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WreckingBallBob's Skylanders Stories
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#701 Posted: 07:04:23 02/02/2015 | Topic Creator
Chapter 2 Reporting A Glitch

smilie Oh yeah, this is so awesome
smilie Move Head Rush we need to use the computer
smilie NOOO!
(Spy Rise pushes Head Rush away and searches "reporting a glitch")
smilie All right, here we go!
smilie That's for Hearthstone...
(Spy Rise clicks the second result)
smilie That's for League of Legends
(Spy Rise keeps looking)
smilie That's for Skyrim
smilie That's it!
(Spy Rise searchers "reporting a glitch in skylands")
smilie Here we are! Okay, what do you suppose we write?
smilie Dear, Portal Master of amazingness, Skylands is glitching at and Slam Bam is vegetable so please help us. Love from Wrecking Ball and Spy Rise
(Spy Rise types that in)
smilie Okay, now we enter this and...
(The computer then gets a blue screen and glitches out)
smilie No, we were so close! What do we do now?
smilie Looks like we need another computer!
smilie But that's our only one...
smilie Looks like we need to go to the city then
smilie It's weird we only have one, huh Spree Reese?
smilie It sure is Wrecking Ball, it sure is...
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Zahzuvex Blue Sparx Gems: 798
#702 Posted: 03:18:31 03/02/2015
Sweet! What if Mabu start raining from the sky or everything starts to get pixelated!
Maybe if they don't get help in time Skylands might crash! And everything is broken!
Top 5 Skylanders: 1. smilie 2. smilie 3. smilie 4. smilie 5. smilie
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wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#703 Posted: 07:10:03 03/02/2015 | Topic Creator
Chapter 3 Glitchy Skylands

(Wrecking Ball and Spy Rise leave the HQ)
smilie It would be best that we hurry before more glitches occur...
smilie Whoa, the floor is disappearing
smilie Let's hope the city doesn't disappear or this will be bad
smilie Oh no! Those Mabu are going crazy!
(Wrecking Ball and Spy Rise look as Mabu are flying about everywhere with their arms stretching and heads flopping)
smilie That's scary! I don't wanna be like that Spy Rise
smilie We won't be, as long as we get to a computer in time
smilie We better hurry then
smilie Look, there's Flynn's ship!
smilie We can take it and get it to be city quicker
(The both board Flynn's empty ship and Spy Rise begins using it)
smilie Wow, you are better than this than Flynn is!
smilie Maybe I should do it more often
(The boat then jumps back to the island)
smilie What the? We've gone backwards
smilie The boat is glitchy too
smilie Looks like this'll take too long... I've got an idea but it's risky
smilie What is it?
smilie I was thinking we could jump off the boat and hopefully glitch to the city
smilie No, we could die!
smilie We'll die here so it's worth at shot
smilie Okay, we can try
smilie Okay, 3...
(Wrecking Ball jumps and glitches to the city)
smilie NOT YET!
(Spy Rise jumps after him and misses the city and falls)
smilie No, Spy Rise... He didn't die in vain... It looks like it's up to me to save everyone
[User Posted Image] Come quick! The city has gone crazy Skylander!
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#704 Posted: 06:45:17 04/02/2015 | Topic Creator
Chapter 4 Fixing A Glitch

smilie I have no idea who you are though...
[User Posted Image] But, I need you to help me...
smilie No, I'll do things myself without being next to strangers like you
(Wrecking Ball walks past him to the city)
[User Posted Image] What a bully
smilie The city is melting! That means the computers will to so I must be quick!
(Wrecking Ball runs to library)
smilie Does this library have a PC?
[User Posted Image] Librarian: No, but I have a few
smilie No, I mean a computer...
[User Posted Image] Librarian: Oh, yes it does but it's in the back back bac ab ckak back bak kcab
smilie No, she's glitching out!
(Wrecking runs to the room in the back of the library)
smilie Wow, it's from 1999! How can I use this thing?
(Wrecking ball starts it up to find it being very slow and the library begins melting down)
smilie Uh, come on, come on!
(It finally loads up)
smilie Ew, Internet Explorer...
(Wrecking ball clicks on it and it loads the internet)
smilie Okay!
(Wrecking Ball searches "reporting a glitch in skylands")
smilie Here it is! What did I type in last time?
(Wrecking Ball types in "Dear, Portal Master of amazingness, Skylands is glitching at and Slam Bam is vegetable so please help us. Love from Wrecking Ball and Spy Rise." and then he sends the message)
smilie Yay, I did it!
(Wrecking Ball turns around to see the library gone and the floor around him melting)
smilie Oh no! Portal Master!
BT: What's happening with my phone?
PM: That's the app I put on so I could stay on contact with the Skylanders
BT: But, they're toys
PM: No no, they have their own lives in Skylands... Just let me see the app
(BT gives PM the phone)
PM: Oh no, Skylands is glitching! I must get home quick
BT: What? You're in school and they're just toys
PM: Screw school, this is more important
(PM breaks out of school and runs home to find his ginger brother messing around with Skylands disc)
(PM launches at the ginger and quickly defeats him)
PM: They should be save now
(Back in Skylands:
smilie AAAHAHHA... Huh?
(Wrecking Ball looks around to see the floor and library back to normal)
smilie All right, he fixed it!
(Wrecking Ball goes out of the library to find Spy Rise on the floor)
smilie Come on Spy Rise, let's go home... How are you here any ways?
smilie I actually landed on the city but I glitched to die
smilie Nice
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Zahzuvex Blue Sparx Gems: 798
#705 Posted: 02:21:28 07/02/2015
What if more glitches occur, but not to the environment, but to the people of Skylands?

