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WreckingBallBob's Skylanders Stories
night bomb guy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1538
#801 Posted: 12:11:41 23/02/2016
*sorry for bump* What happened to this?
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wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#802 Posted: 19:22:01 24/02/2016 | Topic Creator
Haven't been going on darkSpyro as much. Interest in Skylanders is still the same.
night bomb guy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1538
#803 Posted: 20:48:53 28/02/2016
Well, before you decide to LEAVE darkspyro, could you plz finish this story and make the final story then clkose this topic? thx.
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wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#804 Posted: 19:53:17 29/02/2016 | Topic Creator
I won't be leaving.
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#805 Posted: 08:13:04 28/03/2016 | Topic Creator
I haven't been as active on darkSpyro, but this isn't dead. WRECKING BALL'S SEXY ADVENTURES CONTINUE!

smilie Cool, I'll go ask Spyro if we can go on a mission.
smilie Do it!
(Wrecking Ball begins to walk towards Spyro until he is interrupted by Shroomboom, Pop Thorn and a new SuperCharger.)
smilie Wrecking Ball, I've found a new friend for us! SMASH HIT!
smilie Uh... Hi?
smilie Hi there, it's nice to meet you. My name is Smash Hit and I -
smilie Hey, can you talk a little slower?
smilie What? He's talking fine.
smilie I'm sorry, but I can't understand him too well.
smilie I'll translate for you then. He said that it's nice to meet you, and his name is Smash Hit.
smilie Okay, cool.
smilie You got anything more to say?
smilie Only to Spyro.
smilie What are you asking him?
smilie I'll tell you once I've done it, okay?
smilie Sure...
(Wrecking Ball finally walks over to Spyro.)
smilie Hey, Spyro, can me, Shroomboom, Pop Thorn and Hot Dog go on a mission?
smilie Eh... I suppose there will be something. I'll tell you when there's a mission available.
smilie Okay, bye Spyro.
(Wrecking Ball goes back to the others.)
smilie What did you ask?
smilie I asked if we could go a mission.
smilie A mission? Yay!
smilie I'm sorry, Smash Hit, but he said only me, Shroomboom, Hot Dog and Pop Thorn can go.
smilie Aw...
smilie Why's that?
smilie I don't know but orders are orders.
(While Wrecking Ball speaks to Hot Dog, Shroomboom, Pop Thorn and Smash Hit walk away.)
smilie Good job getting out of that.
smilie It's going to be fun.
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wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#806 Posted: 20:09:19 24/04/2016 | Topic Creator
Story 103 The Crew PART TWO
In honour of becoming a Emerald Sparx.

smilie Wrecking Ball, it looks like there is a mission available!
smilie Yay!
(Wrecking Ball runs to Spyro.)
smilie Looks like there's a group of pirates causing trouble in town.
smilie Great, can we go?
smilie Sure.
smilie Nice!
(Wrecking Ball runs over to Hot Dog, Shroomboom and Pop Thorn.)
smilie Guys, we have a mission to go on.
smilie I don't really feel like going.
smilie Me neither.
smilie But, why not?
smilie I feel like staying around and talking to Smash it.
smilie Fine, Hot Dog, do you still wanna go?
smilie Of course, buddy.
(Wrecking Ball and Hot Dog take a vehicle and head off to town.)
smilie I can't believe we didn't get to have the mission as buddies.
smilie Maybe we should have just taken Smash Hit.
smilie I have nothing against Smash Hit, but I wanted this mission to just be the four of us.
smilie I know, I know... We'll just do this together, buddy.
(They make it to Town and get off the ship.)
Pirate: It's the Skylanders!
Pirate: There's only two, we can take them.
(Many Pirates surround Wrecking Ball and Hot Dog.)
smilie Like old times?
smilie Hell yeah!
(Wrecking Ball and Hot Dog begin defeating Pirates until the leader emerges.)
smilie Oh...
(Wrecking Ball and Hot Dog are stunned as they see a Pirate as tall as the Giants.)
???: Mine name is Captain Raven, are you ready to die?
smilie This guy is not messing around.
(Raven pulls out a large sword and is ready to fight Wrecking Ball and Hot Dog.)
smilie I go behind him!
(Wrecking Ball fails to get behind Raven and instead he gets punched and knocked out.)
smilie Wrecking Ball!
(Hot Dog pounces at Raven before he suffers the same fate.)
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wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#807 Posted: 20:24:53 20/05/2016 | Topic Creator
Now, where was I?
Story 103 The Crew PART THREE

smilie What's up?
smilie I've lost all communication with Wrecking Ball and Hot Dog, and it looks like you guys need to find them.
smilie Sure, I'll help my beautiful, old pals!
smilie Okay, where are they?
smilie They're in town, and they were stopping Pirates from destroying the place.
(Shroomboom, Pop Thorn and Smash Hit head off to town.)
smilie Wrecking Ball?
smilie Hot Dog?
smilie Guys, guys, guys you might wanna see this.
Raven: More Skylanders? How foolish can you be?
smilie Who the heck are you?
Raven: I'm Raven, are you ready to die?
(Pop Thorn deflates and begins shooting gusts of wind at Raven with little effect.)
Raven: Hahah, you cannot beat me!
(Raven punches Pop Thorn and knocks hit out.)
smilie Take this!
(Shroomboom sets up his Self-Slingshot and heads directly into Raven's fist.)
smilie Guys!
Raven: So, you can now fight, or you can run. Make your decision.
smilie I, I, I...
(Smash Hit runs from Raven and leaves Shroomboom and Hot Dog.)
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#808 Posted: 11:09:40 03/07/2016 | Topic Creator
Story 103 The Crew PART FOUR

smilie Ow, my head hurts.
smilie Pop Thorn?
smilie Wrecking Ball! We found you!
smilie No, we were knocked out and put here.
smilie Oh...
smilie Now, our legs are tied to the ceiling while we cry.
smilie Where even are we?
smilie I kinda saw that it was a prison cell underground as he was carrying me down.
smilie What the heck do we do now?
smilie There's nothing we can do, Wrecks.
On the surface.
smilie I need to get more help!
(Smash Hit runs through the town while looking for help.)
smilie Smash Hit, Smash Hit?
(Smash Hit lifts up his communicator.)
smilie Yes, Spyro?
smilie I can't get a response from Pop Thorn and Shroomboom, where are they?
smilie They were taken.
smilie By who?
smilie A new villain called Raven.
smilie He must be powerful then.
smilie He took them both out with one hit, and I think he's coming for me.
smilie I'll send a squad of Skylanders to come out a rescue you guys.
smilie Thank you, Spyro. There's just one problem...
smilie What?
smilie I think that Raven might kill them.
smilie What? Why would you think that?
smilie He asked us if we were ready to die.
smilie You must go find them before it's too late. Can I count on you?
smilie ...
smilie Can I?
smilie Yes, Spyro.
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night bomb guy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1538
#809 Posted: 18:44:00 03/08/2016
RIP Wreckingballbob stories.
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wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#810 Posted: 10:55:01 13/08/2016 | Topic Creator
I die slowly.
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#811 Posted: 14:30:48 23/08/2016 | Topic Creator
Story 103 The Crew PART FIVE

