie I guess we will finish the campaign without him.

In Wrecking Ball's Office
smilie What do you want me to do now?
smilie Have you not been looking online at this stuff?
smilie What stuff?
smilie Hex is posting some really terrible stuff about Light elements.
smilie What are we gonna do about it?
smilie Nothing.
smilie It's clearly just a joke.
smilie This is no joking when it comes to stuff like this.
smilie I just don't care.
smilie I gotta tell everyone on social media about this.
smilie Hey, don't make me out to look like a bad guy.
smilie Everyone needs to know what you think about this.
smilie Why don't you ever post things on social media?
smilie I don't use social media.
smilie No, I play games with my friends.
smilie I'll create you some accounts.
smilie I don't want any gosh darn accounts!
smilie What do you want your username and password to be?
smilie You're both so lame! *Wrecking Ball leaves and goes to bed*
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Story 114: Back to Normal?
Part 2

(Wrecking Ball wakes up at 4A.M.)
smilie I guess it's morning.
smilie Wrecking Ball, get out here!

In the Meal Room.
smilie I'm gonna do it!
smilie Don't do it, Aurora!
smilie I'm going to step off this table and end it all!
smilie What is going on?
smilie I can't take the abuse anymore!
smilie What are you talking about?
smilie Hex said more horrible things about me!
smilie In person?
smilie No, it was online.
smilie Just stop looking at social media.
smilie It doesn't work like that, Wrecking Ball.
smilie Goodbye, everyone. *Aurora steps off the table and falls on the floor*
smilie Uh...
smilie NOOOOOO!
smilie We couldn't save her!
smilie Ha, she was so weak.
smilie You're going to be executed for murder.
smilie What? I didn't do this!
smilie Hex didn't do anything.
smilie She caused Aurora to end her life.
smilie Aurora is still alive. She only waked off of a table.
smilie You're going to let this murder go free?
smilie Even if Aurora was dead, Hex didn't cause it. There must be some problem with Aurora is she can't go offline or take Hex's jokes.
smilie Jokes? They were not jokes!
smilie Yes, they were.
smilie There's no way to know that online.
smilie Just get Aurora the help she obviously needs.
(Trigger Happy and Gill Grunt help up Aurora and take her to her room.)
smilie People just can't take a joke anymore.
smilie I understand that you are joking around but not everyone does.
smilie What are you saying?
smilie You should think about what you write online. People get easily offended these days.

On Discord.
smilie We need to cause some trouble online.
smilie Why would we do that?
smilie We need to cause enough trouble to get social media banned in this HQ.
smilie That won't work.
smilie Do you want Wrecking Ball to be able to play with us or not?
smilie I DO!
smilie I guess we know what we have to do.
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Story 114: Back to Normal?
Part 3

The Next Day.
smilie Wrecking Ball, open up!
Wrecking Ball opens his door.
smilie What do you guys want?
smilie I don't have to do anything.
smilie Please, stop shouting at me.
smilie You think you can tell what to do just because you are a man? SEXIST!
smilie What did Hot Dog do?
smilie He's hiding from his punishment by hanging out with Shroomboom and Pop Thorn in his room.
smilie Punishment for what?
smilie He posted some sexist things online.
smilie More jokes online?
smilie I was just asking if they were jokes.
smilie I'll go talk to them.

At Hot Dog's Door.
smilie Chop his pen...
smilie That's enough, Chopscotch.
smilie Hot Dog, what the heck are you doing, man?
smilie Just making some funny jokes online. People get triggered way too easy.
smilie So, they are just jokes?
smilie What did you say online?
smilie Just some stuff about women in kitchens.
smilie And stuff about wondering how they got a car in the kitchen.
smilie And stuff about them being objects.
smilie Shroomboom, we said that was too far!
smilie Oops.
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Story 114: Back to Normal?
Part 4

smilie Sounds like some good quality jokes to me.
smilie We don't.
smilie I can understand being upset by their comments, but they were only joking around. Who can tell us what we can and cannot joke about?
smilie If only that were true.
smilie All right, I realise that anyone can joke about anything and people will always be offended. There's only one real solution to fix this.
smilie You stepping down as leader?
smilie No, I will ban all social media websites in this HQ.
smilie What about YouTube and Discord?
smilie Of course they get to stay.
smilie Do it.
Barbella, Ember and Chopscotch leave.
smilie I can't say I completely agree with either side here.
smilie I'm sure we can all live without most of the social media sites.
Hot Dog unlocks his door.
smilie We can just hang out with our friends on Discord! Who is going to get upset if we are not sharing servers together?
smilie We are going to share one server.
smilie What?
smilie The Skylanders HQ server.
smilie But, people will argue.
smilie Only me, Gill Grunt and Trigger Happy will be allowed to post. We'll just make important announcements.
smilie Sorry about the object joke, y'all... Woah!
smilie That's all right, Shroomboom.
smilie You're pretty.
smilie Thanks, Shroomboom.
smilie Hot Dog, why did you even do this in the first place?
smilie I don't want you to be leader anymore.
smilie That's not gonna happen.
smilie At least I got rid of most of the social media.
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Story 114: Back to Normal?
Part 5

In the Meal Room.
smilie Take these leaflets, everyone.
smilie Stop spreading lies, Barbella.
smilie Some females are.
smilie Wrecking Ball isssssss right.
smilie He isssss helping us all out. Removing mossssst ssssssocial media sssssitessssss is a possssssitive thing for all of ussssss.
smilie Funny jokes?
smilie NO!
smilie Sounds like funny jokes.
smilie Hella funny jokes.
smilie The only thing that needs to end is your shouting.
smilie Bad Juju does not take kindly to these comments.
smilie Barbella needs to go back to the kitchen.
smilie THAT'S IT!
Barbella hits Blaster-Tron with her boulder barbells.
smilie It's time to teach Barbella a lesson.
smilie You've got that right, Hood Sickle.
Hood Sickle and Chain Reaction begin attacking Barbella.
smilie STOP!
Everyone stops fighting.
smilie No more jokes. No more shouting. No more social media. Everyone needs to go back to there rooms.
Wrecking Ball tongue whaps Barbella.
Barbella, Ember and Chopscotch leave.
smilie Back to your rooms, y'all.
Hot Dog, Shroomboom and Pop Thorn come to the Meal Room.
smilie Are you still the leader?
smilie For now.
smilie We gonna play games?
smilie After I have a chat with Spyro.
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Story 115: Getting Rid of the Garbage
Part 1