Melting glitches and Limb Spazzing glitches? That would be epic smilie
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I LOVE Machine Ghost, he is underrated and needs more love!
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#706 Posted: 12:37:59 07/02/2015 | Topic Creator
I'll get Chapter 4 done today and I'll be back on track.
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#707 Posted: 08:54:48 08/02/2015 | Topic Creator
Story 88: Makeup Sucks
Chapter 1 Mags Is A Derp

[User Posted Image] Oh, this makeup is so good
(Mags puts a bunch of crap all over her face)
[User Posted Image] Oh my god, I look amazing!
smilie You totally do girl!
smilie Yeah, you rocking it!
[User Posted Image] Thanks girls
(Gusto begins walking near Mags, Flashwing and Roller Brawl)
smilie Ugh, he's so fat and ugly
[User Posted Image] I 100% agree Flashwing
smilie Hey, what did you just say?
[User Posted Image] We said that you're fat and ugly
smilie Why would you do that? I don't talk about your awful makeup!
[User Posted Image] How dare you call our makeup awful
smilie But you all look like clowns
smilie Oh hell nah, you men just like to put us women down don't you?
smilie You bullied me first
[User Posted Image] Men are just jealous of our beauty
smilie I don't wanna be a clown though
smilie Just get lost fatso!
smilie I'm gonna tell Snap Shot on you!
(Gusto runs away crying)
[User Posted Image] We sure showed him
smilie Don't you think that was a little mean
[User Posted Image] He called us clowns
smilie You two kinda do look like clowns
smilie What about your makeup, Roller Brawl? It's like, awful
smilie I don't want to over do it, I only put a little on
[User Posted Image] No, until you can look amazing like us you may as well be alone loser
smilie Yeah, get lost!
(Roller Brawl leaves)
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Iganagor Emerald Sparx Gems: 3544
#708 Posted: 08:55:31 08/02/2015
Mags is a derp!
Summoning a STUNFISK
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drobot007 Green Sparx Gems: 279
#709 Posted: 08:58:03 08/02/2015
How do I make a character face?
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wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#710 Posted: 09:01:06 08/02/2015 | Topic Creator
Quote: drobot007
How do I make a character face?

Just ask me for the characters and I'll send you a link.
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#711 Posted: 21:43:57 09/02/2015 | Topic Creator
Chapter 2 Hating Men

[User Posted Image] Men are just so stupid! They don't think with their brains
smilie Totally, they're like, all stupid
smilie What's this talk about you being mean to Gusto?
[User Posted Image] Get lost Snap Shot!
smilie Why?
[User Posted Image] We don't need to listen to men anymore
smilie If they're your leader you should
[User Posted Image] We ain't having you or Spyro as a leader
smilie You kinda look like clowns
[User Posted Image] I see the jealous look in your eye
smilie I don't want to be a clown...
[User Posted Image] We're not clowns! We are beautiful, sexy and amazing women
smilie How could you get a three wrong?
[User Posted Image] Flashwing, show him who's boss
(Flashwing and Snap Shot engage in battle with Flawing shooting a shard a Snap Shot)
smilie AHHHG
(Snap Shot gets ready to fire at Flashwing)
[User Posted Image] You can't hit a girl!
smilie What, why?
[User Posted Image] Because they're not as strong as men
smilie So? she engaged in battle with me
[User Posted Image] That's it! We are taking with to the Skylanders HQ dinner room!
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#712 Posted: 18:49:49 10/02/2015 | Topic Creator
Chapter 3 Lesson Learned?

[User Posted Image] I have called everyone here today to discuss an awful matter
smilie I don't care about the awful matter, I was eating my cheese sandwich and all of a sudden I have to go here and I'm thinking what the hell?
[User Posted Image] Be Quiet, I'm here discuss the problem of men thinking they're better than us, men thinking they can hurt us and men judging us by how we look!
smilie Save it Mags, you cause most of the problems yourself
[User Posted Image] I can't help the way I look!
smilie Yes you can, just don't wear so much makeup so you look like a clown
[User Posted Image] I don't look like a clown
(Mags pulls out a flame thrower)
[User Posted Image] Prepare to die, men!
(Stealth Elf jumps up to face her)
smilie Since you're too scared to fight males face to face, fight me
[User Posted Image] Go Flashwing!
(Flashwing and Stealth Elf engage into battle with Stealth Elf cutting her face instantly and making her run away crying)
smilie Come on Mags, unless you are afraid
[User Posted Image] Uh...
(Mags runs away as Stealth Elf chases after her)
[User Posted Image] Stay away from me!
smilie You know you're wrong!
(Stealth Elf catches up to Mags and grabs her)
smilie Now, will you change your ways?
[User Posted Image] Never...
(Mags then spits in Stealth Elf's face and then Stealth Elf cuts her face repeatedly and then Stealth Elf returns to the dinner room)
smilie I have an announcement to make, you see the majority of women seem to be too focused on their looks rather than their talents so I what like to request that we ban makeup in Skylands to prevent women from being total buttholes
smilie Done job, Stealth Elf. All of the makeup stores will be replaced with stores that help people find their inner talents
(All Skylanders cheer)
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Zahzuvex Blue Sparx Gems: 798
#713 Posted: 00:36:21 13/02/2015
Aw poor Gusto, Mags and Flashwing are jerks!

I'm glad Roller Brawl realised how wrong she was!

Top 5 Skylanders: 1. smilie 2. smilie 3. smilie 4. smilie 5. smilie
I LOVE Machine Ghost, he is underrated and needs more love!
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#714 Posted: 06:36:38 13/02/2015 | Topic Creator
Quote: Zahzuvex
Aw poor Gusto, Mags and Flashwing are jerks!

I'm glad Roller Brawl realised how wrong she was!


Now all I need to is the last two chapters which I'll do today.
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#715 Posted: 11:54:14 15/02/2015 | Topic Creator
Story 89: Examples Of Love
Chapter 1 Love?