smilie Wrecking Ball? Hot Dog? Anyone?
???: I am anyone.
smilie Who, who, who said that?
???: Me, Davey.
smilie Who is Davey meant to be?
Davey: I am a Mabu who went missing twelve years ago. Have you not seen the missing posters?
smilie I haven't seen any missing posters, man.
Davey: How could they forgot about Davey?
smilie You did say you have been missing for twelve years...
Davey: No one can forget Davey!
Davey jumps up and bites Smash Hit's leg.
smilie Davey, what are you doing?
Raven: Very good, Davey.
smilie You're with Raven?
Raven: He has done a great job at distracting you from finding your friends before I arrived.
smilie Darn you, Davey!
Davey: Hahah!
Raven picks up Davey.
Davey: We did good, master? Wait, what are you?
Raven snaps Davey's neck.
Raven: I don't have time for friends or you.
smilie I'm not afraid!
Raven: Then you will die braver than most.
Smash Hit swings his Boulder at Raven, but he catches it and throws it.
Smash Hit: Ahh!
Smash Hit flies back with his Boulder.
smilie Smash Hit!
smilie Wrecking Ball?
smilie We're in this cell behind you!
Raven: Perhaps I was wrong.
smilie It wouldn't be the first time.
smilie Uh?
smilie It's Donkey Kong!
smilie Donkey Kong?
Raven: I don't know who you are, but I'll kill you like the rest.
smilie We'll see!
Donkey Kong transforms into Super Donkey Kong.
Raven: Yah!
Raven goes to punch Donkey Kong, but he misses which allows Donkey Kong to hit him in the face and push him back.
smilie Go, Skylanders!
Fiesta, Stormblade and Dive-Clops run it and save Wrecking Ball, Hot Dog, Pop Thorn and Shoomboom.
smilie Come on, Smash Hit. Donkey King has it covered.
smilie Go, Splat!
Splat goes above ground with the others.
Raven: You cannot defeat me!
Raven punches Donkey Kong and knocks him to the ground.
Donkey Kong: I won't give up.
Raven: Then you will die!
Smash Hit swings his Boulder into the back of Raven's head which knocks him down.
smilie Quickly, we have get above ground and bury him!
Donkey Kong and Smash Hit run above ground.
smilie Is Raven defeated?
smilie We need to bury him down there!
smilie Skylanders, all work together to destroy this passage.
All of the Skylanders work together to block the passage and crush Raven underground.
smilie We got him.
smilie Well done, Smash Hit. I am proud of you.
smilie Thanks, Spyro.
smilie I'm sorry, Smash Hit. I only asked Spyro if me, Hot Dog, Shroomboom and Pop Thorn could go on a mission, I never asked for you. I just wanted an adventure like the old times. It just turned out that, we needed you.
smilie That's okay, Wrecking Ball.
smilie So Donkey Kong, what are you doing here?
smilie I have joined you.
smilie Joined me?
smilie No, I have joined you and all the Skylanders.
smilie Oh my gosh!
smilie Let's all go get garlic bread!
All: YEAH!

If there is another story, it will be for Imaginators.
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#812 Posted: 18:19:39 03/09/2016 | Topic Creator
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#813 Posted: 18:37:53 03/09/2016 | Topic Creator
Story 104: Skylanders School
Part 1

smilie Becky... I need to...
Wrecking Ball wakes up and screams.
smilie What, what?
smilie You need to get up for school?
smilie Uh, school?
smilie Yes, school.
smilie Since when do we do school?
smilie Spyro decided that a lot of us Skylanders need an education because a lot of us are dumb.
smilie We're not stupid.
smilie I know, but Spyro says we all have to go so no one is unhappy.
smilie Lame.
smilie Let's get ready!
smilie It's 4A.M.
smilie And?
smilie I normally wake up at 5A.M.
smilie And?
smilie What time does school start?
smilie 9A.M.
smilie Is this so we can play games?
smilie Heck yeah!
smilie Okay, let's get breakfast.
The two walk to the meal room.
smilie Say, what were you dreaming about, anyway?
smilie Uh, nothing totes.
smilie You said Becky.
smilie Shhh.
smilie What?
smilie I had a dream about Becky Lynch.
smilie Uh, cool?
smilie She lived with me for some reason and was leaving. I found it hard to tell her to stay.
Creator: That was my dream.
smilie Then, why did I dream it?
Creator: I made you dream it.
smilie 'Kay.
smilie He does like Becky Lynch.
smilie She is pretty cool.
smilie True that.
smilie Hey, Hot Dog.
smilie Yeah?
smilie Why is Ghost Roaster awake?
smilie I don't sleep.
smilie Why not?
smilie I'm edgy.
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#814 Posted: 18:52:32 03/09/2016 | Topic Creator
Story 104: Skylanders School
Part 2

smilie Uh, cool.
smilie Wrecking Ball, we have garlic bread!
smilie HECK YEAH!
Wrecking Ball and Hot Dog run to the food table.
smilie Gimmie some!
smilie Remember to share, Wrecking Ball.
smilie I always do.
smilie You guys wanna play Left 4 Dead 2 after this?
smilie Of course we do!
smilie Can we play with Tread Head after school?
smilie If he wants to, sure.
smilie I want Stealth Elf to play.
smilie She never plays anymore.
smilie She plays a bit, leaves, plays a bit, leaves. It sucks.
smilie Isn't she with Flameslinger?
smilie Well, yeah.
smilie Then she has someone bugging her so she can't play.
smilie Still sucks.
smilie We've eaten it all, let's go play L4D2!
All four: YEAH!
smilie Let me play.
smilie We wanna play Expert Campaign, though.
smilie Go on a custom server.
smilie That ain't legit.
smilie I'll kill you.
smilie Liar!
smilie I'm not lying.
smilie LIAR!
The four walk off to their rooms.
smilie Yeah! I've launched L4D2, guys.
smilie What campaign are we doing?
smilie Swamp Fever!
smilie Nice joke.
smilie I am not joking.
smilie Hahahha.
smilie Crash Course.
smilie Great idea.
smilie I can hear myself echoing.
smilie It's Wrecking Ball's speakers.
smilie My headset broke.
smilie They always break, don't they?
smilie It's a conspiracy.
smilie We should all click random.
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#815 Posted: 19:02:59 03/09/2016 | Topic Creator
Story 104: Skylanders School
Part 3

smilie Okay.
smilie Why not?
smilie I wanna play Zoey.
smilie Fine, no random.
smilie Aw, fine
Hot Dog picks Bill, Shroomboom picks Francis, Pop Thorn picks Zoey and Wrecking Ball clicks Louis.
smilie Let's beat Expert!
The game loads.
smilie We're gonna hella win!
smilie Watch us fail this.
smilie Chapter 1 is okay, it's chapter 2 that gets kinda annoying.
smilie What are you doing awake, Wrecking Ball?
smilie What are you doing awake, Stealth Elf? Hmm?
smilie Me and Flameslinger are doing stuff.
smilie Stuff?
smilie Stuff that you don't need to know about.
smilie Wrecking Ball, they're doing that kinda stuff. Wink, wink.
smilie What did he say?
smilie Pop Thorn, the speakers, dude.
smilie Oh snap. Hi, Stealth Elf.
smilie Watch what you guys are saying.
smilie When are you gonna play again, Stealth Elf.
smilie I'm busy.
smilie Always?
smilie Flameslinger is my bae.
smilie I understand that, but you could play with us and tell him to play.
smilie I'll buy him a PC, then. Maybe he'll play.
smilie YAY! COOL!
smilie See ya, Wrecking Ball.
smilie Sweet.
smilie Now, let's get back to business.
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#816 Posted: 22:31:56 04/09/2016 | Topic Creator
Story 104: Skylanders School
Part 4

smilie Get down, WreckingBallForever.
smilie I am sniping these nobodies, HotDogForever.
smilie The Smoker has me, PopThornForever!
smilie I am coming, ShroomboomForever!
Pop Thorn kills the Smoker.
smilie Yay, thanks!
smilie The final Tank is coming!
smilie Get ready, everyone.
smilie Let's...
Wrecking Ball in interrupted by Tree Rex.
smilie School hasn't started yet.
smilie It's 10A.M.
smilie Wow, we've had that much restarts?
smilie Who are you talking to?
smilie Tree Rex said we should be school.
smilie Why? It's only... Oh... Right.
smilie Tell him to let us beat Expert first.
smilie Tree Rex, we need to beat Expert... Hey!
Tree Rex grabs Wrecking Ball and takes him out of his room.
smilie Wrecking Ball?
smilie The Tank has got him down!
smilie I'll get him... SNAP! The Tank ninja'd me!
smilie What do we do? Ahhhh! Random rock!
smilie This is too scary, guys! AH OH... The Tank got me.
smilie NOOOOOO! We had it this time.
smilie Let's go find Wrecking Ball!
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#817 Posted: 17:32:15 11/09/2016 | Topic Creator
Story 104: Skylanders School
Part 5