On Discord.
smilie When the heck is Wrecking Ball gonna tell us about his plans?
smilie When he wants to.
smilie I want to know when that is.
smilie Let's just keep playing games!
smilie We can't play games yet.
smilie Why not?
smilie I don't have a Nintendo Switch yet.
smilie Only a few of us have that so far.
smilie That's exactly why we all need to get one.
Wrecking Ball joins the server.
smilie Let's get playing some L4D2!
smilie Tell us about your plans.
smilie No way, Hot Dog.
smilie Why not, dude?
smilie I'll announce it later.
smilie Some Skylanders are still mad about the lack of social media sites.
smilie Then they can move out.
smilie You can't really expect people to move out.
smilie It would be a better place without some of those nerds.
smilie Buy a Nintendo Switch for each of us.
smilie I can't just spend all of our money.
smilie There's so much of it!
smilie It's for Skylanders business only.
smilie That's hella lame.
smilie You guys gotta save up your own money.
smilie We hardly get paid anything.
smilie There's a lot of money to spread around all of the Skylanders.
smilie Maybe you should start paying some people less.
smilie Like the women?
smilie Exactly.
smilie I can't do that.
smilie Who even goes on missions but us?
smilie It's just been pretty chill for a while.
smilie I guess that's what happens when most of the villains convert religions.
smilie Hurry up and play, y'all!
smilie I'm gonna go hang out with Golden Queen.
smilie Pals before gals, Hot Dog!
smilie Bros before...
smilie You can't say that!
smilie Why not?
smilie They will hear you and kill you.
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Story 115: Getting Rid of the Garbage
Part 2

In Golden Queen's Room.
smilie Wrecking Ball sucks so bad now.
smilie Maybe he always did.
smilie Nah, he just does now.
smilie What do you want to do about it?
smilie Take away his leadership.
smilie There are lots of ways to do that.
smilie Really? How?
Golden Queen secretly tells Hot Dog her plans.

smilie I guess I should get to making that announcement.
smilie Wrecking Ball, I don't see how you can fix all of the problems around here.
smilie I have ways to do things.
smilie A lot of people have changed since Spyro lost his leadership.
smilie They are all too PC.
smilie Maybe it's something more than that.
smilie What are you implying?
smilie Maybe it's something to do with you.
smilie Hey, you all voted me to be leader around here! I'm doing the best I can!
smilie Look, I'm not saying Spyro is a better leader than you or anything but...
smilie Stop. I see how it is around here.
Wrecking Ball leaves the Discord server.
smilie I didn't know what to do.

In the Skylanders Assembly Room.
smilie Thank you all for coming here today.
smilie Give us back our social media!
smilie Hey, stop telling me what to do.
smilie I'm going to fix everything right now.
smilie If y'all are sick of Wrecking Ball being our leader, join us in making a better future!
smilie Hot Dog, what the heck, dude?
smilie Hot Dog never truly wrote those sexist comments online. IT WAS WRECKING BALL!
smilie That's not true!
smilie Everyone who is a decent person needs to join Golden Queen!
smilie Skylanders, don't believe what they are saying!
smilie CHARGE!
smilie Skylanders that agree with me, fight back against these lies!
Skylanders on both sides begin fighting.
smilie We cannot win this way. Skylanders that want to end Wrecking Ball's reign, come with us.
Many Skylanders leave the HQ along with a captured Shroomboom.
smilie HELP!
smilie Shroomboom!
smilie Was this your big announcement?
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Story 116: PC
Part 1

Over a month later.
smilie Get inside!
smilie Time to party!
smilie Quiet, Pain-Yatta.
smilie We're almost to be prison cells.
smilie Help! Anyone out there?
smilie It's Shroomboom!
The Skylanders run to his prison cell.
smilie You're gonna party your way out of here.
smilie You have to get the key from Head Rush.
smilie Head Rush? That might be a challenge.
smilie I'll send my falcon to get the keys.
The Blue Zephyr Falcon finds Head Rush and attempts to grab the keys.
smilie What? What is this? Get away from me!
smilie Spam arrows!
Buckshot begins firing arrows at Head Rush.
smilie And candy!
Pain-Yatta spits out sweets all over Head Rush.
smilie Now, Birdie!
Birdie grabs the keys and brings them to Air Strike.
smilie Excellent job!
smilie Thank you! I thought y'all might have forgotten about me!
smilie Wrecking Ball has been sending many different Skylanders to save you. Wait, where are they?
smilie I'm sorry.
smilie What are you sorry about?
Air Strike opens the cell and sees Golden Queen behind Shroomboom.
smilie She made me trick you.
smilie Looks like another group have fallen into our trap.
More PC Skylanders surround Air Strike, Pain-Yatta and Buckshot.
smilie Now it's a party!
smilie You won't get away with this.
smilie We have already captured three other groups of Skylanders. I'm sure we will get away with this.

At the Skylanders HQ.
smilie Have they returned with Shroomboom?
smilie They have not returned yet.
smilie Are they coming back?
smilie We haven't heard from them since went out.
smilie How do we know if they have even been to their base?
smilie Since none of the groups have returned, I assume they made it to the PC Skylanders' base and were captured.
smilie I think you need to find of some new strategies.
smilie What do you want me to do? I'm not going to send out an army of Skylanders if I don't know where their base is.
smilie Look, we're going to need to find their base. We may have the advantage in numbers but they know exactly where we are. They can strike at any moment.
smilie If you think you could do better, why did you quit being leader?
Wrecking Ball leaves the room.
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Story 116: PC
Part 2

In Hot Dog's and Golden Queen's Office.
smilie We've captured more of the Skylanders, Hot Dog. Eventually, they'll see that Wrecking Ball can no longer lead them.
smilie And then we get to all go home and live like before?
smilie That's the plan.
Barbella walks in.
smilie Are you saying you're not?
smilie That's not the plan, Barbella. I don't actually care about any jokes made on twitter.
smilie Good.
Barbella leaves.
smilie Haha, women.
smilie You got that right, Golden Bae.
In another room in the base.
smilie Listen up ladies, we're getting rid of Hot Dog and Golden Queen!
smilie All right!
smilie I'm not a lady.
smilie What's the problem with us being here? We support your cause.
smilie This isn't right!
smilie We only want a better HQ environment!
smilie We can't get rid of them just because they are men.
smilie You're insane.
Barbella orders her PC Skylanders to lock up Roller Brawl, Punk Shock, Splat and Spotlight.
No one answers.
The PC Skylanders go into Hot Dog's Office.
smilie What do you all want?
smilie Hey, I started this to get my friend back!
smilie Like heck you are!
smilie GET HIM!
The PC Skylanders go after Hot Dog.
smilie I...
smilie Golden Bae, help!
smilie I'm sorry, Hot Dog!
smilie NOOOOOOO!
Hot Dog gets beaten down and locked away.
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Story 116: PC
Part 3

At the Assembly Room.
smilie Everyone, listen up. We're going to send out a team of Skylanders to find the base.
smilie May I interrupt, Wrecking Ball?
smilie You may.
smilie You see, I've dealt with Skylanders before, and I know exactly how to find their base and defeat them.
smilie Tell us how.
smilie I used to send my minions with special equipment to find your base.
smilie And where can we get this equipment?
smilie In my old bases at the Outlands.
smilie Great.
smilie This will help us find them.
smilie I guess I'll send a group to your base.
smilie I should lead them there.
smilie I... All right. I trust you.
smilie Thank you, Wrecking Ball.
smilie Let me come with you, Kaos.
smilie Gladly, Spy Rise.
smilie Kaos, find that base, and we'll end this.