(In the Skylanders dinner hall)
smilie I just can't with being without her...
(Flameslinger stares at Smolderdash)
smilie Are you serious? That was in June 2014! In fact this is your first appearance since then
smilie But I love her
smilie I thought you loved Stealth Elf
smilie No, I'm over her... I just want Smolderdash
smilie Look, Flameslinger if she doesn't love you back it's not true love and you should move on
smilie No, Smolderdash is my only love and if not her, no one else
smilie That's pretty sad
smilie Be quiet, Shroomboom...
smilie Let's go Shroomboom
smilie For me, I hate Flashwing after what she did... She broke my heart and went for Dino-Rang, but instead of crying about it, I had fun with it and tried annoying them and stuff
smilie Remember when you began to kiss and stuff with Flashwing last month?
smilie Hey, that's because the fizzy pop you had was evil
smilie I guess we have learnt that all fizzy pop is evil
smilie I think I'll get back at her again
smilie Hi Bash, I think you should leave Flashwing
smilie Back off pig!
smilie I'm not here to fight, I broke up with her a while ago
smilie You did?
smilie Yes, I saw a personality change in myself and I knew she wasn't right for me
smilie All right, I just gotta go...
(Bash runs away)
smilie You okay Spyro?
smilie Spyro, are you gonna answer us?
smilie I think something is wrong with him
smilie Yeah, he's grown a beard
smilie And he was a beard because?
smilie He hasn't he shaved?
smilie Yes, and why hasn't he shaved?
smilie Because he wants an awesome beard!
smilie No, because Cynder is in a coma
smilie All right, let's go save her!
(Trigger Happy runs away)
smilie No, you can't just do that
(Gill Grunt chases after him)
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#716 Posted: 10:45:33 17/02/2015 | Topic Creator
Chapter 2 Final Decisions

smilie Flameslinger, you must go tell Smolderdash how you feel
smilie But, what if she says no?
smilie That's her decision
smilie I need to think, I'll decide later...
smilie Hey, Flashwing
smilie What the hell do you want Bash?
smilie I was just wondering about you and Dino-Rang, how are you two doing?
smilie I broke up with him...
smilie Oh no, really? Aw... All I have to say is if you need anyone I'm here for you
smilie Bash, I know what you are trying to do and it's too late
smilie Huh, what are you talking about?
smilie What's going on here Flashwing?
(Bash runs out screaming)
smilie That'll teach him
smilie Thanks for the 3.50
smilie Wake up Cynder, wake up Cynder, wake up Cynder,
smilie That won't work, she's in a coma Trigger Happy
smilie Leave her alone!
smilie What if true love's kiss will wake her up?
smilie What, that's crazy
smilie No Spyro, Trigger Happy may be onto something here!
smilie But, who says I'm her true love? And even if I was it wouldn't work
smilie No harm in trying, right?
(Spyro then kisses Cynder for the first time)
smilie See, nothing... She'll never wake up
(Spyro then walks away)
smilie Oh no...
smilie At least we tried Triggs
smilie Smolderdash, I need to tell you something...
smilie What is it Flameslinger?
smilie I... I... Lo...
smilie Just stop right there, I'm sorry to tell you but I don't love you
smilie Wha...
smilie I don't love any one, I want to be alone
(Flameslinger falls to his knees)
smilie I'm sorry
(Smolderdash walks away)
smilie Come on Flameslinger, life isn't all about love... It's about you and your friends, love isn't for everyone and you shouldn't let it control your life
(Stealth Elf offers his hand out to Flameslinger which he grabs)
smilie Come on, we'll go see the others
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#717 Posted: 05:54:19 19/02/2015
Cool Roleplay stories. I think they're really good.
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#718 Posted: 09:54:44 20/02/2015 | Topic Creator
Quote: 14056
Cool Roleplay stories. I think they're really good.

I believe they'd be called Smilie based stories.
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drobot007 Green Sparx Gems: 279
#719 Posted: 10:04:43 20/02/2015
They are cool.
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wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#720 Posted: 10:10:42 20/02/2015 | Topic Creator
The 90th story begins on Sunday and will be the last story of February.
FunnyboneFan Green Sparx Gems: 301
#721 Posted: 03:39:20 22/02/2015
As much as i Love these stories i made these AWESOME smililes
For these Fan fic's Lol in skylands Wreckingballbob's stories
[User Posted Image]
[User Posted Image]
smilie IS AWESOME smilie
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#722 Posted: 20:51:26 24/02/2015 | Topic Creator
Story 90 Malefor's Wrath
Chapter 1 The Search For Kaos

(In the Skylanders HQ Attic)
smilie I think it's about time we look for Kaos
smilie Spyro, you shaved your beard!
smilie I've left this far too long and we must find Kaos before Malefor does
smilie What will Malefor do to him?
smilie He'll kill Kaos and everyone else
smilie Maybe Malefor's not such a bad guy, I mean he had his bro murdered and murder is bad
smilie Wrecking Ball, Vathek was evil, Malefor is evil and as far as we know Kaos isn't as evil any more, which means that they deserve to die
smilie No one deserves to die, we all deserve second chances, like Kaos...
smilie You're too young to understand so I suggest you leave
(Wrecking Ball walks downstairs)
smilie Wrecking Ball does has a point about the second chances...
smilie The point is that Malefor is currently evil and doesn't deserve a second chance even if he were to change... Anyways, I'm sending you two as well as some back up to look for Kaos and bring him here, you understand?
smilie Yes, Spyro...
smilie Yeah...
smilie Okay good, I'll be sending Tree Rex with you
smilie So where does Kaos normally stay?
smilie He normally stays in the Outlands
smilie I hope Malefor doesn't kill us all
smilie We always manage to survive but... At some point we may not be so lucky
smilie Yeah but, even if we do die we normally return later
smilie Not every death has a solution
smilie But can't Ninjini wish anything?
smilie Not everything, only things that aren't to do with life
smilie Hasn't she done stuff like that before though?
smilie Yes but times have changed and so have rules
smilie What does that even mean?
(Tree Rex doesn't answer as they make it to the Outlands)
smilie There's Kaos' Kastle?
smilie He must have built it recently
(The knock on the door)
smilie Are we seriously knocking on the door of Kaos?
smilie For now Kaos is an ally, bursting in would be no good
smilie Come in...
(They walk in)
smilie Kaos, we need you to come with us
smilie And why's that?
smilie Spyro needs you to sort out the whole Malefor, Vathek situation...
smilie I'm not leaving...
smilie Kaos we're not asking you, we are telling you to come with us now!
(A giant black hole appears on the ground and begins pulling the Skylanders in)
smilie He's a traitor!
smilie Looks like Wrecking Ball may have been wrong about second chances
(Trigger Happy and Gill Grunt fall in while Tree Rex manages to walk on until the intensity is too much and he also falls)
smilie Sorry this had to happen but, it's my duty
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#723 Posted: 21:00:04 25/02/2015 | Topic Creator
Chapter 2 Kaos Fury