In the Skylanders School.
smilie Wrecking Ball, get the heck out of here.
smilie I'm in school.
smilie We lost Expert.
smilie That's because Tree Rex took me to school, and now I am in isolation.
smilie That is super dumb.
smilie Why aren't we in school?
smilie You guys start tomorrow.
smilie Why's that?
smilie I am the headteacher, and I said so.
smilie LAME!
smilie Bouncer is for Technology, Crusher is for Maths, Swarm is for Art, Hot Head is for ICT, Thumpback is for Music, Eye-Brawl is for Religion and Ninjini is for English.
smilie Why do dumb Skylanders have to hold us down?
smilie It's not any individual Skylanders, it's all Skylanders as a whole!
smilie That's really dumb.
smilie You're all dumb!
smilie We're not really.
smilie Fine, who did 9/11?
smilie Bush!
smilie My point is proven.
smilie How?
smilie Bush did not do 9/11.
smilie He did, maybe you should do your own research.
smilie Don't listen to the lying media.
smilie They corrupt your brain with lies.
smilie I'm going to look this up.
Tree Rex goes to his computer.
smilie [Whispers] Let's go, Wrecking Ball.
smilie [Whispers] Sweet.
Several hours later.
smilie Zero deaths or restarts!
smilie We are the best!
smilie School would be over now.
smilie [Sighs] School's gonna suck.
smilie That's a problem for another time.
smilie Bush done it.
night bomb guy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1538
#818 Posted: 18:52:45 22/10/2016
May this fanfiction rest in peace... smilie
This account has been closed in favor of a new account name.
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#819 Posted: 18:41:17 25/10/2016 | Topic Creator
I'll just make stories whenever I'm on.
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Story 105: English Teacher
Part 1

Wrecking Ball's alarm clock goes off.
Hot Dog runs into Wrecking Ball's room.
smilie Wrecking Ball!
smilie What's down, Hot Dog?
smilie We have to that presentation in English.
smilie Aw, I hate presentations.
smilie Yeah, me too. Why do they make us do this?
smilie Because they are dweeby nerds.
smilie True that.
Wrecking Ball and Hot Dog go to the meal room.
smilie Why the heck does Ghost Roaster have to be here?
smilie I'll kill your family.
smilie No you.
smilie Eh, what?
smilie Be quiet, nerd.
smilie Let's just eat some garlic bread for three hours.
smilie We could play games.
smilie Shroomboom and Pop Thorn are sleeping.
smilie Lame. Why are they sleeping?
smilie They watched The Force Awakens and found it hard to get to sleep.
smilie Makes sense, A New Hope 2.0 is dweeby.
smilie Morning, guys.
smilie Woah, it's Scratch.
smilie What are you doing up?
smilie I have school soon, so I decided to get up earlier to be able to do fun stuff and play games.
smilie That's pretty neat.
smilie Wanna play a game with us?
smilie Sure thing.
smilie Do you have Left 4 Dead 2?
smilie Duh, of course I have Left 4 Dead 2.
smilie Awesome! Come on Hot Dog, let's get to our PCs!
smilie What about the garlic bread?
smilie Take it with you.
smilie Okay, bro.
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Story 105: English Teacher
Part 2

On the way to their rooms.
smilie Make sure you arrive to school at our new starting time.
smilie Golden Queen, what the heck are you doing here?
smilie Many villains have reformed themselves into heroic Skylanders!
smilie No way.
smilie It doesn't work like that.
smilie Yes it does my friends. I have become the English teacher's assistant.
smilie Great, you're gonna be watching us botch a presentation too?
smilie I'm sure you will do just marvelous!
smilie What's that about the new start time?
smilie School now starts at 8A.M!
smilie Hella lame!
smilie Now run along and get ready.
The three all go to their rooms and launch Left 4 Dead 2.
smilie Okay, we have less time to play games so let's get to it.
smilie Hot Dog, you didn't have anything to say about the Golden Queen stuff?
smilie Oh Golden Queen... I mean, nope.
smilie Why'd you say her name like that?
smilie Say her name like what? I was just repeating the subject, you goon.
smilie Okay, okay, it's cool.
smilie What campaign?
smilie Let's do Dark Carnival.
smilie Hey Scratch, how are things with Sunburn?
smilie What do you mean?
smilie Weren't you two bros?
smilie We are friends.
smilie Friendzoned!
smilie What do you mean?
smilie You're still just friends after all this time?
smilie Why wouldn't we be friends?
smilie Because he wants to ban...
smilie Woah Hot Dog, don't say that!
smilie Oh, sorry.
smilie I don't know what is going on here, but I want to play Left 4 Dead 2 right now.
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Story 105: English Teacher
Part 3

After an intense game of Expert.

smilie Yay, we nailed it!
smilie We managed to beat Expert Dark Carnival with three people.
smilie Aw, it's 7A.M. already.
smilie There's only one hour left.
smilie Let's just take off our headsets and each some more garlic bread.
smilie Hooray!
The three walk out of their rooms and meet in the meal room.
smilie Shroomboom, Pop Thorn, you're awake!
smilie I'm never watching The Force Awakens again.
smilie That's a wise choice.
smilie We gonna play L4D2 before school?
smilie We only have less than an hour left.
smilie What do you mean? We start at 8A.M.
smilie Golden Queen told us we start at 7A.M.
smilie What? Nooooooooooooooooo!
smilie We need to set off soon, get ready.
smilie Did you play Left 4 Dead 2?
smilie Yeah, Scratch joined in with us.
smilie Scratch sucks at Left 4 Dead 2.
smilie Be quiet, Pop Thorn.
smilie Can you not handle the truth?
smilie She's better than you, Pop Thorn.
smilie Pfffft, never!
smilie Grab your garlic bread for lunch, we're going now.
smilie Fine.
Pop Thorn, Shroomboom, Wrecking Ball, Hot Dog and Scratch grab their bags and leave.
smilie Why is Scratch hanging with us?
smilie She was around and played Left 4 Dead 2.
smilie Which means?
smilie She can come with us.
smilie That's super dumb and lame.
smilie How come Smash Hit couldn't hang but Scratch can?
smilie Anyone can hang whenever, I was wrong about Smash Hit.
smilie Why are you being a nerd, Pop Thorn?
smilie That's what The Force Awakens does to ya.
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#823 Posted: 09:02:36 04/11/2016 | Topic Creator
Story 105: English Teacher
Part 4

In the English classroom.

smilie Is everyone ready for English?
???: Of course we are.
Crash Bandicoot comes cruising in the classroom.
smilie Is that Crash Bandicoot?
smilie Yep, Crash Bandicoot's the name.
smilie Welcome to my class, Crash Bandicoot.
smilie Now, who wants to give their presentation first?
Ninjini looks around but no one puts their hand up.
smilie If no wants wants to volunteer, I'll choose. No one? Fine, Wrecking Ball?
smilie What?
smilie Your group is up.
smilie Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
smilie I'm sure you will have a golden time!
smilie Wow.
Wrecking Ball, Shroomboom and Pop Thorn get up.
smilie Hot Dog? Yo, Hawt Dawg?
smilie Come on Hot Dog, why are you looking over there?
Hot Dog appears to be staring at Golden Queen.
smilie Come on now, Hot Dog.
smilie Oh, uh...
Hot Dog gets up.
smilie Today, me and my friends are bringing you a presentation about the great oreo race.
smilie Yes, the oreo race was a fantastic event that saw oreos roll and die on a hill.
smilie It was a very fun and cool race.
It's' Hot Dog's turn and he doesn't say anything.
smilie Haaaawwwt Daaawwwwg?
smilie Are you okay, Hot Dog?
Wrecking Ball grabs Hot Dog.
smilie What's down, Hot Dog?
smilie This presentation sucks!
smilie We are fixing it, Crash.
smilie Don't call me Crash, nerd. Call me Crash Bandicoot.
smilie Uh, sorry, Crash Bandicoot.
smilie When can I do my presentation?
smilie Why didn't you put your hand up?
smilie For what?
smilie Never mind, Boomer's group up!
smilie We got this, Sprocket, Wind-Up and Stink Bomb.
smilie Best group ever!
Boomer's group goes up, and Wrecking Ball's group goes back to their table.
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Story 105: English Teacher
Part 5

