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WreckingBallBob's Skylanders Stories
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#601 Posted: 18:44:55 19/06/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 3 Good News

smilie When are we gonna get our first caller so I can deliver some bad news!
smilie I don't know, maybe the bad news is that you failed?
smilie What did you just say?
smilie That the bad news is...
(Bad News Wreckers grabs Pop Thorn up to a wall)
smilie I'm the only one who delivers bad news around here ya got that?
smilie Yes Bad News Wreckers
(Bad News Wreckers lets go and the phone rings)
smilie Our first costumer! (He picks up the phone)
smilie Hey there Bad News Wreckers I need you to deliver some bad news
smilie That's what I'm here to do, I'll gladly deliver some bad news
smilie The bad news is that Trap Shadow has poop on his foot and I don't wanna tell him because he'll kill me
smilie That's some bad news I'll be willing to deliver
smilie Great, thanks! (He hangs up)
smilie It's time to deliver some bad news!
???: If you think you're giving some bad news today then I'm afraid I've got some good news!
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#602 Posted: 09:53:45 21/06/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 4 No News

smilie The bad news has to stop!
smilie If you think the bad news will stop then I'm afraid I've got some bad news!
smilie After you delivered that awful news to me I wanted to deliver good news to everyone!
smilie In our world there's no good news and only bad news news!
smilie I'll prove that there's good news!
(Trap Shadow walks past)
smilie Trap Shadow, if you think that no one likes you then I'm happy to say that I've got some good news! We all love you
smilie .....(He walks off)
smilie See? If that was real good news he wouldn't have walked off and he would have said thank you
smilie He was just the wrong person to tell...
smilie Ha! Bad news can be delivered you anyone while good news cannot!
smilie Can you guys stop with these gimmicks?
smilie Gimmick?
smilie But mine is good news!
smilie Everyone is tired of hearing bad news and good news so I'm going to ban them both
smilie If you think you're banning bad news then I'm afraid I've got some bad news!
smilie Awww... Bad News is over...
smilie It was for the best as Bad News Barrett is injured anyways
smilie When?
smilie Oh wait... That happened after the post... But not the edit ahahahha!
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#603 Posted: 19:50:24 24/06/2014 | Topic Creator
Don't expect a new story until July.
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#604 Posted: 21:09:51 14/07/2014 | Topic Creator
The Curse Of The Outlands
Chapter 1 Monster

smilie Okay, I'm here at the Outlands to see Phineas. It's been a while since we've seen each other but he's a cool dude
Phineas: Hey Molten Hot Dog. Please come inside
smilie Okay! (He walks inside the house)
Phineas: Please sit down!
smilie It's very dark in here and I can't see much
Phineas: That's okay I'll just turn on the light
smilie I hope your okay with the facts than your floor is becoming warm
Phineas: That's fine (He turns on the light)
smilie Nice hous... AHHAHAHHAHHAH!
Phineas: What's the matter Molten Hot Dog?
Phineas: The same reason you will be
smilie What are you trying to say Phineas?
Phineas: I brought you here to be made
smilie What are you on?
Phineas: Dark Molten Hot Wash Blast Dog Zone Buckler
smilie NO NO NO! (He gets up and runs)
(Perry kicks Molten Hot Dog in the face)
Phineas: My creation shall be complete
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#605 Posted: 17:08:14 16/07/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 2 Search Party

smilie Guys I'm really worried about Molten Hot Dog
smilie Why?
smilie He's been gone for two days!
smilie Maybe they're buddies in more than one way
smilie Wow, really mature Freeze Blade
smilie Fine, we'll go look for Molten Hot Dog
smilie I hate the Outlands it's so warm and not cool
smilie I like it here! It's all warm and cosy!
smilie Look! (He points out a house) That most be where Molten Hot Dog and ice tea is! (He runs to the house)
smilie Are you drunk because I don't see anything
smilie (He runs through the house) NOOOO! It was just a mirage I wanted my sweet ice tea
smilie Are you a idiot?
smilie Nope...
smilie You can shoot out of your face and drink it
smilie I don't see you drinking yourself so why should I?
smilie I am not thirsty though... Look a house!
smilie It's just a mirage just keep walking
smilie No it's not I don't get mirages in heat I get them in the cold
smilie No, fudge you!
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#606 Posted: 17:08:57 16/07/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 3 Should Have Never Trusted Him!