(At the Skylanders HQ)
smilie Where could they be? They've been gone for two hours now...
smilie Something may have gone wrong
smilie Maybe, you're right... I'll need send another group of Skylanders out there to find Kaos
smilie And what if we end up like the first, huh Spyro?
smilie You won't because I'm giving you a communicator to keep in touch with me
smilie Yay, give give!
smilie No, not you Eye-Small, I'm giving this to Kinght Light
smilie Okay, come along Cobra Cadabra and Eye-Small!
smilie I should be leader
smilie I'll be on alert for danger
(The Skylanders set off on their journey)
smilie Where are we?
smilie I think we're under his room...
smilie It seems this vortex sent us below his room instead of the usual another dimension
smilie Where's Kaos though?
smilie I think he's talking but I can't hear him
smilie So, what do we do? How do we escape?
smilie I guess we wait for help to arrive
(The second group of Skylanders burst through the door and they see Kaos on the ground coughing)
smilie Kaos, what happened?
smilie The... The... Skylanders attacked me and they are on their way to help Malefor
smilie What do you mean? They'd never do that!
smilie They must be under Malefor's control
smilie What a flipping liar!
smilie Looks like Kaos has a plan
smilie We'll help you fight Malefor but we need you to come to the Skylanders HQ
smilie Okay Skylanders, I shall...
(The four walk off as the others are still trapped below Kaos' Kastle)
smilie Well, that's just fantastic
smilie No it isn't Gill Grunt!
smilie I was being sarcastic you moron
smilie You two calm down! Now, there has to be a way out of this!
[User Posted Image] I've been here for a while, there's no way out
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Zahzuvex Blue Sparx Gems: 798
#724 Posted: 22:14:10 26/02/2015
THIS is why I HATE Kaos... Well, not really, the REAL reason is because he murdered my bae... I'm trying not to spoil it TOO much, so... I'm just gonna leave it there.

Let's just say someone dies.
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#725 Posted: 06:42:48 27/02/2015 | Topic Creator
Chapter 3 Malefor Begins The Hunt

smilie Glumshanks, I thought you were dead!
[User Posted Image] I was...
smilie And how are you alive now?
[User Posted Image] I'm not sure... I died in January 2014 and ended up here some how
smilie That doesn't make any sense...
smilie Kaos, Malefor is coming for you and we need to lure him here and then we'll ambush and defeat him
smilie Yes, Spyro
smilie Why'd you have to kill Vathek
smilie He had to pay for his crimes and what better way than to rid him off of Skylands?
smilie Understandable, but I'm sure there could have been a different way of doing so
smilie I suppose you are right Spyro... Although, you could have stopped me instead of letting me leave
smilie Back then I didn't care and I didn't know that Malefor would return and now Cynder is gone
smilie I'm so sorry, it must be my fault that Cynder is dead
smilie Cynder isn't dead! She's just in a coma...
smilie Oh, I'm sorry for my mistake... When will she recover?
smilie We don't know, it might be never
smilie We'll make Malefor pay, I swear it!
(In The Underworld)
Malefor: It's time...
(At the Skylanders HQ)
smilie MALEFOR'S COMING! Quick, Knight Light get everyone ready for attack!
smilie Will do!
smilie Okay, I'm ready!
smilie No Kaos, you go downstairs to the basement while we fight
smilie As you wish
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#726 Posted: 06:43:09 27/02/2015 | Topic Creator
Chapter 4 Plans

smilie How the heck do we get out of here? We need to stop Kaos!
[User Posted Image] Maybe if we climb high enough we can escape! There's never been four people here before
smilie That could work, someone get on my back
smilie Okay
(Gill Grunt climbs on Gill Grunt's back)
[User Posted Image] I should go on last as I know where to go around this place
smilie Okay now get on Trigger Happy and then Glumshanks
[User Posted Image] I won't be able to hear you down here though and there's no visible hole up there
smilie You need to find out how Kaos made the black hole appear up there and then you must pass down a ladder so we can climb out
[User Posted Image] Kaos has lots of ladders we can use!
smilie Yeah, because he's so short
(Trigger Happy climbs up and then Glumshanks escapes)
[User Posted Image] Okay, I've found a trigger and I'm gonna try it!
(Glumshanks tries the trigger and it moves a picture frame around to reveal Kaos' plans)
[User Posted Image] Oh my lord, they have to see this!
(Open searching Glumshanks manages to open the black hole and retrieve a ladder to save the Skylanders)
smilie Now that that's done with, let's go beat the crap out of Kaos!
smilie He's at the Skylanders HQ and maybe Malefor might be there too
smilie We must get there before Kaos tries anything
[User Posted Image] Skylanders, I found his plans...
(At the Skylanders HQ)
Malefor: Come out KAOS!
smilie Kaos you stay here while we get ready to ambush him!
(Malefor rips open the Skylanders HQ roof)
smilie Skylanders go!
(Every Skylander there but Wrecking Ball attacks Malefor and then he screams in pain)
smilie It's working! Kaos, where are you?
(Spyro looks around for Kaos)
smilie KAOS!
(Wrecking Ball walks outside near Vathek)
smilie Wrecking Ball, what the hell are you doing? Get back before he kills you!
smilie Malefor, this isn't right and you know it!
Malefor: Tell them to stop!
smilie No, everyone get firing until he's down!
smilie NO STOP!
(The Skylanders begin to stop)
Malefor: Please, no more
(Malefor then hit Wrecking Ball and he flies in the air until landing face first unconscious)
smilie Wrecking Ball?
(Spyro runs to him as Malefor destroys the HQ)
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Chapter 5 The End Of Chaos?