smilie We might have won the game with that, what happened Hot Dog?
Golden Queen walks out the room for some reason.
smilie Huh, what?
smilie What's going off, Hot Dog?
smilie I don't know what you mean.
smilie We botched our presentation because you were looking in the corner that Golden Queen was in.
smilie Wait, Hot Dog gets happy over Golden Queen?
smilie What? No, pfft.
smilie You do, don't know? I can see where you are coming from, but you cost us the presentation.
smilie And that is where babies come from.
smilie Hot Dog, speak to me outside after this lesson.
smilie You done goofed.
smilie Me and Astroblast are gonna two man rock this classroom!
smilie You got that right, Crash Bandicoot.
Crash Bandicoot go up and nail their presentation.
smilie Excellent job, Crash Bandicoot and Astroblast! Class, I will see you all next week.
All the Skylanders leave school except Hot Dog.
smilie I'm sorry, Nin...
smilie I know what you are doing, Hot Dog.
smilie Huh, what am I doing?
smilie You were looking at Golden Queen to destroy my reputation as the sexiest Skylander.
smilie I wasn't looking at Golden Queen, I...
smilie Don't you lie to me, Hot Dog! Everyone knows I am way hotter that Golden Queen, you got that?
smilie Yes, Ninjini!
smilie Next week, you better make sure you are looking at me.
smilie I will do!
Hot Dog runs out of school.
smilie What happened in there? Did you get in big trouble?
smilie She got really mad at me.
smilie About what?
smilie I was looking at Golden Queen instead of her.
smilie So you admit you get happy over Golden Queen?
smilie Yes, I admit Golden Queen is bae and sexy, okay?
smilie Never thought I would hear something like that from you.
smilie Not everyone is asexual, Wrecking Ball.
smilie What's asexual?
smilie Yeah, what is it?
smilie I used to be innocent like you guys until I educated myself with the internet.
smilie You're the reason I'm not innocent, Pop Thorn.
smilie True, I showed you the way.
smilie Uh, whatever it is you guys are talking about, I didn't get to do my presentation with Sunburn, Bash and Flashwing.
smilie Why not?
smilie Stupid Crash Bandicoot took twenty whole minutes.
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Story 105: English Teacher
Part 6

smilie Thankfully, it got me out of doing anything with stupid Flashwing.
smilie Whatever, Bash.
smilie Maybe we'll get to do it next week, Scratch.
smilie Yeah, maybe you're right.
smilie Presentations are lame, though.
smilie I guess we better go.
Hot Dog runs back to the Skylanders HQ.
smilie Does Hot Dog need help?
smilie It looks like he has put himself in a bad situation.
smilie It's not his fault, is it?
smilie He should have kept his attractions on the low, so no one would he was attracted to Golden Queen.
smilie Maybe it was very difficult for him to do it.
smilie How was it? I do it every day.
smilie You like someone, Pop Thorn?
smilie I don't have a crush or anything lame like that.
smilie What is it, then?
smilie I find some people attractive, but I wish to not be in a relationship.
smilie Sounds pretty legit.
Later at the Skylanders HQ.
smilie I guess it's time for bed.
Hot Dog gets into his fireproof bed.
smilie You better watch yourself.
smilie AH uh, what are you doing in my room?
smilie I'm making you aware of the consequences.
smilie I told you I wouldn't look at her.
smilie I don't even want you to think about her.
smilie Why are you being such a towel?
smilie Because I am the sexiest Skylander!
smilie That's pretty subjective, Ninjini. I thought you were a really cool person until now.
smilie I'll make sure you know cool.
Ninjini locks the door.
smilie Ninjini? Ninjini, what are you doing? Ninjini? NINJINI!
Whatever happens, Hot Dog manages to survive that night.
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I have some plans for the next few stories! I'll make sure it doesn't keep the weird kinky business... Until story 109 smilie
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[User Posted Image]

A new map with my mad art skills.
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Story 106: Sensei Kaos
Part 1

In the Skylanders Meal Room.
smilie Yes, Hot Dog?
smilie I had a real bad time with Ninjini
smilie What did you do with Ninjini?
smilie She went into my room and made me listen to "Wrecking Ball".
smilie Noooooooooooooo! How could she do that?
smilie I'm hurt real bad.
smilie Wow, what a baby.
smilie Be quiet, dweeb.
smilie How am I a dweeb?
smilie Stop talking, nerd.
???: Yo, let's make some noise up in here!
smilie That sounds like...
smilie It's me, Kaos!
smilie What the heck is Kaos doing here?
smilie I have made a new life, and now I am a Sensei.
smilie A sensei?
smilie Some of us "Villains" have reformed after all of these rehabilitation sessions with Gusto.
smilie So you're telling me that, you're Skylanders now?
smilie No, we're Sensei Skylanders!
On the academy speakers: smilie Skylanders, we need you all in the assembly room immediately.
smilie What am I gonna do about Ninjini, Wrecking Ball.
smilie I'm not sure right now, but I will make sure that I help you along the way.
smilie Thanks, bro.
smilie That's cool, my brother.
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Story 106: Sensei Kaos
Part 2

In the Assembly Room.
smilie I've got some announcements to make to you all.
smilie Announce your lies already, Spyro.
smilie Blackout, nothing I say will be a lie of any sort.
smilie You all fail to see the bigger picture!
Blackout leaves the Assembly Room.
smilie Anyways, I have to announce the addition of the Sensei Skylanders!
smilie Explain them, idiot.
smilie First off, we have the reformed Villains!
All of former Villain Sensei Skylanders come on stage.
smilie Oh no, Golden Queen!
Hot Dog turns around to see Ninjini staring at him.
smilie This is not all I have to announce, however, as I also have to announce our new group of recruits!
All the new Sensei Skylanders walk onto stage.
smilie It's Crash Bandicoot, woo!
smilie Yes, even my good friend, Crash Bandicoot.
smilie Me and Spyro go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back, everyone. Want to hear our story?
smilie No.
smilie As much as we'd all love to hear your story, we have to get on with the assembly.
smilie Of course, Spyro. Of course.
smilie Spy Rise, would you like to come up on the stage?
smilie Of course not, Spyro.
Spy Rise gets onto stage.
smilie I have been engineering a new virtual reality system.
smilie What can you do in there?
smilie It's not finished yet, but I'm sure it will not take too long to be finished.
smilie I'm sure we will all get to use it soon.
smilie Can we actually get good lives?
smilie All right, no more discussion here. We will have the second half of this assembly another morning.
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Story 106: Sensei Kaos
Part 3

smilie Not sure if super lame or super cool.
smilie Super cool.
smilie I'm not really too convinced y'all are really reformed.
smilie Oh Wrecking Ball, I've always loved you, you know?
smilie What kind of love?
smilie He means the kinky kind.
smilie No, friend. You have misunderstood me.
smilie I will be jamming me friend in the name of the Skylanders.
smilie Sounds terrible.
smilie Chompy party!
smilie NO! We're not doing any of this! Keep clear from the real Skylanders or KYS.
smilie Sorry to be a bother, Wrecking Ball.
smilie Party at my club!
smilie Woo! I'm make sure I'm there, Golden Queen.
smilie I need to be there.
smilie Please don't go, Hot Dog.
smilie It's Golden bae!
smilie No, please don't be like that Hot Dog.
smilie 'Member, we can't blame him.
smilie What's so neato about Golden Queen?
smilie She looks real good.
smilie Real good? HELLA GOOD.
smilie Hot Dog, you can't handle the wrath of Ninjini.
smilie I'll kill that spaz.
smilie Is he allowed to say that?
smilie I don't think so.
smilie Now, please let me get ready for the nice night.
smilie I guess we'll sort this out next time.
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Story 107: Hot Dog Gets Laid?
Part 1

smilie What can we possibly do, guys?
smilie Hot Dog is man enough to figure something out.
smilie He's doing a derp!
smilie We can't help him, can we?
smilie I'm not sure what we can do to save him from Ninjini.
smilie How about we get into that party ourselves?
smilie Shroomboom, what are you thinking?
smilie If we can manage to get into that party ourselves, we can stop Ninjini or Hot Dog from messing up the place.
smilie That's a great idea, but how can we even possibly get into that party?
smilie If Hot Dog can find his way into that party, we can get into the party as well.
smilie Okay, you're probably right.


smilie It appears I'm out of options. I guess I need to destroy Ninjini myself.
Hot Dog gets a knock on his door.
smilie Uh, please come in.
smilie Hello there, Hot Dog.
smilie G... G... Golden Queen? What are you doing here?
smilie Just giving you a little heads up about my party tonight.
smilie I'll... I'll make sure I am there!
smilie That would be marvelous, Hot Dog. See you there. smilie
smilie Holy snap.

Later Meanwhile.

Ninjini pulls out a USB drive.
smilie This will make sure the party will be trash.
Ninjini gets a knock on her door.
smilie Hey, Ninjini? Do you have any plans tonight.
smilie Nope. I'll make sure I arrive to your party right on time.
smilie That's wonderful.
Golden Queen begins to leave.
smilie Very wonderful, bi...
smilie Are you saying something to me?
smilie Oh, sorry. I was just talking to myself.
smilie Okay, bye, Ninjini.