Outside the HQ.
Flynn: Hey, no one else is using my ship.
smilie Who are you again?
Flynn: Hey, it's not my fault that you Skylanders don't see me anymore.
smilie We just haven't had a big adventure in a while.
smilie I'll gladly fly this ship.
Flynn: That's not happening, Skylander.
smilie It's about time I got to do something.
Flynn: Crash Bandicoot! I'm glad to see someone who speaks some sense around here.
smilie Yeah, a lot of these Skylanders are pretty derpy.
Kaos and his crew board Flynn's ship and start flying off.
Flynn: Hey, get back here!
smilie I was meant to be on this mission.
Flynn: Want to hang out, friend?
smilie Of course, buddy.
On Flynn's Ship.
smilie It shouldn't take us too long to reach the Outlands.
smilie Once we get there, I'll get the equipment to look for that base.
smilie I've been wondering what type of equipment you could have that I don't have.
smilie Well, you see...
Kaos continues talking.
smilie I don't know if we can trust Kaos, man!
smilie He seems like a changed guy.
smilie He's tricked us a lot of times before, dude!
smilie I assume it'll be fine.
smilie We're here.
smilie I'll get the equipment.
smilie Spy Rise, Lob-Star, you guys go with him.
smilie Will do.
Kaos, Lob-Star and Spy Rise go into the old Villain's Lair.
smilie What if you something goes down, man?
smilie I sent those two with him for a reason.
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Story 116: PC
Part 4

At the Skylanders HQ.
smilie They shouldn't take long now.
smilie What if they have been attacked?
smilie I guess it's a possibility. Call them to find out where they are.
smilie Hello?
smilie Yes?
smilie Are you all good?
smilie Yes, we're just waiting for Spy Rise, Lob-Star and Kaos to get the equipment.
smilie That's good. Tell us when...
A loud explosion is heard.
smilie Everyone, the PC Skylanders are attacking!
smilie Gill Grunt, what's going on? Are you all right? Hello?
smilie What's happening?
smilie The PC Skylanders have attacked the HQ.
smilie We have to go help them, man!
smilie No, we need to find the base and break everyone out.
smilie What if the PC Skylanders are too powerful for them?
smilie I'd assume the Skylanders can defeat the PC Skylanders. We outnumber them by a lot.
Back at the HQ.
smilie That won't happen, Barbella. You must be silly if you think you can defeat us.
smilie That won't happen.
smilie ARE YOU SURE?
Barbella show Wrecking Ball a video of Shroomboom and Hot Dog being tortured.
smilie Let them go!
smilie You won't be able to give the orders if I take you down!
smilie I...
smilie Wrecking Ball, you have to do what she says.
smilie I can't let her win!
smilie She won't. Just do as she says.
smilie Skylanders, back down.
All of the Skylanders stop fighting.
smilie I'll just be going to my room then.
smilie Yes, Barbella.
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Story 116: PC
Part 5

smilie We have the equipment!
smilie Show me.
smilie This is the equipment!
smilie What is it?
smilie A telescope.
smilie Are you joking? We have lots of them.
smilie Yes, I'm joking. These are my advanced binoculars.
smilie What's advanced about them?
smilie They can see incredibly far.
smilie And?
smilie They are specially designed to make out buildings.
smilie That sounds so great.
smilie All of that hype for this?
smilie Use them.
Kaos gives the binoculars to Thrillipede.
smilie Woah, I can see everything. Buildings, people and the environment are easily defined.
smilie Do you see now?
smilie Yes.
smilie These binoculars are quite magnificent.
smilie Why haven't you made them, Spy Rise?
smilie I've been busy with other things.
smilie Like his virtual reality device.
smilie Exactly.
smilie Stop wasting time! The PC Skylanders have attacked the HQ. We need to rescue the Skylanders they kept as prisoners.
smilie I'll find the base with Kaos' binoculars.
I've located the base.
smilie It's of the other side of the Outlands.
smilie how do you know it's the right place.
smilie It's not one of my previous bases.
smilie Let's get going.
Thrillipede flies Flynn's ship to the base.

At the Skylanders HQ.
smilie That won't happen.
smilie I'll die before I become a PC sheep.
smilie I'm with them.
smilie You just want to get rid of all of the male Skylanders. It's not right!
smilie I'm a changed woman now. I made my mistakes in the past, and I won't make another.
smilie Yes, Barbella?
smilie We shall, Barbella.
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Story 116: PC
Part 6

At the PC Skylanders' Base.
smilie We have to break this door down.
smilie I'll take care of this.
Kaos uses his Giant Floating Head's lasers to break the door down.
smilie We're putting an end to this.
smilie Flashwing, execute them! What are you doing?
The Skylanders take down Head Rush.
smilie I give up!
smilie Hot Dog, what the heck are you doing in here.
smilie Those rats betrayed me.
smilie You started all of this!
smilie Just to get Wrecking Ball out of leadership. Barbella has taken this too far.
smilie I'm finally free!
smilie Can you forgive me, Shroomboom?
smilie Of course I can, buddy!
smilie We have an issue.
smilie What issue?
smilie Some of the PC Skylanders are coming back.
smilie I'll take care of this.
Kaos goes out and frees the Skylanders from the PC Skylanders.

At the Skylanders HQ.
smilie I won't!
smilie All right. I'll sign it.

At the PC Skylanders base.
smilie I'll call Wrecking Ball.
Thrillipede calls Wrecking Ball.
smilie We've saved them from the PC Skylanders. We've also saved the Skylanders they were bringing here.
smilie WHAT? NO!
smilie Looks like I won't be signing anything.
Barbella hits Wrecking Ball his her barbell.
smilie I won't let you hurt them!
Wrecking Ball uses his tongue to pull his lightsaber out of a bag.
Barbella swings her barbell and Wrecking Ball cuts it in half.
smilie We won't do that.
Barbella picks up the parts and knocks the lightsaber out of Wrecking Ball's tongue. Then she destroys the lightsaber.
Wrecking Ball uses his Disco Ball and defeats Barbella.
smilie It's over...