Malefor: Now I put an end to the Skylander once and for all
smilie As do I
smilie Boo hoo, go cry about it in death
smilie What do you want from us?
Malefor: I haven't forgot what happened to me all those years ago, my life has been a misery and now I must destroy all of yours
smilie But Kaos killed Vathek
Malefor: Vathek meant nothing to me!
smilie I neither do you...
(Kaos busts Malefor's knee cap on one of his back legs as he falls to the ground and lets out a scream of pain)
smilie You can never trust me!
(Kaos sends out giant Doom Sharks that can rip the body to shreds and they do just that)
smilie You, you murdering monster!
smilie And now Spyro, it's about time I finally killed you, I've waited a long time for this!
[User Posted Image] Kaos, stop!
smilie How did you escape?
smilie Gill Grunt, Tree Rex, Trigger Happy what the hell is going on?
smilie It's a set up, Kaos locked us up in a black hole and he came to betray you
smilie We found his plans and he knew all this would happen ever since pretending to be good!
smilie And now you see why I'm the true villain of Skylands!
smilie Not if I have anything to...
(Kaos uses an Undead element to defeat Trigger Happy quickly)
[User Posted Image] Stop this Kaos!
(Kaos then defeats Glumshanks, Tree Rex and Gill Grunt with ease)
smilie Only two left standing, DOOM SHARKS!
(Spyro jumps in front of Wrecking Ball before they hit but is left undamaged)
smilie What the?
(Spyro sees Kaos on the ground with Cynder standing over him)
smilie Cynder!
smilie Spyro, just get over here!
(Spyro and Cynder then begin to kiss as they assume Kaos is defeated)
smilie This is not how it ends!
(Kaos pulls out a dagger and stabs Spyro)
smilie NO!
(Cynder claws Kaos' face as he bleeds all over)
smilie AAHAHA
smilie No... Second... Chances!
(Wrecking Ball sticks his tongue out and swallows Kaos as he burns inside his stomach)
smilie Spyro? Are you okay?
smilie He's... He's....
smilie Spyro, NO!
(The next day)
smilie Today we are here to show respect towards our fearless leader Spyro who didn't deserve to go so soon
(Spyro is cremated as the Skylanders watch over)
[User Posted Image] What happens now?
smilie We carry on with our lives and... Make Skylands a better place
[User Posted Image] And what happen's to me?
smilie You shall stay
smilie Spyro may be gone but he will forever live on in SKYLANDS!
smilie Spyro, I don't know if you can hear this but I love you...
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Story 91 Skylands Without A Leader
Chapter 1 Moving On

(In the Skylanders HQ Meal Room)
smilie Cynder, are you okay?
(There is no answer)
smilie Look, I know life can be very hard sometimes but you have to keep moving forward Cynder
smilie No point moving forward to death
smilie Cynder, let's be honest here okay? You wasted your chances to be with Spyro a long time ago! It was obvious he loved you and you did not give him love back and now he's dead!
(Cynder gets up as if she's ready to attack Hex)
smilie Calm down Cynder!
smilie Hex, you should really watch how you say things
smilie What? He's dead, dead, dead, dead!
(Cynder then pounces at Hex as she is pulled off by the other Skylanders and walks away)
smilie Ow, what a...
smilie Hex are you really that stupid?
smilie No?
smilie It seems you are...
(The other walk away)
smilie At least I'm not ugly!
(Meanwhile Spry is crying)
smilie Come on Spry, it'll be okay!
smilie I would wish him back but It'll probably kill me because derp
smilie I know guys, we can have a funeral for him and...
smilie We did have a funeral for him
smilie In that case we can bring him back to life!
smilie How are we meant to do that?
smilie Um... Find a magician!
smilie No, Bop must magicians are frauds
smilie Magic exists though!
smilie Yes but magic can't bring back life unless it's a wish but a wish isn't always aloud to do such things
smilie But why?
smilie I'm not sure, let's ask Ninjini
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#729 Posted: 22:11:13 05/03/2015
*claps* that was pretty freaking good!!


OOOH, just wait until I get myself a torture room... And then you're IN FOR IT!

Okay I'm finished smilie

I wonder if the shout Alduin used to resurrect his fallen followers will work on Spyro... Hmm...
Top 5 Skylanders: 1. smilie 2. smilie 3. smilie 4. smilie 5. smilie
I LOVE Machine Ghost, he is underrated and needs more love!
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#730 Posted: 06:06:34 06/03/2015 | Topic Creator
Quote: Zahzuvex
*claps* that was pretty freaking good!!


OOOH, just wait until I get myself a torture room... And then you're IN FOR IT!

Okay I'm finished smilie

I wonder if the shout Alduin used to resurrect his fallen followers will work on Spyro... Hmm...

Originally Cynder was going to die.
Zahzuvex Blue Sparx Gems: 798
#731 Posted: 07:08:30 06/03/2015
Spyros death is more dramatic/upsetting, mainly because he was THE original we all grew up with. I think this is one of the more movie-like episodes...