Just before the party begins.

smilie Hot Dog, this party will be 100% lame.
smilie You can't talk me out of this.
smilie If you go to this party, Ninjini will do something horrible to you.
smilie I'm ready for anything.
smilie No, please reconsider.
smilie Hot Dog, you gotta watch yourself, buddy.
smilie Please, just let me go to the darn party.
smilie Fine, it doesn't look like we can stop you anyways.

Wrecking Ball, Pop Thorn and Shroomboom leave.

smilie Looks like we're going to a party, y'all!
smilie I guess we'll just walk in, right?
smilie I guess so.
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Story 107: Hot Dog Gets Laid?
Part 2

The party at The Outlands

smilie Yes, I finally made it here!
smilie Make sure to behave well for us, will ya?
smilie I'll behave well for Golden Queen, thanks.
smilie Watch yourself with me, Dog.
smilie I'll bite your flipping nose off, nerd!
smilie Woah, woah. Boys, stop with this pointless fighting.
smilie You're right, Golden Queen. How about me and you go to the back?
smilie Sounds wonderful, Wolfgang.
smilie Oh, hell nah!
Hot Dog jumps on Wolfgang.
smilie Please stop!
smilie Are you all ready? I've got some great music for everyone to hear!
Ninjini puts on 'Wrecking Ball' by Miley Cyrus.
smilie Woo!
Wrecking Ball, Pop Thorn and Shroomboom fall the ceiling and begins attacking Ninjini.
smilie I hate this faeces!
Wrecking Ball eats the whole computer that plays music.
smilie Thanks, Wrecking Ball!
smilie You're welcome, Hot Dog. Wanna come home now?
smilie Nah, I've got some business to attend to.
Hot Dog starts biting Wolfgang's nose.
smilie WOAH. Hot Dog stop!
smilie Hot Dog is doing so well.
smilie Get offa me!
smilie Hot Dog, how about you come to the back with me?
smilie Score!
Hot Dog runs behind Golden Queen.
smilie Oh snap!
smilie What are they going to do?
smilie If we don't hurry up, Hot Dog is not going to our old pal anymore.
The three begin running to the room in the back.
smilie So, what are we doing here?
smilie Why don't you lay down and find out?
smilie Um, what exactly do you mean?
smilie We're going to have some fun.
smilie Is that bed fireproof?
smilie I hope not. smilie
Hot Dog gets into the bed.
smilie Oh no! The door is locked, guys!
smilie HEEEEELP!
smilie What's up, buddy?
smilie You just gots to break this door down!
smilie I can't just barge in on people's privacy.
Tree Rex manages to break the door down.
smilie I... I...
smilie What happened?
smilie I BECAME A MAN!
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Story 108: Wrecking Ball's Discovery
Part 1

Almost a month later.

smilie Come out of your room, Hot Dog.
smilie No! I'm very busy.
smilie What is he even doing in there?
smilie He has discovered the wonders of the internet.
smilie Club Penguin and Happy Wheels?
smilie No, the blocked websites.
smilie Why would he want to go on those?
smilie For pleasure and excitement.
smilie I don't understand.
smilie You will have had to have seen some mad faeces to understand.
smilie Let's go confront Golden Queen.
smilie That is Hot Dog's woman now.
smilie So? We need to free him.
Hot Dog comes out of his room with paper towels in his paw.
smilie Um hi, guys.
smilie You should have waited until we were gone.
smilie Hot Dog, you haven't been cool with us since that night at the party.
smilie I'm just really busy. I'm going out with bae later.
smilie Me?
smilie My other bae.
smilie You can't leave us like this!
smilie You're still my best friends.
smilie BROS BEFORE H...
smilie Yeah! That...
smilie Wrecking Ball, you not a dumb kid anymore, so I thought you would understand me by now.
smilie I do understand. Look, I know I'm just asexual, but I understand your needs for Golden Queen. I just don't want to lose my friend.
smilie What did you do with Golden Queen?
smilie Shroomboom, be glad you still have your innocence.
Hot Dog walks to the bathroom.
smilie I need to talk with Hot Dog.
Pop Thorn goes to Hot Dog.
smilie Wrecking Ball, do you know what they did?
smilie I wish I could pretend I didn't.
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Story 108: Wrecking Ball's Discovery
Part 2

smilie Hot Dog, I know what's happening around here.
smilie I'm glad you understand me.
smilie I hope you don't get yourself into a big mess.
smilie What would you know? You haven't been in a relationship.
smilie You're together?
smilie All right, yeah, me and Golden Queen are together.
smilie What do you like best about her?
smilie Everything.
smilie What did you like before you knew her personality?
smilie The nice facial structure.
smilie And?
smilie That was it.
smilie I know that's not true.
smilie Her thighs are hella thick.
smilie That's what I like to hear.
smilie Okay, I need to get ready for later.
smilie Just make sure to watch our for Ninjini and anyone who wants to steal your bae.
smilie I'll make sure I do.
Pop Thorn returns to Wrecking Ball and Shroomboom.
smilie Let's go play Left 4 Dead.
smilie Without Hot Dog?
smilie We can't play without him!
smilie Am I welcome to join?
smilie Sure thing, Scratch!
smilie Great, that sounds awesome.
smilie Hey, Scratch.
smilie Oh hi, Sunburn.
smilie Wanna watch Rogue One together?
smilie I watch it a few weeks ago.
smilie Ouch, that was with us.
smilie Oh, sorry. I guess I'll see you around.
Sunburn walks back to his room.
smilie Just tell him you don't want to be his girlfriend.
smilie He doesn't want that, does he?
smilie Duh, of course he does!
smilie Does he, Wrecking Ball?
smilie Looks pretty obvious to me.
smilie I need to go to him.
Scratch runs to Sunburn's room.
smilie What about Left 4 Dead?
smilie Darn it.
smilie I guess we'll do it with three of us.
smilie Imma call Stealth Elf on Discord.
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Story 108: Wrecking Ball's Discovery
Part 3

Wrecking Ball is on his PC.
smilie Stealth Elf, wanna play Left 4 Dead?
smilie I'm busy right now.
smilie What with?
smilie Flameslinger.
smilie What's up, homie?
smilie Okay, I understand. Just make sure to play with me before I die.
Wrecking Ball ends the call.
smilie She's never even going to play Left 4 Dead again. I'll see if I gots a bot on Skype.
Wrecking Ball gets a friend request on Skype.
smilie Cool! Wait, that's not a bot, is it?
Wrecking Ball looks at the person's name.
smilie Plo Koon? Woah, Plo Koon is an awesome Jedi. I gotta add Plo Koon as a friend.
Plo Koon: Text: Wrecking Ball, come outside.
smilie Text: Outside? What do you mean? You don't know where I live.
Plo Koon: Skylanders HQ.
smilie Okay, I'm gonna look outside.
Wrecking Ball puts his headset down and runs outside.
smilie Is this Plo Koon just a troll?
Plo Koon: No, I'm not.
smilie Plo Koon?
Plo Koon: Listen, I'm not really Plo Koon. I'm just here to help you on your journey.
smilie Journey to what? You could be attempting to kidnap me right now.
Plo Koon: I'm going to help you find your Kyber Crystal.
smilie My Kyber Crystal? What do you mean? Lightsabers aren't a real thing.
Plo Koon: They are. I'll help you find your Kyber Crystal.
smilie It's not possible because I'm not force sensitive.
Plo Koon: Wrecking Ball, you will see.
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Story 108: Wrecking Ball's Discovery
Part 4

Meanwhile on a Discord server.
smilie Wrecking Ball has bailed on us?
smilie Looks like it.
smilie I guess we'll play together.
smilie Isn't there anyone on our Steam friends list that can play?
smilie Chopper?
smilie No, he's trash at Left 4 Dead.
smilie Spy Rise?
smilie He plays other games too much to be good.
smilie Hex?
smilie She's not on our friends list.
smilie She's on mine.
smilie Why the heck would you have Hex as a friend?
smilie She didn't have any friends on her friends list.
smilie That's because no one likes her.
smilie Fright Rider does.
smilie Wow, her only other friend on Steam.
smilie Let's okay with them!
smilie Sure, why not?
smilie Message: Play with us, Hex.
smilie Message: Who are you?
smilie Message: I'm Shroomboom!
smilie Message: That thing. Okay.
smilie I'll add her to our Discord server.
smilie Hello, nerds.
smilie Are you good at Left 4 Dead or not?
smilie I beat Expert once.
smilie So?
smilie With bots.
smilie We need you!
smilie My boyfriend is going to play too.
smilie Fight Rider is your boyfriend?
smilie Yeah, we learned that he needed me again.
smilie Is he good at Left 4 Dead?
smilie No.
smilie Great.
smilie Yo!
smilie Let's play, babe.
smilie We're totes gonna love this.
smilie I bet we are!
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Story 108: Wrecking Ball's Discovery
Part 5

smilie Sunburn, may I come in?
smilie Of course, Scratch.
Scratch goes into Sunburn's room.
smilie Do you truly have feelings for me?
smilie I... Yes, I do, Scratch. I just haven't had the guts to tell you.
smilie Come here.
Sunburn goes in for the kiss, but Scratch hugs him instead of kissing him.
smilie You will always be my best friend.
smilie What?
smilie I'm not really into you that way.
smilie Oh.
smilie It's because I'm...
Scratch whispers into Scratch's ear.
smilie Aw, DAMMIT.
smilie Is that not okay, Sunburn?
smilie I'm sorry. It's okay.
smilie Good. I'll see you around later, okay?
smilie Okay, Scratch.
Scratch leaves.
smilie Looks like there isn't really anyone for me.