Later that day.
smilie I'm sorry, Wrecking Ball.
smilie It's all right. You weren't the evil one here.
smilie I'm so sorry, Hot Dog. I make a mistake, but I didn't help her against Wrecking Ball.
smilie Golden Queen, I'm not ready to lose it.
smilie Lose what?
smilie My V.
Hot Dog walks away.
smilie Are we still spending Valentine's day together? Hot Dog?
smilie It's time for my leadership to end.
Crash Bandicoot and Flynn return.
smilie Aw, we missed all of the action?
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Story 117: Hot Stuff
Part 1

In Spyro's room.
smilie How is it going, Spyro?
smilie I'm sorry I haven't been doing much with you today.
smilie It's all right. I understand the situation.
smilie Wrecking Ball has stepped down as leader.
smilie I heard him say that.
smilie All of internet rules have been revoked. How do we know something bad won't happen again? How will we stop this without a leader?
smilie Don't think about that stuff, Spyro. Just spend time with me.
smilie You're right, Cynder.

In Hex's room.
smilie It's so good being able to use all of my favourite social media sites again.
smilie It's fun making fun of people, right?
smilie It's even better when we do it together.
smilie Everyone is talking about Barbella.
smilie Let's talk about how she always yells.
smilie I hate that she does that.

In the Meal Room.
smilie This garlic bread looks good.
smilie So, you're not our leader anymore?
smilie Right.
smilie So, we're being led by?
smilie No one.
smilie Who is going to make all of the decisions?
smilie I was thinking of a Jedi Council kind of thing.
smilie Because that turned out so well?
smilie They were all right.
smilie Where did Barbella go?
smilie Spy Rise is doing stuff with her?
smilie Doing stuff with her?
smilie Fixing her.

In Spy Rise's room.
smilie My personality changing device should work.
smilie How sure are you?
smilie I've erased her recent memories. Now, I'm testing my device that will surely work.
smilie Interesting.
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Story 117: Hot Stuff
Part 2

In Stealth Elf's room.
smilie I got you some flowers.
smilie They are on fire.
smilie They're flame flowers.
smilie I don't know where to put them.
smilie We can shoot them off into the sky!
smilie Let's go do that.

In Scratch's room.
smilie I don't know why she rejected me, but she won't this time!
Scratch opens the door.
smilie Hi, Sunburn. What do you want?
smilie I wanted to know if you would go to Burger King with me.
smilie Uh, we can if you want.
smilie YES!
smilie Don't take this the wrong way, Sunburn?
smilie The wrong way? No, there is only the right way!
smilie I already told you about me.
smilie No, I understand. I get that you only like cats.
smilie I just don't find any other species attractive.
smilie I get it. I just want to go to Burger King.
smilie All right. Good.

In Hot Dog's room.
smilie Is everything okay, Hot Dog?
smilie No.
smilie What is wrong?
smilie I don't know if I can trust you.
smilie Hot Dog, you know you can trust me!
smilie Sometimes I think I can. Just not always.
smilie What is your V?
smilie I don't want to go all the way with you.
smilie I've always wondered how that would work.
smilie I like you a whole lot. I'm just not ready to go too far with all of this. I'm not sure if I want to do any of this anymore.
smilie We have to stay together.
smilie I'll see you around.
smilie All right, Hot Dog. I see how you feel.
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Story 118: Just the Tip
Part 1

smilie Come on, Shroomboom!
smilie Where's the vehicle?
smilie Shroomboom, it's right next to you!
smilie I can't find it!
smilie SMOKER!
The Smoker grabs Shroomboom.
smilie I'm coming!
Wrecking Ball gets hit by a common infected.
smilie What happened to you, Wrecking Ball?
smilie I went to help him while you guys stayed in vehicle and let us die.
smilie Sorry?
smilie It's fine. Shroomboom was just being a spaz.
smilie How did you not know where the rescue vehicle was?
smilie I've hardly played Crash Course.
smilie How?
smilie You guys hungry?
smilie I'm always hungry.
smilie Why don't we go into the city and get some food?
smilie Why can't we just get a takeaway?
smilie Gonna try new places.
smilie I'd rather stick to the stuff we know we like.
smilie Let's go!

In the city.
smilie I hate going outside.
smilie It's boring staying inside all day.
smilie Sounds like Golden Queen has rubbed off a lot on you.
smilie No, I've always loved to go outside and adventure.
smilie Are you two still having fun?
smilie We never did anything like that.
smilie Really?
smilie Yep.
smilie There is a wrapper on my foot!
smilie These gosh darn litterbugs need to pay!
smilie There's nothing we can do about it.
smilie Are you sure about that? We can make a change around here.
smilie We are Skylanders, not lawmakers.
smilie Skylanders can make a difference.
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Story 118: Just the Tip
Part 2

smilie We are here!
smilie A restaurant?
smilie Yep.
smilie Restaurants always have disgusting food.
smilie No, you just have try new things.
smilie I don't want to have new things!
smilie They have garlic bread.
smilie Yay!
smilie Here's our table.
They all sit down the table.
Mabu Waiter: May I take your order?
smilie Yes.
Mabu Waiter: What is your order?
smilie We'll have garlic bread, milk and water, please.
Mabu Waiter: Anything else?
smilie No, thank you.
smilie When are we going home?
smilie We haven't even had our food yet, Wrecking Ball.
smilie We are going as soon as I finish the last slice of garlic bread.
Mabu Waiter Your food, gentlemen.
smilie Thanks.
Hot Dog gives him £10.
smilie Ten pounds? It was only five pounds, Hot Dog!
smilie I gave him extra.
smilie What for?
smilie A tip?
smilie They are underpaid, Wrecking Ball.
smilie That's not our fault.
smilie We're just helping them out.
smilie All they do is take orders and carry food to people.
smilie It's very hard work to do this all day.
smilie I guess, but we shouldn't be the ones giving them money that isn't for the food.
smilie You sound like a real mean kid right now.
smilie After I eat my food and drink my water, I'm gonna have a word with the owner of this place.
After eating.
smilie I thought you wanted to go home after eating food.
smilie I've changed my mind.
smilie I wanna go home and play L4D2.
smilie You guys go without me.
smilie You really want to left in the city by yourself?
smilie That's all up to you.
smilie Let's go to SmythsToys.
smilie Yay!
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Story 118: Just the Tip
Part 3

smilie Hey, can I speak to the owner?
Mabu Waiter: He doesn't like to speak to customers.
smilie I'm a Skylander, fam.
Mabu Waiter: I don't think that will change his mind.
smilie Fine, I won't help you.
Mabu Waiter: Help me?
smilie I was gonna see if I could get you more dosh for your excellent work.
Mabu Waiter: I'll let you through, but please do not tell him I let you past.
smilie I won't, sir.
Wrecking Ball gets into the Boss' room.
Restaurant Boss: Who let you in here?
smilie I let myself in here.
Restaurant Boss: My staff are meant to prevent people from coming in here!
smilie They are all very busy working. I think they do a really good job and deserve more.
Restaurant Boss: Deserve more?
smilie Well, I was thinking that we deserved a higher pay.
Restaurant Boss: NO! They do not deserve a higher pay for their work.
smilie You're underpaying them, sir.
Restaurant Boss: Who are you to decide I am underpaying them?
smilie I'm a Skylander, sir.
Restaurant Boss: I know that. You are the dirty Grub Worm.
smilie Hey, I once led the Skylanders!
Restaurant Boss: They must all be foolish to let someone like you lead.
smilie You don't deserve to own this restaurant!
Restaurant Boss: There is nothing you can do about it. I have money, and money gives me power.
smilie I hope you get what is coming to you.
Restaurant Boss: Haha, bye, Grub Worm.
Wrecking Ball leaves.