I love it! (even if the coolest dragon to ever live died)
And Wrecking Ball is just a badass c:
Top 5 Skylanders: 1. smilie 2. smilie 3. smilie 4. smilie 5. smilie
I LOVE Machine Ghost, he is underrated and needs more love!
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Chapter 2 Going Back To Normal

smilie Ninjini?
smilie What Drobit?
smilie Why can't you use your wishes to save Spyro?
smilie I can no longer wish with anything to do with life without risking myself
smilie So you could before?
smilie Yes I could do so before and you cannot do it either since you're a smaller version of me
smilie Problem solved, let's go play ourselves!
(They all run away)
smilie Why do I do this... No, I'm not going to bring him back... Am I?
smilie Cynder, you cannot keep running away from your problems, you need to talk with me
smilie Like you would know anything about love
smilie I don't love anyone I know but that doesn't mean I don't anything about life and moving on
smilie Tell that to Spyro
smilie Look Cynder, instead of crying about it you should be thankful for his sacrifice and use the life he's giving you instead of being a selfish idiot
(Stealth Elf walks away)
smilie Stealth Elf what did you say to her?
smilie I told her to sue her life instead of thinking about herself
smilie Spyro is the greatest dragon I ever knew, the greatest leader and the greatest Skylander... But, we all need to accept that no one will last forever and this will happen to us all in some way or form
(Cynder is listening in)
smilie It just so happens Cynder was effected first but then again so were all of us and I'm sure Spyro is proud of us and want us to move on
(Cynder walks out)
smilie You guys are right, I'm selfish to think I'm the one most hurt that Spyro's gone but he wouldn't want this, he'd want us to live on and do good for everyone
smilie Wherever Spyro is right now, I bet he's watching over us...
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A big break for not much reason lately but there will be a story soon.
Iganagor Emerald Sparx Gems: 3544
#734 Posted: 08:00:25 15/03/2015
That's great! Gimme da stories!
Summoning a STUNFISK
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4. Flop 618 times - You have a STUNFISK!
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Story 92 Anything You Want
Chapter 1 The Report

smilie Any missions yet Trigger Happy?
smilie Nope, there's not really any evil any more...
smilie Well, are there any missions on other things?
smilie There's been a recent report about a magic energy source that has been said to bring anything to the founder
smilie What do you mean?
smilie I'm going by the report and that's what it says
smilie Wait, we have a possible chance to get Spyro back?
smilie I suppose so yes
smilie Where is it?
smilie Inside the City Island
smilie Okay, I'll need a crew to come with me and we'll set off to dig
smilie They might not let you
smilie I'm a Skylander, they can't stop me
(Wrecking Ball runs to find people to help)
smilie Rocky Roll?
smilie Yes Wrecking Ball?
smilie I need you to come on a mission with me to dig a hole under the city
smilie Okay, roll with it!
(Wrecking Ball and Rocky Roll then recruit Echo, Spotlight and Blackout)
smilie Okay, I have taken you new guys to get you more mission time and experience, okay?
smilie Yes
smilie So let's get going!
smilie Why?
smilie What?
smilie Why should I have to go somewhere to dig?
smilie I just need a little extra help to...
smilie I don't care about saving Spyro
smilie Hey, you watch what you're saying Blackout!
smilie I'm not giving in to the illusion that Spyro was a hero of any sorts
smilie He was a hero and a damn good one at that, so you sit down and shut up... On second though stay here while we go... Come on guys
(The Skylanders leave without Blackout)
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Anything You Want
Chapter 2 Area

smilie Okay guys, here we are... I negotiate with the city people while you guys get digging
smilie I'm not too good at digging though
smilie Make good music for Rocky Roll and Spotlight to listen to then
smilie Don't play anything awful
smilie I never ever do Spotlight!
smilie Where's the gold?
smilie Rocky Roll, we aren't looking for gold we're looking for a magic source
smilie Oh, that makes sense
smilie Hello there... I'm here to discuss my group of Skylanders digging in your fine city to find a...
[User Posted Image] King: Enough talking, I don't need to listen to you Skylanders... I can make my own decisions and in fact you are under arrest from breaking into my city
smilie What? But there's no law about that
[User Posted Image] King: Well, there is now
(He writes down the new law)
[User Posted Image] King: You gonna cry kid?
smilie You'll pay for this
(His guards take Wrecking Ball away)
smilie Wrecking Ball has been gone for a while, maybe we should look for him?
smilie You can but Rocky Roll needs to keep digging
smilie This is my life, this is my dream!
[User Posted Image] Police: Down on your hands and knees Skylanders!
smilie But my partner here doesn't have any hands and knees
smilie What's going on here?
[User Posted Image] Police: By new law you have all broken the law by entering the city illegally
smilie What? You can't do this, we're are Skylanders!
[User Posted Image] King: And there's nothing Skylanders can do about it
smilie We can fight!
(Echo uses her Siren Screem and begins defeating the Mabu Police)
[User Posted Image] King: Stop them!
(A battle begins between the Skylanders and the Mabu Police)
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#737 Posted: 00:21:42 28/03/2015
*sits, waiting for 100th story party*
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#738 Posted: 07:13:49 28/03/2015 | Topic Creator
Quote: ZapNorris
*sits, waiting for 100th story party*