Phineas: Look how skinny and weak you are now without food in two days... Now, I can cut you easy!
smilie AHAHAH! Someone save me!
(Hot Dog smashes the door down)
smilie Leave my brother alone you sick weirdo!
Phineas: I will cut him in half and stick him with my other two projects
smilie Dark Wash Buckler and Dark Blast Zone? Oh, so that's where they've been...
Phineas: And it looks like that'll be where you are
smilie Nice heat resistant ropes... Did you buy them from one of your three year old fans?
Phineas: Charming... Perry!
smilie ICE TEA!!!
(Freeze Blade runs in)
smilie Ice Tea?
(Perry kicks Hot Dog in the head)
smilie (He throws his Chakram and kills Perry) LOL!
(Phineas knocks out Freeze Blade with his little sausage)
smilie Why is it so small?
Phineas: Shut up you ugly skinny dog!
smilie Wahoo! (He bites Phineas' face off) Taste like evil baby poop
smilie Where did you come from?
smilie I had to do this because Disney Infinity sucks and Zap will always hate it!
smilie I should have known he'd do that... Can't trust Disney Infinity... A evil kids game unlike us a awesome man game!
(Zap sets everyone free and wakes up Freeze Blade and Hot Dog)
smilie Aw, no ice tea?
smilie You can make it on my back with my ice tea maker
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#607 Posted: 19:20:32 10/08/2014 | Topic Creator
Vathek Reigns
Chapter 1 Attack over Skylands

smilie Wrecking Ball! Wrecking Ball wake up man!
(Wrecking Ball gets up with his drool all over his pillow)
smilie What, Pop Fizz?
smilie There's some crazy stuff going on and the others aren't here and I...
smilie You been drinking pop again? I know how you like fizzy pop Pop Fizz...
smilie No, I swear I haven't we just need to go outside and see
smilie I'm getting some garlic bread first
smilie No time, They'll get in here and find us!
smilie Who will find us? Spit it out Pop Fizz
smilie A giant dragon thing and his army
smilie A black dragon?
smilie Uh... Yeah
smilie It must be Vathek! We beat him once before then he was turned to stone...
smilie We need to help them!
smilie All right!
(Wrecking Ball and Pop Fizz get out of the magic room and get outside)
smilie Holy bananas...
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#608 Posted: 19:13:27 08/09/2014 | Topic Creator
Dammit... Okay... I'll finish this story and I will return better than ever with Trap Team!
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#609 Posted: 19:26:00 08/09/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 2 Fighting Back

smilie His minions are everywhere!
smilie Wrecking Ball! What do we do man? We're screwed!
smilie Looks like it's up to us two to defeat Vathek and his minions
smilie There's too many of them! How could we possibly defeat an entire army and a giant dragon?
smilie I'm Wrecking Ball, of course I can defeat him!
Vathek: Ah, and if it isssssssn't Wrecking Ball
smilie Vathek how the fudge did you escape from the stone?
Vathek: You ssssssssssee that for me to know and you to find out
smilie I can take you by myself!
smilie I have to drink some pop! (Drinks Pop and starts defeating Vathek's minions)
smilie Come on Vathek, you sheep?
Vathek: AHH, fine! You just sssssssseald your fate!
(Vathek flies away and sends more minions to attack Wrecking Ball)
smilie You coward!
(Pop Fizz screams)
smilie Pop Fizz? (Wrecking Ball sees him overwhelmed by minions attacks the minions around himself) You won't take me down I will destroy you all!
(Wrecking Ball puts up a valiant effort but in the end there is just to many minions and he too is overwhelmed)
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#610 Posted: 17:15:41 11/09/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 3 A New Rule

Vathek: Yesssssssss SSSSSSkylanssssss belongssssssss to me!
Troll: Actually sir it technically doesn't belong to you since no one owns it
Vathek: Quiet down minion! What I say is correct!
Troll: What about the fat chubby grub worm and crazy guy?
Vathek: They're under control! Other minionssss will make sure that they do not escape before the execution
Troll: Execution? But sir that's murder!
Vathek: You don't think I know that fool? Of course it is!
smilie Oh...
smilie Wake up man!
smilie Where are we Pop Fizz?
smilie I don't know it looks like a prison cell!
smilie His minions are guarding the place and the door is made of steel
smilie What do we do man? We're screwed!
smilie We have to get out of here somehow and defeat Vathek
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#611 Posted: 18:40:29 18/09/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 4 The Escape