At SmythsToys.
smilie Are we getting Mario Tennis Aces?
smilie It looks fun, but are we gonna play it often?
smilie Pop Thorn is right. It costs quite the amount of dosh.
smilie Aren't we rich?
smilie I don't know.
Wrecking Ball walks in.
smilie Hey, buddy! How did it go?
smilie The boss was a very mean guy.
smilie Did you fix the staff's pay?
smilie His money gives him power.
smilie You can't beat a person with a lot of money without...
smilie Violence.
smilie You're not gonna fight over this, are you?
smilie Not yet.
smilie Don't cause unnecessary trouble.
smilie I'm gonna spank the lawmakers.
smilie You want anything from SmythsToys first?
smilie Get me a Dolph Ziggler figure.
smilie Tell us when you are done with all of that jazz.
smilie I will. Bye, guys.
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Story 118: Just the Tip
Part 4

At the Lawmakers' place.
smilie Open up.
???: Who is this?
smilie I'm Wrecking Ball, and I am here to talk about stuff.
???: Have you arranged a meeting?
smilie Uh, sure.
???: For this time?
smilie Yeah, uh, this time.
???: What time?
smilie 14 o'clock.
???: Come in.
smilie Sick.
Mabu Lawmaker One: What are you?
smilie I'm a cute little boy.
Mabu Lawmaker One: I'll gather the council.
All of the lawmakers gather together.
Mabu Lawmaker Two: Who are you?
smilie Wrecking Ball.
Mabu Lawmaker One: He said he had a meeting here.
Mabu Lawmaker Two: First I've heard of it.
smilie I wanna change some laws around here.
Mabu Lawmaker Three: You can't just change laws.
smilie Staff in restaurants need more dosh!
Mabu Lawmaker Four: Leave.
smilie And we need to focus on stopping littering more!
Mabu Lawmaker Two: This is nothing we haven't heard before.
smilie Why do you ignore the people?
Mabu Lawmaker Two: It's not about the people. It's about us.
smilie No, the people come first!
Mabu Lawmaker Four: LEAVE US!
smilie I'll take down this corrupt council.
???: No, you won't.
smilie Huh?
Restaurant Boss: You can't change things when you are as poor as you are.
smilie I don't need money to change anything around here.
Restaurant Boss: Is that so?
smilie If I have learned anything from Star Wars, it's that violence works!
Wrecking Ball begins attacking the lawmakers.
Mabu Lawmaker Four: SECURITY!
Mabu with guns come into the room.
Mabu Security Officer One: Hands up, Wrecking Ball!
smilie You know my name?
Mabu Security Officer Two: We know that you Skylanders love to cause trouble.
smilie Back away from my friend!
Hot Dog, Shroomboom and Pop Thorn arrive to help out Wrecking Ball.
smilie You guys came to help!
smilie We're gonna change things around here.
Restaurant Boss: You Skylanders ruin everything!
smilie We help people and put an end to rats like you.
Restaurant Boss: You four cannot put an end to us.
smilie Who said it was only us four?
Several Skylanders arrive through the roof.
smilie Everyone, get on the ground.
The Mabu get on the ground.
Restaurant Boss: Why are you arresting us?
smilie For underpaying workers and extremely graphic photos.
smilie WHAT?
smilie I found them in the bin.
smilie Yuck.
Restaurant Boss: You won't get away with this, Wrecking Ball!
smilie Bye, baby.
The Mabu are taken to jail.
smilie What happens to this place now?
smilie The Skylanders will be put in control of all laws and the restaurant.
smilie Awesome.
smilie We will put an end to littering and underpaying hard workers.
smilie Can we go home and play L4D2 now?
smilie We sure can, Shroomboom. We sure can.
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I'm gonna redo all of my stories on Google Docs. I won't post them here, but I might put a link to them in my guestbook.
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Story 119: I Wanna Wrestle
Part 1

On Discord.
smilie I wanna wrestle.
smilie You wanna be a professional wrestler?
smilie I just want to have fun with my buddies.
smilie I want to have fun with you.
smilie We need a ring, a camera crew, some wrestlers and a booker.
smilie Do you actually want to do this?
smilie It sounds cool, doesn't it?
smilie I don't think we can pull it off.
smilie Why not?
smilie How are we going to train a bunch of wrestlers?
smilie We're not.
smilie How are we gonna hire wrestlers, then?
smilie We are wrestle without training.
smilie That's too dangerous.
smilie I'm doing it anyway. Hot Dog, Shroomboom, you guys in?
smilie Heck yeah!
smilie It sounds fun.

At the Meal Room.
smilie No!
smilie No? Why the heck not?
smilie It's too dangerous.
smilie What the heck are you talking about? I've done so many things that are far more dangerous.
smilie That was stuff that you needed to do to save people.
smilie Why can't I fun with my pals?
smilie You can fun with them in safer, less dangerous ways.
smilie Listen, I think I'm proven that I can do things on my own.
smilie You definitely have. I just don't think this is a great idea.
smilie What's the worst that could happen?
smilie People dying.
smilie That won't happen.
smilie Don't do it!
smilie We'll go soft.
smilie As soon as someone gets hurt, I'll put an end to it.
smilie I'll make sure that doesn't happen, Stealth Elf.

Outside of the HQ.
smilie Our very own wrestling ring!
smilie Wow!
smilie The ropes feel so tight.
smilie Let's wrestle!
smilie Hold up, Shroomboom. We need to practise our skills first.
smilie You said that we didn't need training.
smilie I changed my mind. We need to train to be safe in this ring.
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Story 119: I Wanna Wrestle
Part 2

smilie You guys are interested in joining my wrestling business?
smilie I think I would make a great wrestler.
smilie I'll obviously be the best wrestler.
smilie As will I.
smilie All right, we have some nice talent.
smilie Ignitor, Jet-Vac, you guys can be the cameramen.
smilie We're actually camera operators.
smilie Chill out.
smilie I'm your ref.
smilie I think we're almost ready to begin.
smilie Guys, hurry up.
Pop Thorn brings his own set of wrestlers, cameramen, a ring and a referee.
smilie What the heck is this?
smilie I've decided to created my own wrestling business.
smilie You didn't think it would work.
smilie I think I'm good enough to make it work.
smilie Why don't you think I'm good enough?
smilie You think Dolph Ziggler should be in the main event.
smilie He should be!
smilie My booking skills will be far greater than yours.
smilie We'll see about that!