Probably not for a few months bro.
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Chapter 3 Corrupt World

smilie You guys finish them off while I find Wrecking Ball!
smilie Okay!
(Spotlight enters the City Hall)
smilie Wrecking Ball?
[User Posted Image] King: He's in jail just like the rest of you filthy Skylanders should be
smilie What is wrong with you?
[User Posted Image] King: I'm the smart one here, I know that the Skylanders are corrupt and will fall because of it
smilie You're wrong, the Skylanders will never fall
[User Posted Image] King: We'll see...
(The Mabu King pulls out a knife)
[User Posted Image] King: I will put an end to you and your friends!
smilie We'll see about that
smilie All the Mabu are defeated!
smilie Yay, let's get the magic energy source... Where is it?
smilie That's as far as the ground is
smilie So, it's not here?
smilie I thought I saw it
smilie I did too...
smilie Sometimes in life you have to think about the bigger picture
smilie Blackout, what're you doing?
smilie I'm taking this away from you
smilie Why are you doing this?
smilie Because I can
(Blackout flies away)
smilie Time to finish you!
[User Posted Image] King: No, please have mercy I... I'm too weak please don't hurt me any more
smilie I'm so...
(The Mabu King lunges at her with the knife but she dodges and defeats the Mabu King)
smilie Wrecking Ball!
(She lets Wrecking Ball out)
smilie They're messed up people
smilie I totally agree
(They go back to the digging spot)
smilie Where's the magic source?
smilie Blackout stole it...
smilie He took when we were fighting the Mabu Police
smilie Well, where is he? We can take it back!
smilie I don't know where we went!
(Blackout appears one the roof of a building)
smilie So this can grand me anything huh? Too bad I don't need anything...
(He throws the source off the island and into the air)
smilie Like I ever will
(Blackout flies away)
smilie Spyro's still gone because of him...
smilie Why would he do that?
smilie I don't know but it looks like he has fallen
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Story 93 Super Mini Mission
Chapter 1 Preparation

smilie It's 6AM time to wake up!
(All the Minis wake up and wonder around the Skylanders HQ in groups, the Air, Fire, Life and Undead Minis go downstairs to the Dining Hall)
smilie You're awake Wrecking Ball?
smilie I'm always awake at 6AM
smilie But I never have seen you awake now before
smilie I'm normally just playing video games in the attic
smilie So who else is awake now?
smilie Normally just me, you minis and sometimes Hot Dog, Shroomboom and Pop Thorn... Everyone else just stays asleep until later
smilie Why doesn't Whirlwind wake up at 6AM?
smilie She wakes up at 8AM normally
smilie Why do you know when she wakes up?
smilie There are security cameras set up all around the HQ you know
smilie Right...
smilie I think we deserve a mission Wrecking Ball!
smilie Hmm... A mission... I think you deserve one too but I'm not sure what there is right now
smilie Who makes the missions?
smilie It used to be Spyro but I think Trigger Happy is the mission maker now but he's asleep
smilie What if there was an urgent mission right now and it would be too late in an hour? Someone could be beaten up without helps!
smilie That makes total sense Eye-Small... I guess I'll check the news
(Wrecking Ball puts on the TV and there's a report on)
[User Posted Image] Reporter: Here in the city there have been muggings recently with the resigning of the king, now there's chaos and crimes all over...
(Wrecking Ball mutes the TV)
smilie That was probably out fault so I'm sending all the Minis on a secret mission to save the city from evil!
smilie Okay, you gather up the other Minis and you must all go and stop any crimes you see, okay?
smilie Yes sir!
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Chapter 2 Mini Separation

smilie So this is the big city?
smilie It's amazing! I'm glad Wrecking Ball let us come here
smilie But guys we are all alone without our masters!
smilie Doesn't matter, walked in the city
smilie What if we are beaten up and no one can help us!
smilie Wrecking Ball clear trusts us as he knows we can beat these criminals
smilie I don't know...
smilie Lighten up, we got this!
(The Undead, Fire, Life and Air Minis go around a corner while the others go to a nearby ice cream van)
smilie I'd like a strawberry ice cream please!
smilie Guys, we shouldn't be doing this
smilie It's okay, we're Skylanders!
[User Posted Image] Ice Cream Van Owner: Skylanders eh?
(He whispers to the criminals in the back as they jump out, grab all the Skylanders and place them inside the van)
smilie I knew this was a bad idea!
smilie You don't even have ice cream...
smilie Where's the others?
smilie Oh no they're back round the corner
(The Minis go back to see the ice cream van drive away)
smilie I bet they went for ice cream and were taken by criminals
smilie We better go rescue them!
smilie Maybe they were taken for a look inside
(The van drives away)
smilie I guess not then...
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Chapter 3 Mini Win

(The Magic, Tech, Earth and Water Minis awaken to see Mabu Criminals looking at them with themselves chained to a wall)
smilie Let us go!
[User Posted Image] Criminal Leader: You ain't escaping any time soon Midgets
smilie We're Minis not Midgets!
[User Posted Image] Criminal #1: Midgets, Minis same thing
smilie We may be small but we are powerful
[User Posted Image] Criminal Leader: Powerful, powerful enough to escape those chains?
smilie Maybe not in strength but in powers
[User Posted Image] Criminal #2: Whatever you say kid...
smilie Where's my bottle and swords?
[User Posted Image] Criminal Leader: I run tell my gang to use them but it looks like they're worthless
(He snaps one of the swords)
smilie WHAAAA!
smilie This looks like the place
smilie How do you guys suppose we get in?
smilie I'll fly up to the ceiling and shoot air at their fat faces while you guys break through the wall and save the others
smilie What if they are dead?
smilie What kind of question is that?
smilie Never mind...
(Pet-Vac flies on top the abandoned warehouse where he shoots air at the criminals while they go outside to climb up)
smilie I'll burn the wall!
(Weeruptor throws a flaming blob at the wall to make a hole which they get in)
smilie Yay, you guys found us!
smilie Excellent!
smilie Well, I have 100% right wasn't I everyone? Random ice cream vans aren't safe
smilie Whatever Bop...
smilie Everyone back out of the hole!
smilie I just need to do something first...
(Drobit does to a corner, does something and then leaves)
smilie We need them to go back in there for a surprise
smilie They'll pay for breaking my sword
smilie Where's Pet-Vac?
smilie You want some? Come get some!
(The criminals run towards Pet-Vac as they fall throw glass into the warehouse as it explodes and Pet-Vac jumps off safely)
smilie What the heck did you do Drobit?
smilie I planted explosives and now they are no more!
smilie Well then...
(Later at the Skylanders HQ)
smilie We're back!
smilie So, you exploded a warehouse that was next to a school?
smilie It was Drobit, tell him
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#743 Posted: 20:37:40 14/04/2015
Keep on going with the awesome stories!
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#744 Posted: 06:30:17 22/04/2015 | Topic Creator
94th story starts today! It focuses around Wrecking Ball and his struggles.
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Story 94 Lost Wrecking Ball
Chapter 1 Promotion