Meanwhile, in The Outlands.
smilie How much further is it, Plo Koon?
Plo Koon: We are almost there, Wrecking Ball.
smilie How am I going to find it?
Plo Koon: The Kyber Crystal which call to who is chooses.
smilie How do you know it will choose me?
Plo Koon: I have foreseen it. That's why I added you on Skype.
smilie I suppose that makes sense.
Plo Koon: We shouldn't be too far off its location.
smilie I see it!
Wrecking Ball runs into a cave.
Plo Koon: Wait, Wrecking Ball!
Plo Koon runs into the cave after Wrecking Ball.
smilie My Kyber Crystal!
Plo Koon: Looks very beautiful.
Plo Koon pulls out a gun.
Plo Koon: Hand it over.
smilie Huh?
Plo Koon: You lead me right to a Kyber Crystal, and now I will be taking MY Kyber Crystal.
smilie What? You can't! It calls to me!
Plo Koon: Plans have changed. Hand it over.
smilie Here... NOPE!
Wrecking Ball Tongue Whaps will gun out of his hand.
smilie Imma take you down, right now!
Plo Koon: I'll murder you, Wrecking Ball.
smilie No way!
Wrecking Ball Forcefield Balls Plo Koon into the ground.
smilie I have to run!
Wrecking Ball begins to run off.
Plo Koon: You will regret that! I know where you live, Wrecking Ball!
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Story 108: Wrecking Ball's Discovery
Part 6

At Golden Queen's room.
???: Come in.
smilie Uh, Golden Queen?
Hot Dog opens the door.
smilie Oh no! Wolfgang and Ninjini!
smilie We're here to put you down, dog.
smilie What do you want from me? Wolfgang, Golden Queen doesn't like you, and Ninjini, you're obviously not the sexiest because no one wants you.
smilie How dare you!
smilie Can't take the truth?
smilie Looks like you can't.
smilie Huh?
Golden Queen comes from outside of the room and knocks out Hot dog.
smilie It has been a pleasure working with you two.
smilie Agreed, Golden Queen.
Later on in an unknown location.
smilie Ow, my head. Hey, why am I in a cage?
smilie You're going to be our sacrifice.
smilie Golden bae, why?
smilie Like someone as sexy as me would want a dog like you.
smilie But you even showed me your thighs!
smilie If I really wanted you, I would have done a lot more.
smilie Are you ready to die, Hot Dog?
smilie I thought you were good people!
smilie We are. We are saving all of Skylands to sacrifice you.
smilie That doesn't make any sense.
smilie It has been my orders.
smilie KAOS!
smilie Look, I didn't necessary want it to be this way.
smilie You just want to kill me because you're a stupid idiot.
smilie I actually have a raging beast who will only eat living creatures.
smilie Why does it have to be me?
smilie Your attraction to Golden Queen was the perfect way to draw you in.
smilie Look, just let me go, and I won't tell on you guys.
smilie You won't be able to tell anyone when you're no longer living.
Hot Dog is placed into an arena with the giant monster.
smilie My communications device! Clicks button. Wrecking Ball, I need your help right now!
smilie Where are you at?
smilie Locked in a cage in some arena.
smilie Okay.
smilie Okay? I need help now! Wrecking Ball? Dammit!
smilie My beast cannot be killed.
smilie What even is that?
smilie Sly Snootles.
smilie It's so hideous.
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Story 108: Wrecking Ball's Discovery
Part 7

Wrecking Ball breaks in the arena.
smilie Wrecking Ball! How did you know where to find me?
smilie I fought John Cena here once.
smilie Ninjini, Golden Queen, Wolfgang, run!
Those four leave.
smilie How can you save me?
smilie With this.
Wrecking Ball pulls out his yellow Lightsaber and destroys the cage.
smilie Where did you get that?
smilie I'll explain it later. RUN!
Hot Dog and Wrecking Ball leave the arena.
smilie What about the beast?
smilie Um... We leave it here?
smilie That doesn't sound very safe.
smilie We are at The Outlands, so it should be okay to stay here.
Plo Koon: You think I wouldn't catch up to you?
Wrecking Ball ignites his Lightsaber.
Plo Koon: You hold it with your tongue?
smilie Where else is he going to hold it?
Wrecking Ball cuts Plo Koon's gun in half.
smilie I suggest you leave while you can.
Plo Koon: You will regret this!
Fake Plo Koon runs into the arena.
smilie What an idiot.
smilie Let's go home.
Wrecking Ball and Hot Dog get back to the Skylanders HQ.
smilie So, they were gonna feed you to that monster that probably ate Plo Koon?
smilie Yep, Golden Queen used me.
smilie Just remember to stay with your pals.
smilie Can't we get them in trouble?
smilie I have an idea on how you can get your justice.
smilie How?
smilie We'll do it on Monday at school.
smilie We won!
smilie You guys left me for dead.
smilie That's because you suck at the game.
smilie You're right, Hex.
smilie It has gotten real late. I am going to sleep.
smilie Me too. Bye, guys.
smilie Bye, special boy.
smilie Now what?
smilie Get to my room.
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Story 109: Massacre of School
Part 1

In Maths.

smilie All right guys, we're going to find out what X is.
smilie X, sir?
smilie X, Stink Bomb.
smilie Isn't this Maths?
smilie Yeah, we're finding out what X is.
smilie Look everyone, this is completely derptastic, and we shouldn't learn this junk!
smilie Wrecking Ball is right!
smilie I say we blow up the school!
smilie Woah, Wrecking Ball.
smilie Do you guys need convincing more?
smilie Yes.
smilie Golden Queen and Ninjini are total trash piles!
smilie I thought they were pretty hot.
smilie Shut up, Boomer. I'm the one chance you have got!
smilie They almost got me killed!
Ninjini and Golden Queen walk in.
smilie Is that so, Hot Dog?
smilie Imma bite your nose off!
smilie Hot Dog, do you want detention?
smilie There won't be detentions when I'm done with this!
smilie Get to isolation!
smilie I'll take him there.
smilie Sir, I must object to the isolation!
smilie He's threatening the school.
smilie Golden Queen is going to do something bad to him!
smilie That's nonsense. Every teacher here is very trustworthy.
smilie It's fine, Wrecking Ball. I know what to do.
Golden Queen and Ninjini walk out with Hot Dog.
smilie I trust that you know what to do.
smilie Yes, Ninjini.
Ninjini goes back to the English classroom.
smilie I hate you.
smilie I never wanted this to happen.
smilie Oh, really? Like I can believe that!
smilie I would have saved you if Wrecking Ball didn't do it first.
smilie LIAR! You're with them! You brought me there to kill me!
smilie Please, listen to me, Hot Dog.
smilie No!
smilie I need you to kill Ninjini.
Golden Queen gives Hot Dog a knife.
smilie I know where she will be after school.
smilie I'm not a murderer!
smilie Ninjini is actually incredibly evil. Kaos and Wolfgang are just spazzes.
smilie I'm not doing it.
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Story 109: Massacre of School
Part 2