Pop Thorn moves over to his ring.
smilie So, we've got Enigma, Grave Clobber and Trap Shadow as wrestlers. I'd say that is way better talent that what Wrecking Ball has.
smilie What about me?
smilie You can be a cameraman.
smilie What? I was born to wrestle!
smilie You don't seem like a great talent.
smilie I'm out of here!
smilie I will be referee!
smilie Uh, sure thing, Zoo Lou.
smilie Cameraman?
smilie Yeah, you and Grim Creeper can be cameramen.
smilie I think I should be a wrestler!
smilie Blading isn't allowed.
smilie I ain't gonna blade, dude.
smilie I'm not going to put my other wrestlers at risk.
smilie Whatever, man. I'll just join Wrecking Ball's group.
smilie Fine, I'm sure he taking it dangerous people like you!
smilie Can I join?
smilie Yeah.
smilie And me?
smilie All right.
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Story 119: I Wanna Wrestle
Part 3

Fryno leaves walks over to Wrecking Ball's ring.
smilie Can I join you guys?
smilie Of course! You look like you could be a sick wrestler!
smilie Thanks. It's awesome that someone actually recognises my talent.
smilie I want to join!
smilie Sure, come right in!
smilie Yo, Shroomboom, he can't join.
smilie What?
smilie Why not?
smilie He's going to blade, fam.
smilie Don't we want a little edge?
smilie PG is the way.
smilie Let's make our show edgy as heck! We can definitely destroy Pop Thorn's show if we have the edge!
smilie Maybe you're right.
smilie Of course I'm right.
smilie Yay!

At Pop Thorn's ring.
smilie All right! The first show will begin now! Cameramen, get ready!
smilie Film now?
smilie Pass me a mic first.
Grim Creeper gives him a mic.
smilie Thanks. Start filming!
They start filming the show.
smilie On tonight's show we will have Trap Shadow versus Fling Kong versus Ambush in a triple threat match! And in the main event, we will have Grave Clobber go one-on-one with Enigma!
smilie Woo!
smilie With that being said, I welcome the wrestlers to ring for our first match!
Pop Thorn leaves the ring.
smilie I bet Wrecking Ball hasn't even started.

At Wrecking Ball's ring.
smilie He's bleeding out!
smilie I thought I was gonna be famous.
smilie Blades, what the heck?
smilie He's the one who bladed.
smilie This seems very unsafe and unprofessional.
smilie Haha, what is happening here?
smilie We've just had some accidents.
smilie I knew that Blades was no good.
smilie Screw you, Pop Thorn.
smilie I'll have you guys know that my business is going really well.
smilie Zoo Lou looks like he is having fun.
smilie What?
Pop Thorn looks over to see Zoo Lou destroying the ring with his boar.

Pop Thorn flies over to his ring.
smilie Zoo Lou doesn't know how professional wrestling works.
smilie He's just the referee!
Enigma summons purple lighting and destroys the ring.
smilie Looks like we're done here.
smilie I really wanted to climb on Trap Shadow.
The other Skylanders leave.
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Story 119: I Wanna Wrestle
Part 4

Wrecking Ball, Hot Dog and Shroomboom.
smilie So much for seeing who had better booking.
smilie We didn't get to do anything.
smilie Did you like my idea?
smilie Yes.
smilie I think Stealth Elf was right about this.
smilie Or was she?
smilie Huh?
Hot Dog punches Shroomboom.
smilie What the hell, Hot Dog?
Hot Dog kicks Wrecking Ball.
smilie Fight club!
Wrecking Ball, Hot Dog and Shroomboom begin fighting.
smilie Eh, why not?
Pop Thorn joins in on the fun.
smilie I won!
smilie My shoulder was up!
smilie You have shoulders?
smilie I don't even know.
smilie Bedtime.
smilie I guess it is.
smilie Let's never do this again.
smilie Agreed.
smilie Not even fight club?
smilie Maybe fight club.
smilie Sick.
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Might do one last story on here.
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Story 120: The Brawl to End Them All
Part 1

smilie What the heck? Where am I?
Wrecking Ball sees himself in a mysterious world.
smilie This isn't my bedroom!
smilie Wrecking Ball!
smilie Hot Dog, what is going on?
smilie I have no idea. I only remember going to sleep.
smilie Well, we need to find a way out of here!
smilie Comes running to them. Guys, there are loads of scary creatures around here!
smilie What kind of scary creatures?
smilie Kathleen Kennedy, Miley Cyrus... RIAN JOHNSON!
smilie Noooooooooooooooooo!
smilie Quick, into that super safe cave!
Back in Skylands.
smilie Where are my buddies? It's L4D2 time!
Pop Thorn walks out of his room.
smilie I know what you are thinking.
smilie What might that be?
smilie You want to check up on Wrecking Ball, Hot Dog and Shroomboom.
smilie Well, yeah, they didn't show up for our morning L4D2.
smilie They are all the first testers of my virtual reality device!
smilie Why don't I get to be a part of this?
smilie Only three of the devices are ready.
smilie Can I go take them off?
smilie Unfortunately, no.
smilie What do you mean?
smilie These are the beta tests after all.
smilie And that means?
smilie Taking them off will kill them.
smilie WHAT? Why did you put the devices on them in the first place!
smilie They fully agreed to it with written signatures.
smilie This isn't right. I thought that galaxy brain of yours what actually makes things work first!
smilie Enough! Spy Rise, come with me.
smilie I'm going to see my friends.
smilie Don't! You know what will happen!
smilie We'll see about that.
smilie Pop Thorn, don't do anything until we have things under control, got it?
smilie Sure thing.
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Story 120: The Brawl to End Them All
Part 2

At Stealth Elf's room.
smilie Hey, Stealth Elf. I want to talk about Wrecking Ball, Hot Dog and Shroomboom.
smilie Where are they? You always hang out with them.
smilie They are doing crappy virtual reality testing for Spy Rise.
smilie Isn't that cool?
smilie These ones are in beta testing and can't be taken off.
smilie What? Why would Spy Rise make that?
smilie That's what I am confused about.
smilie I have an idea! What if we take one of them off?
smilie They will die!
smilie What if Spy Rise if lying?
smilie Why would he lie to us?
smilie Perhaps there is more going on than we realise.
smilie Whose device are we taking off?
smilie We are not doing that!
smilie Let's go speak to Spy Rise.
smilie Spyro is talking to him right now. Let's just go look at Shroomboom.
At Shroomboom's room.
smilie It's locked! Shroomboom never locks his door.
smilie All right, something is very wrong here.
smilie What is going on here?
smilie Kaos! What have you done? You've always been a snake! You may have fooled everyone else, but you haven't fooled me!
smilie I am a part of this.
smilie KAOS!
smilie We should have never let you join us!
smilie Wait! It's not what you think. This whole operation is an idea that me and Spy Rise shared.
smilie And?
smilie This part of the operation is very important. We need to see if they can escape.
smilie By putting their lives at risk?
smilie Yes! Wrecking Ball, Hot Dog and Shroomboom were the only ones fit for the job.
smilie Wasn't I fit for the job?
smilie Those three are the best of friends.
smilie I'm also their best friend.
smilie You're clearly the fourth wheel that they got stuck with.
smilie Hey! That's not true, Kaos!
smilie Fourth wheel?
smilie You're not an OG member of the crew. You missed many adventures.
smilie That is true.
smilie It doesn't matter about that. I am going to speak to Spy Rise!
smilie I'll come with you.
smilie I'm just gonna play some L4D2 for a bit.
They all go their separate ways.
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Story 120: The Brawl to End Them All
Part 3