(In the Magic Bedroom)
smilie Wrecking Ball wake up!
smilie What time is it?
smilie 5AM...
smilie I wake up at 5AM sometimes but not today, you're not normally up now, why do you need me?
smilie We are giving you a promotion of sorts
smilie A promotion, for what?
smilie There's a spot now open on on the Skylanders Elite Council
smilie I've never heard of this before, is it new or...
smilie No, it has been a secret and there are only eight members which are me, Gill Grunt, Eruptor, Chop Chop, Terrafin, Stealth Elf and Whirlwind.
smilie And there's a spot open for magic because of Spyro...
smilie He was our grand master and maybe you'll be able to take that role
smilie Why me and not Voodood or Double Trouble
smilie You have done more for Skylanders than any one alive so it had to be you over them
smilie Okay, where is the council?
smilie In a secret underground tunnel underneath the basement
smilie Wait, don't the Giants have there own council thing?
smilie Yes, but there's is publicly known as a Giants council while ours is only for Elite Core Skylanders and remains a secret to the public
smilie I'm ready to go now
smilie Let's go!
(The two travel downstairs into the basement where they go through a secret tunnel leading underground)
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#746 Posted: 05:35:29 23/04/2015
Wrecking Ball! <3
Top 5 Skylanders: 1. smilie 2. smilie 3. smilie 4. smilie 5. smilie
I LOVE Machine Ghost, he is underrated and needs more love!
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Chapter 2 Inward Journey

smilie Welcome Wrecking Ball
smilie You guys think I'm worthy of being elite?
smilie After everything you've shown since joining the Skylanders we've seen that you are indeed worthy of the being an elite Skylander
smilie You're not like every other Skylander, there's something special about you
smilie With that being said, why wasn't I here before?
smilie What do you mean?
smilie If I am indeed special and worthy why am I only joining the elite group now?
smilie Because before there wasn't space available...
smilie I see what this is, just because Spyro died to want something to fill in gap and not because you think I am worthy
smilie It's not like that Wrecking Ball
smilie No Terrafin it is, I'm not taking this position, I'm leaving
smilie But you know of the elite group
smilie Let Wrecking Ball go, we aren't forcing him to do anything
(Wrecking Ball leaves the tunnel and goes upstairs)
smilie Wrecking Ball what where you doing in the basement
smilie It doesn't matter, what are you doing awake?
smilie I just woke up early I guess, I felt like getting up and getting yoghurt
smilie I feel like ever since Spyro died everything is messed up...
smilie What do you mean?
smilie I don't know but without Spyro the Skylanders seem...
smilie Seem what?
smilie I just need to search for a little while
smilie Search, for what?
smilie Myself
(Wrecking Ball goes outside)
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Chapter 3 False Worlds

(Wrecking Ball sits down on grass and begins to think about himself and the world)
smilie I wonder what it would be like if things were different, if Spyro didn't have to die
smilie Wrecking Ball, what are you talking about?
smilie SPYRO!
(Wrecking Ball hugs Spyro)
smilie How are you alive?
smilie What do you mean? I was born and then I lived
smilie But Malefor, he killed you
smilie Malefor? Nah, he's still in the Underworld
smilie But he escaped and wreaked havoc
smilie I don't know here you are getting these ideas from but you should start eating
smilie Wait, this is the Dining Hall
(Wrecking Ball begins to eat)
smilie No, this isn't what happened, this isn't what the world was meant to be!
(Wrecking Ball's vision switches to a different world)
smilie Help, help...
smilie What Spyro?
smilie I'm dying...
smilie What do you mean? You all ready died, I don't understand this
smilie Would you rather have me back just to see me die again?
smilie But it wasn't your time...
smilie And you are the one to decide that?
smilie No... It's not my choice...
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Chapter 4 Blackout

smilie I don't decide anyone's fate
???: But I'll decide yours
(Blackout pounces out from nowhere to try and attack Wrecking Ball but he dodges)
smilie Blackout, what the heck are you doing?
smilie I'm putting an end to you and your little game
smilie You'll pay for taking the magic source!
smilie I will decide you fate as Spyro's was decided
smilie My fate will not be decided today
(Wrecking Ball swings his tongue at Blackout as Blackout dodges)
smilie You cannot beat me, you are weak
smilie I don't know why you'd betray the Skylanders but I'm not letting you get away with it
(Wrecking Ball forms hos Forcefield Ball and charges towards Blackout)
smilie Foolish
(Blackout throws his Shadow Orb and stops Wrecking Ball it mid roll)
smilie That won't stop me Blackout, I don't give up easy
smilie We'll see...
(Blackout plants a Black Hole which Wrecking Ball falls into)
smilie Fell the power of Blackout!
(Wrecking Ball swings his tongue out to grab a nearby tree)
smilie Your Black Holes won't hold me
smilie If they can't to the job, my wings will
(Blackout starts slashing his wings near Wrecking Ball as he dodges them)
smilie You will not escape me
(Wrecking Ball hits Blackout with his Forcefield Ball and then Tongue Whaps him)
smilie Give up Blackout, traitors never win
smilie So you think
(Blackout launches a Shadow Ball which Wrecking Ball eats and spits out at Blackout to defeat him)
smilie Wrecking Ball what happened?
smilie Blackout tried to sabotage me, we'll take him to the HQ and question him
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Okay, enough of the Spyro related stories. It's about time the Skylanders go on missions.
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