smilie Not even if I?
Golden Queen whispers into Hot Dog's ear.
smilie I'll do it.
smilie Now, get to isolation!
smilie Yes, Golden Queen.
smilie What's X?
smilie It's a letter.
smilie No, he's asking what X is equal to.
smilie It won't matter soon.
smilie Why's that?
smilie Imma blow up the school.
smilie You what?
smilie I need you two to help me.
smilie Okay!
smilie No, we are not doing that.
smilie What bad can happen?
smilie People will die!
smilie That's why you guys need to start the fire alarm.
smilie Think of all the money Spyro put into this school.
smilie I don't care about that. Spyro is hella loaded.
smilie Fine, I hate this crap.
smilie Start fake fighting Pop Thorn, Shroomboom.
smilie Okay!
Shroomboom punches Pop Thorn and then end up fighting into the fire alarm.
smilie There is totes a fire! RUN, Y'ALL!
Everyone starts leaving school.
smilie Stop! There's not really a fire! These derps did it! Aw, forget it.
Crusher runs outside as well.
smilie Now what?
smilie you two get Hot Dog and leave.
smilie Okay!
Pop Thorn and Shroomboom run to the isolation room.
smilie Sweet, I get use my Lightsaber.
At the isolation room.
smilie Come on out!
smilie The door is locked!
smilie OH NO!
smilie We need to leave before Wrecking Ball blows this place up!
smilie I guess I'll burn it.
Hot Dog burns the door down.
smilie We need to remember to use our powers more.
The three run outside.
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Story 109: Massacre of School
Part 3

In the school basement.
smilie It's pretty cold down here.
Wrecking Ball pulls out and ignites his Lightsaber.
smilie My info was correct. There's a power generator here!
Wrecking Ball sticks his Lightsaber into it.
smilie Looks like I gotta run!
Wrecking Ball puts his Lightsaber in his back and runs out of school.
smilie Looks like it's safe to go back in.
smilie I doubt that.
smilie RUN!
smilie Run from what?
The whole school explodes.
smilie OH MY!
smilie Sweet.
smilie What the heck was that?
smilie The Skylanders School has exploded, Spyro.
smilie The heck? DAMMIT!
Spyro makes it to the school site with a bunch of water Skylanders.
smilie What happened here?
smilie It looks like the school has exploded.
smilie How can that be?
smilie *Cough* Faulty generator *Cough*.
smilie Wrecking Ball, do you know something?
smilie I just saying the basement generator might be trash.
smilie Everyone, get back to the HQ.
smilie Home time!
smilie Wrecking Ball, meet me in my office.
smilie Crap.
At the Skylanders HQ in Hot Dog's room.
smilie Hot Dog, let me in.
smilie Okay.
smilie Ninjini is in the City at a bar.
smilie You better be telling the truth.
smilie You know what you will get if I am.
smilie YEAH BOI!
Hot Dog and Golden Queen leave the room.
smilie Let me lock this.
smilie Can I not stay in your room?
smilie No, you can't stay in my room.
smilie I just want to be ready for later.
smilie Fine.
Golden Queen goes into Hot Dog's room.
smilie Let's just get this over with.
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Story 109: Massacre of School
Part 4

smilie How did you know about the generator?
smilie I went to the basement before.
smilie That's not possible as security usually guards it.
smilie Okay, I got told by someone about the generator.
smilie Who?
smilie I'm not saying anything.
smilie Tell me or I'll take your things.
smilie My bag? No, you wouldn't dare do that to me.
smilie Just tell me.
smilie Dr. Neo Cortex told me.
smilie He's the one who made the generator for us.
smilie Why did you even need a generator at school?
smilie Doesn't matter. I just need to know why it was faulty.
smilie Uh, you go ask him that.
Wrecking Ball begins to leave.
smilie What's in your bag?
smilie My crayons.
smilie I know you use felt tips.
smilie I upgraded.
smilie That's a downgrade.
smilie Just let me sleep.
Wrecking Ball leaves the room.
smilie Troubling.
Meanwhile in the City.
smilie I know Ninjini is a meanie, but should I really kill her because Golden Queen said so? Maybe I should just teach Ninjini a lesson!
Hot Dogs walks into the bar.
smilie Ninjini, why you such a pleb?
smilie How did you know I was here?
smilie Because I'm real smart.
smilie When will you finally get out of my business?
smilie When you apologise.
smilie Apologise for tricking you and almost getting you eaten?
smilie Pretty much.
smilie Okay, I apologise for my actions. I just did it for the money.
smilie Who is playing you?
smilie It was Kaos who wanted his beast fed.
smilie Then I'll have a little talk with him. Thanks for not really being a meanie.
smilie Sure thing.
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Story 109: Massacre of School
Part 5

In Dr. Neo Cortex's room.
smilie Dr. Neo Cortex, why did the generator malfunction?
smilie Look, Spyro, it's clearly not my fault that the generator malfunctioned. Who do you think I am?
smilie How could the generator explode like that?
smilie It must have been destroyed.
smilie Destroyed?
smilie I'd say that someone destroyed it.
smilie Who would be able to get into the school and destroy it?
smilie That's for you to find out.
smilie Heh, thanks, Cortex.

In Hot Dog's room.
smilie Hi, I'm back.
smilie Is she dead?
smilie No.
smilie Yeah, I guess I didn't really expect you to do it.
smilie You can't expect to kill her. Besides, she said she was sorry about what she did.
smilie How can you believe her?
smilie How can I believe you? Look, I'll sort this out on my own.
smilie I guess you don't want me anymore.
smilie Not right now.
smilie Fine.
Golden Queen leaves the room.
smilie Pals before gals.

In Wrecking Ball's room.
smilie I wonder what made my Kyber Crystal yellow. Only the Temple Guards and Asajj Ventress had them in canon.
Wrecking Ball opens his bag.
smilie I made this pretty fast.
Spyro walks in his room.
smilie I need to ask you some questions.
Wrecking Ball puts the Lightsaber in his bag.
smilie Spyro?
smilie Should I have knock first?
smilie Preferably.
smilie Oh, I apologise then.
smilie Look, I'll answer you questions tomorrow.
smilie Why not now?
smilie I'm really sleepy.
smilie Okay, I understand. I'll ask you tomorrow morning.
smilie Okay, great night.
smilie Good night.
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Story 110: Bombed
Part 1

smilie It's been tough without a job for the past few days.
smilie I'm not so sure if the school was really helping the Skylanders too much.
smilie What do you mean?
smilie I'm sure they are truly educated enough. Anyways, wouldn't you prefer to be at home?
smilie No, I kinda need something to occupy me.
smilie I'll see if there are any missions I can send you on.
An explosion occurs in the Skylanders HQ Meal Room.
smilie Quickly.
Spyro and Tree Rex run to the Meal Room.
smilie What's going on here?
smilie Spyro, there's been an explosion.
smilie I can see that.
smilie It appears that someone must have planted a bomb in here.
smilie Who could even do that? No one even gets in here except Skylanders.
smilie Want us to find out?
smilie Hmm, I think we'll need someone else for that job.
smilie Not me?
smilie No, I'll request who I wish to have do this mission.
smilie But, we're always great at missions.
smilie Yes, but you're not the only Skylanders, are you?
smilie N... No.
smilie Exactly. Tree Rex?
smilie Yes?
smilie Go get some other Skylanders and go investigate this mystery.
smilie Yes, Spyro.
smilie I guess I'll see you around.
smilie What about those questions I was going to ask you?
smilie Oh, I guess I could answer them.
A grenade is dropped in the room.
smilie Everyone, move back!
All of the Skylanders get out of the way, and the grenade explodes with purple gas.
smilie Everyone, get out of the room, and you need to lock these doors!
The Skylanders all run, and they lock all of the doors.
smilie All right, Wrecking Ball, you need to get your friends, and you need to find out who is out there.
smilie Okay, I'll go get them, Spyro.
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Story 110: Bombed
Part 2

smilie Come on, guys!
smilie What's up?
smilie We need to look outside for the nerd that it attacking our HQ.
smilie We'll make them pay.
The four head back to Spyro.
smilie No, no, get back upstairs.
smilie You told me to get friends and...
smilie No, Tree Rex is doing the ground search.
smilie Right, we'll look out of the top floor windows.
smilie Yeah, go.
The four run back upstairs.
smilie I don't see anyone outside here.
smilie Looks like they have already made their way out of here.

smilie I can't see anyone out here.
smilie This is incredibly lame. Let's get going!
Wrecking Ball opens the windows and jumps out.
smilie I guess we'll follow.
The other three Skylanders jump out.
smilie Wrecking Ball!
smilie We got this!
The four continue running.
smilie Sorry, Tree Rex.
smilie It's fine. I'll just go rest.

smilie He's probably long gone by now.
smilie Perhaps.
Someone jumps on top of Hot Dog.
smilie Get it off!
They all attack the person.
smilie Blackout?
smilie The Skylanders shall pay for their deception!
smilie What the heck are you doing?
smilie We are in need of new leadership, Wrecking Ball.
smilie Of course we are.
Hot Dog bites Blackout while the others pin him down.
smilie Let's take him back to Spyro.
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Story 110: Bombed
Part 3

At the Skylanders HQ.
smilie Blackout? Why would you do this, Blackout?
smilie I'm sick of your corrupt leadership, Spyro. You will be taken down soon!
smilie I have no idea what you are talking about.
smilie You think you can do shady business and get away with it? You're putting our lives at risk, Spyro!
smilie Skylanders, put him in his room and lock the door.
Some Skylanders take him away.
smilie Okay, looks like that mess is over.
smilie Spyro, what was Blackout talking about?
smilie Seems like he was rambling on about nonsense.
smilie What's the shady business?
smilie There was no shady business.
smilie Spyro, I thing we should go to my room and resume our discussion.
smilie All right, Wrecking Ball.