In virtual reality.
smilie This cave smells like pee.
smilie I wonder how we got here.
smilie Maybe we're all dreaming at the same time.
smilie That's too radical.
smilie I think someone else put us here.
smilie I think you are right, Hot Dog.
smilie Why would they do that to us?
smilie To be buttholes?
smilie It must be some kind of plot by someone.
smilie Kaos?
smilie Well, it seems like anyone could have done it.
smilie Even Pop Thorn?
smilie I doubt that. It just seems like people always end up having dark secrets and evil motives.
smilie Yeah, that sucks.
smilie I wonder why Pop Thorn isn't here with us.
smilie Pop Thorn did this!
smilie I don't think he did it. I just wanna know why our best bro isn't here.
smilie I think we need to make a move.
smilie What do you hear?
smilie Rian Johnson is saying dumb things about The Empire Strikes Back.
smilie Let's go!

At the Skylanders HQ.
smilie Spy Rise, what is going on?
smilie They are testing my virtual reality device, and they agreed to do it.
smilie I seriously doubt they agreed to do something that puts them in so much danger!
smilie Is there something you are not telling us?
smilie Yes. Spy Rise knocks out Flameslinger.
smilie DUDE! Stealth Elf attacks Spy Rise with her daggers, but Spy Rise uses his Cocoon Spinner to tie her up.
smilie You'll pay for this!
Spy Rise knocks Stealth Elf out.

In Pop Thorn's room.
smilie Dude, stop using all of the first aid kits! STOP! Pop Thorn gets mad and kills him teammate. I hate playing with these idiots. I'm gonna go get my friends.
Pop Thorn leaves his room.
smilie Where do you think you're going?
smilie Get out of my way, Kaos.
smilie You can't take the devices off! STOP! Kaos send his Doom Sharks after Pop Thorn.
smilie Woah! Pop Thorn launches his homing spikes at the sharks and Kaos.
smilie OW! Kaos falls to the ground.
smilie That's what you get, Kaos!
???: Is it?
smilie Huh? Pop Thorn turns around to see another Kaos.
smilie What is going on?
smilie Isn't it obvious? Spy Rise's cloning device has improved greatly.
smilie This is gonna blow.
smilie With my help, we've managed to make an army of ME!
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Story 120: The Brawl to End Them All
Part 4

smilie Gotta run! Pop Thorn runs away.
smilie Follow him, my clones!
All of Kaos' clones run after Pop Thorn.
smilie There are so many of them! HELP! HELP!
No one replies to Pop Thorn.
smilie Where are all the other Skylanders?

In virtual reality.
Rian Johnson: Empire would've gotten roasted.
smilie No, it would not have! Everyone loves The Empire Strikes Back!
smilie You shouldn't have made that abomination!
Rian Johnson: You didn't like seeing Luke drink green milk?
smilie We hated it!
smilie You ruined Luke Skywalker's character!
smilie And you made Rey even worse!
Rian Johnson: You are just manbabies.
smilie No! YOU! Wrecking Ball Tongue Whaps Rian Johnson.
Rian Johnson: You are so toxic.
smilie Stop using that gosh darn word to describe every fanbase.
Kathleen Kennedy: We didn't have any comics or books to work from.
smilie You had George Lucas' glorious scripts and all of the Legends books and comics.
smilie NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He Disco Balls Miley Cyrus to death.
smilie You're going down, Rian! Hot Dog plays Revenge of the Sith on his Nokia phone.
Rian Johnson: AN ACTUAL GOOD MOVIE! Rian Johnson's head explodes.
smilie Not if the ACTUAL Star Wars fans have anything to say about it! Shroomboom shows Kathleen Kennedy strong male characters.
Kathleen Kennedy: I'm melting! Ahh! Kathleen Kennedy dies.
smilie YAY!
smilie We did it!
smilie I feel weird.
All three of them finally leave the virtual reality world.
smilie I'm back! What the heck is this doing on me?
They all get on Discord.
smilie Gamers rise!
smilie That was so weird.
smilie Maybe we should go find out what's going on.
smilie Oh, you're right.
They all leave their rooms.
smilie Why are there so many clones of Kaos?
smilie POP THORN!
smilie Guys, you're back!
smilie Pop Thorn, what is going on?
smilie Kaos is back to his old self. He has cloned himself!
smilie Why did we have those devices on our heads?
smilie I haven't even found that one out yet!
smilie Just let my clones do their business.
smilie Let it happen.
smilie Spy Rise, what is going on?
smilie My grand plan is finally coming to fruition!
smilie What are you talking about?
smilie The fall of the Skylanders is here!
smilie This happens way too much.
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Story 120: The Brawl to End Them All
Part 5

smilie This is the end!
Spy Rise teleports them all to the meal room.
smilie What the?
Wrecking Ball, Hot Dog, Shroomboom and Pop Thorn find themselves in a giant cage with all of the other Skylanders.
smilie The end is here!
smilie We should've been watching Kaos more closely.
smilie I have been working with Kaos for one reason! The reason? TO ELIMINATE ALL SKYLANDERS!
smilie I don't understand how Spy Rise could do this!
smilie Spy Rise has always been cool.
smilie Now that I have an army of myself, no one will ever stand in our way!
smilie Guys, can't we break out of this thing?
smilie This cage is top of the line. We can't even scratch it.
smilie Nuts!
smilie This cage will be slowly lowered into the lava down here!
smilie I don't think that's gonna work out for you, lad.
smilie You will be drowned in water.
smilie Aw...
smilie I don't understand this plan at all. Why would he put you three in virtual reality?
smilie I needed to keep those three occupied fot as long as I could!
smilie Why not me?
smilie You are not a threat.
smilie How are those three the only threats?
smilie You clearly don't know much about the past adventures around here.
smilie This doesn't make any sense.
smilie Wrecking Ball, Hot Dog and Shroomboom are the biggest threats! LOWER THE CAGE!
The cage starts lowering down.
smilie Kaos, only you would do something this stupid!
smilie I happen to think this is a great plan.
smilie Putting us in a cage makes no sense!
smilie How so?
smilie We have minis.
All the minis escape the cage.
smilie Spry, find the key to open this cage!
smilie Will do, Speero!
smilie How could I forget the minis?
smilie Clones, get them!
Kaos' clones start capturing the minis.
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Story 120: The Brawl to End Them All
Part 6

smilie I got the key!
smilie FLY, SPRY!
smilie My wings aren't so good.
smilie You can do it, Spry! We believe in you!
Kaos shoots lasers at Spry, which causes Spry to drop the key.
smilie Nooooo!
Wrecking Ball reaches his tongue out of the cage and grabs it.
smilie Wow, you're tongue is so long, Wrecking Ball.
smilie Thanks.
They open the cage and start fighting Kaos' clones.
smilie I'll just teleport all of you into the lava!
smilie Only Kaos could be that stupid to come up with a plan like that!
smilie This is all my plan!
Pop Thorn pops and shoots a gust of wind at Spy Rise.
smilie Falls over. You'll regret that!
smilie I'll hold him down!
smilie So?
smilie Take his frickin' goggles off!
smilie I got it!
smilie NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Kaos transforms into his Giant Floating Head.
smilie It looks like Kaos is in control.
smilie I knew it!
smilie I got them! Shroomboom takes Spy Rise's goggles off.
smilie What is going on here?
smilie Looks like hanging out with Kaos was a huge mistake, buddy.
smilie My clones and I will kill you all!
smilie Kaos, I told you that clones were a bad idea.
smilie Huh?
smilie Why would you clone yourself?
smilie I am perfect!
smilie You always lose! More losers won't make a winner!
smilie It's over, Kaos.
smilie NOOOOOOOOOO! Kaos starts shorting his lasers everywhere.
smilie If we can defeat Kaos, all of the clone will die.
smilie How the heck does that work?
smilie The original copy needs to be alive for my clones to work.
smilie We have to kill Kaos? I'm in!
smilie Kill Kaos? Is there no other way?
smilie I'm afraid not.
smilie We have done this a long time ago!
smilie We can't just kill him!
smilie All he does is cause trouble! He never changes!
smilie Maybe they're right, Wrecking Ball.
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Story 120: The Brawl to End Them All
Part 7

smilie Skylanders, target Kaos!
Most of the Skylanders attack Kaos.
smilie Get off, Skylosers! OW! AH!
smilie I don't think I can watch.
smilie It has to be done, Wrecking Ball.
smilie Please stop! IT HURTS!
smilie You're going to die, Kaos!
smilie I don't wanna die! Kaos starts crying.
smilie Guys, stop!
smilie Help me, clones!
smilie Keep the clones back!
smilie Why won't he die?
smilie Kaos has a lot of health.
smilie I think it's almost over!
smilie DISCO BALL! Wrecking Ball Disco Balls through the Skylanders.
smilie Wrecking Ball, stop being an idiot!
smilie This isn't right!
smilie Do you want this to keep happening?
smilie He never even succeeds! He never beats us!
smilie He causes us trouble, he's an annoyance, he hurts us!
smilie He doesn't deserve to die like this! Wrecking Ball jumps on top of Kaos.
smilie Get off, Wrecking Ball!
smilie Dude, just let it happen.
smilie Kaos is a bad midget.
smilie Wrecking Ball, get off him or we'll make you!
smilie Do your worst!
smilie I think this will be fun! This little twerp always takes all of the credit.
smilie You guys are not gonna hurt my friend!
smilie We don't hurt Wrecking Ball!
smilie Look at what he is doing!
smilie He's our best friend!
smilie I'm just the fourth wheel...
smilie What makes you think that?
smilie Kaos didn't think I was a threat to him.
smilie Kaos is wrong. You have proved that you are just as important as the rest of us! We are best friends!
smilie Pop Thorn, we love you, bro.
smilie You guys are right! I'm with you!
Wrecking Ball, Hot Dog, Shroomboom and Pop Thorn fight off the other Skylanders.
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#891 Posted: 18:03:17 28/11/2019 | Topic Creator
Story 120: The Brawl to End Them All
Part 8

smilie I've seen enough.
Kaos removes the virtual reality device.
smilie Do you now see?
smilie I see that I will never defeat the Skylanders. I couldn't even do it with my most brilliant plan.
smilie That plan wouldn't even work in the real world.
smilie Yeah, you're too IQ and stuff. I'm gonna go to sleep.
smilie I'll remove everyone's devices.
In Kaos' room.
smilie Joining the Skylanders and destroying them from the inside was never going to work.
In Pop Thorn's room.
smilie What the? I was in virtual reality that whole time?
On Discord.
smilie Guys, what is going on?
smilie I woke up with a virtual reality device on!
smilie It happened twice!
smilie Let's go beat Spy Rise's meat.
smilie I don't think you know what that means.
They all go to Spy Rise's room.
smilie My technology isn't quite all the way there yet.
smilie What are you talking about?
smilie I had to put it on every Skylander involved.
smilie What about the clones? Were they real?
smilie I would never actually clone a whole person.
smilie If you could do this to all of us, what's stopping you taking us all out?
smilie I'm a good guy.
smilie I think he checks out.
smilie What about Kaos?
smilie He's in his room.
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Story 120: The Brawl to End Them All
Part 9

At Kaos' room.
smilie That was a great plan, Kaos.
smilie I thought so too.
smilie You testing out plans to take us out in virtual reality now?
smilie That was my one last plan.
smilie You don't have more ideas?
smilie Nope.
smilie What are you gonna do now?
smilie I am leaving.
smilie Leaving the Skylanders?
smilie I'm not fit to be a Skylander.
smilie It's fine that you're leaving but don't go back to evil.
smilie I think it's about time I start doing other things I enjoy.
smilie Like what?
smilie Playing Left 4 Dead 2.
smilie NO WAY! You like L4D2 as well?
smilie I thought I was the only one here who played it.
smilie We always play L4D2!
smilie What mode do you play?
smilie Campaign and Realism.
smilie Us too!
smilie Expert?
smilie Of course. It's hard to teamkill on all of the difficulties.
smilie Oh...
smilie Get out, Kaos.
smilie See you later.
Kaos leaves.
smilie It's hard to believe that Kaos is leaving.
smilie What if this is a part of his plans?
smilie We'll be right here.
smilie And we will send him packin'!
smilie What do you guys want to do now?
smilie Play some L4D2?
smilie YEAH!
smilie L4D1!
smilie Woah! Let's do it!
The gang play Left 4 Dead 2 and live happily ever after.
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This is probably the end of the fanficiton now. I just made one final story to give it a nice conclusion.

Bee bee.
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#894 Posted: 18:14:32 28/11/2019
Honestly this is a historic topic, thank you for writing it for so long.
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