In Wrecking Ball's Room.
smilie What do you think happened to the school?
smilie In exploded.
smilie Yes, but how?
smilie Maybe Blackout planted a bomb.
smilie Doubt it.
smilie Why's that?
smilie It seems like it was a problem with the generator.
smilie You had a generator inside the school? What did it do?
smilie It doesn't matter what it did. I want to know what you're not telling me.
smilie Look, I was not involved with this.
smilie I never claimed you were.
smilie Uh... Well, that's what it seems you're making out!
smilie Tell me the truth.
smilie I destroyed it.
smilie Why? Why would you do that to me, Wrecking Ball?
smilie I wanted to end school.
smilie And you would destroy something expensive like that?
smilie You're loaded with dollar!
smilie It gave the school electricity and easy water supplies at a cost of dangerous purple gas. It was cheapest way to operate a school.
smilie And you just had to get the one that puts us all at risk?
smilie I did it for all of your education.
smilie Which we didn't even need!
smilie And I realised that.
smilie Why do I get the feeling there is more to this?
smilie You don't trust me?
smilie You should have got a normal generator.
smilie Look, I owe a lot of money, okay? I can't get an expensive normal generator.
smilie Then you shouldn't have decided to make a school for us.
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Story 110: Bombed
Part 4

smilie It seems Blackout has been captured by the Skylanders.
smilie I don't think we should attack the Skylanders.
smilie We need to get me in control over Spyro.
smilie Yes, but we can't do that at the cost of lives, can we?
smilie Not anymore. Look, we have not killed anyone. The gas that we got from Spyro's generator won't kill anyone.
smilie What does it do?
smilie Weakens the victim for a short amount of time.
smilie And you first attempted this with that beast of yours?
smilie That would have only killed Hot Dog.
smilie Which is not what I really wanted.
smilie You actually like that dog?
smilie He's more charming than you think.
smilie And that's why you couldn't get him to take care of Ninjini? She knows our plot, and she is still around.
smilie I think I am done with this plot as well.
smilie I can't let you leave.
smilie We are meant to reformed villains now, Kaos. We don't do things like this anymore.
smilie Spyro is a menace! It's for the greater good of all of us!
smilie I'm not going to tell anyone.
smilie I'm out as well.
smilie I cannot let you two leave!
smilie Kaos, stop this plan now, and we won't tell a soul.
smilie Ah, fine!
All three of them the cave in the Outlands.

At Hot Dog's room.
smilie Looks like it is finally time for some rest.
There is a knock on the door.
smilie Um, come in.
smilie Hi, Hot Dog.
smilie Oh, hello, Golden Queen.
smilie I need to tell you some things.
smilie Go on.
smilie Originally, I just wanted to feed you to Kaos' beast, but I have come to realise that I cannot do such horrible things anymore. And, to be honest, I believe that you helped me along that path.
smilie That's cool.
smilie And me wanting Ninjini killed wasn't really my wishes.
smilie Yeah.
smilie And I think we are going to have some fun.
smilie Yeah?
Golden Queen locks the door and turns the light off.
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Story 110: Bombed
Part 5

In Spyro's room.
smilie I might as well confess myself to the Skylanders.

Later at the Skylanders' meeting room.
smilie Everyone, I must confess something. While making the school for your education, I took a cheap shortcut in the making of the basement generator. I have to come to realise doing that was a bad idea, and making the school in the first place was also a bad idea. So, I feel like I should no longer be in any control over the Skylanders.
smilie No, wait, you just made a mistake. You don't need to resign from leading us.
smilie I no longer feel I should be in control.
smilie Who will lead us now?
smilie There will be a voting system in place. The Skylander that gets the most votes, will be the leader of us all.
smilie Whispers: This is brilliant. Spyro has given me my rise to power himself.
smilie The polling system will be placed within the meal room. Until a new leader is elected, I will take over the minor control. Everyone is dismissed.

Later on Discord.
smilie I found out that he did all of this stuff, but I didn't want him to resign like this.
smilie He did put us at risk.
smilie One of his final orders was to border the school site. Blackout can't get anymore of that gas.
smilie Makes you wonder if anyone else did.
smilie So, are we playing Left 4 Dead 2 now?
smilie Hot Dog isn't online yet.
smilie Was he even at the assembly?
smilie Hmm, actually, I don't think he was even there.
smilie Why don't we go to his room?
At Hot Dog's Room.
smilie Hot Dog?
smilie You could learn to knock first, Wrecking Ball.
smilie Oh well.
smilie Me and Golden Queen as just looking at memes.
smilie You're back with her again?
smilie Looks like you couldn't resist her. I understand that.
smilie We're playing Left 4 Dead 2 now. Tell your girl to leave.
smilie Just let me look at a few more memes.
smilie Fine, let's go play, guys.

Several hours later.
smilie Haha, these women can't even park their cars.
smilie They are women though, right?
smilie Haha, that is so true.

On Discord.
smilie This just isn't as fun without Hot Dog.
smilie I like how he said "A few more memes".
smilie I'm gonna go to bed, y'all.
smilie Night.
smilie Goodnight, Shroomboom.
Shroomboom disconnects.
smilie I guess we vote for a new leader soon.
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Story 111: The New Leader of the Skylanders
Part 1

smilie Time to come out now.
smilie You have finally seen the truth?
smilie Yep.
smilie How have you all finally understood?
smilie Spyro confessed all of his shady business himself.
smilie What about Kaos?
smilie What about him?
smilie Has he done anything?
smilie Not that we know of.
smilie Interesting...

smilie Please Hot Dog, stop hanging with Golden Queen and play with us.
smilie I can't just stop hanging around with Golden Bae.
smilie I thought you weren't going to let this happen.
smilie But, Golden Queen saw the error of her ways and is truly a great person.
smilie I'd hope so... For you sake.
Wrecking Ball, Shroomboom and Pop Thorn walk along to the meal room.
smilie Who do you guys think will be voted the new leader?
smilie Hopefully it's not some spacker.
smilie Not Hex then?
smilie Exactly.
smilie I wonder if I will become the leader.
smilie Doubt it.
smilie Why?
smilie It'll probably be some who has shown true leadership skills in the past. In fact, it could even be Wrecking Ball.
smilie What?
smilie Have you never thought that it could be you? You have done so much for the Skylanders. To be honest, I think you have done more for us than anyone else.
smilie I wouldn't go that far.
smilie Honestly, Wrecking Ball.
smilie Pop Thorn's right. I think you have you have a great chance at becoming leader.
smilie I don't think I would lead very well. Besides, they probably won't even vote me anyways.
smilie Well, I believe there's a great chance they will.

In Kaos' room.
smilie I need to start my campaign to ensure they will vote me!
Glumshanks: I can't believe I am working with you again.
smilie Why wouldn't you be?
Glumshanks: Remember what happened before you died?
smilie Well, I've been a good guy twice since then.
Glumshanks: I guess I'm here to help you become leader then.
smilie Precisely.
Glumshanks: I'd suggest promising things that seem really good to the Skylanders and...
smilie Not deliver on all of my promises when I become leader!
Glumshanks: I wasn't going to suggest that...
smilie Great plan, Glumshanks! It's now time to start my campaign!
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