smilie Oh no they didn't...
smilie What Wrecking Ball?
smilie It's funny that there just so happens to be a vent at the top of this cell
smilie Talk about a bad design flaw!
smilie (Wrecking Ball destroys it with his tongue) Okay, I'll try jump in here (He jumps but he can't jump high enough) Well, it looks like we can't jump that
smilie Let me try... (Pop Fizz jumps but fails) Darn it... What now?
smilie If one of us got a boost we could climb on there
smilie But, that means one of us doesn't get up there
smilie Yep, that the bad part...
smilie Okay, Wrecking Ball I'll boost you u...
smilie No... You get up there and find the others I can hold my own here
smilie But I can't do that I'll mess up and get caught
smilie You must go and find the others and stop Vathek I have a plan (Wrecking Ball move sunder the vent)
smilie (Pop Fizz climbs on Wrecking Ball and climbs up) Okay, stay safe and I'll find the others
smilie Good luck!
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#612 Posted: 13:13:53 27/09/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 5 The Search

smilie It's cold and very dark in here... OW! (His finger goes in a below vent with Trolls talking below)
Troll 1: How are the Skylanders doing?
Troll 2: They're quiet... One did try escaping out of the vent though so now we are doing cell checks to see if any others are escaping
smilie (He whispers) Oh no! I better be quick (He continues crawling)
Troll: (In the distance) Quick gas the vents to get that sucker out
smilie Oh, snap! (He crawls even faster as he sees smoke following him) Oh no I doome... (He smashes a vent below him and falls down to the ground)
???: It will be okay our time isn't now
(Pop Fizz wakes up outside on the grass)
smilie What the? How did I get here?
Troll: Sir, we were unable to find the escapee
Vathek: You usssssselessssss foolssssss! If that SSSSSSSkylander isssssn't found sssssssssoon I'll make ssssssssure you don't live another day
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#613 Posted: 13:14:27 27/09/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 6 Cell Bait

Vathek: You better tell me where your little friend isssssssss or we will do terrible things to you
smilie I will never tell you where he is!
Vathek: Fine, let the interrogation begin
(He plays the worst song in history-Mily Shighrus' Wrecking Ball)
Vathek: Tell me where he issss
smilie Never!
Vathek: Fine...
(He plays the music louder and Wrecking Ball starts screaming)
???: That seems pretty bad we need to help him now
???: We aren't ready quite yet let's just hope he aren't too late
smilie How do I get back in this prison? (He throws in rock at the wall) Hmmm...
smilie I can help you if you are a Chompy are you a Chompy?
smilie Uhh... Yeah, I'm a uhh rare fury Chompy
smilie Okay, Chompy what do you need help with?
smilie Getting in this prison to save the Sky... I mean my fellow Chompies!
smilie How could they lock Chompies up in there? That will never do!
smilie's Puppet: Save the Chompies!
(The Chompy Mage changes into a giant Chompy and smashes the Prison wall down)
smilie SAVE THE CHOMPIES! (He starts defeating Trolls)
smilie Looks like I can sneak in and save everyone!
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#614 Posted: 19:14:27 28/09/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 7 Fight Back

Troll: Vathek sir there's been a breach in the north wall
Vathek: How could you let thisssss happen? Go fix the problem now!
Troll: Yes sir...
(Pop Fizz is running to different cells and freeing Skylanders)
smilie Quick guys get outside before we get captured! The Trolls are dealing with the Chompy Mage
smilie What's the Chompy Mage doing here?
smilie I have no idea but he's helping us because I've said we are Chompies
smilie Where's Wrecking Ball?
smilie He was in a cell with me and I escaped so he is still there...
(Pop Fizz runs back to his original cell but before he gets in Vathek steps in front of him)
Vathek: What do you think you're doing?
smilie I'm putting an end to your plans Vathek!
(Vathek smacks Pop Fizz across the room and Pop Fizz runs outside)
smilie Guys Vatheks coming...
(All the Skylanders are defeated as well as the Chompy Mage and then Pop Fizz is pinned to the ground by Trolls)
Vathek: Ahh... what do we have here? An execution party it seems... Start with the purple dragon
smilie This won't happen Vathek!
???: You're right it won't
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#615 Posted: 14:46:42 01/10/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 8 The Trap Team

Vathek: HUH?
smilie Your reign of terror ends here Vathek
Vathek: Who are you?
smilie I'm Snap Shot the leader of the Trap Masters
(All of the Trap Masters and New Skylanders appear behind him)
Vathek: Quick Trollsssss! Destroy thissss fool!
(The Trolls and Trap Masters start to battle as Vathek starts to fly away)
smilie No way! (Spyro flies after him)
smilie Where is Wrecking Ball?
smilie It doesn't look like he is around here
(The Troll army is defeated)
smilie We did it guys! Where did Vathek go?
smilie He flew off and Spyro chased after him
smilie Quick, Chopper and Blades chase after him!
smilie Will do!
(Blades and Chopper fly off)
smilie We have to find Wrecking Ball!
smilie You won't escape Vathek!
Vathek: Think that all you want SSSSSpyro you fool!
(Vathek flies into Spyro and the both crash to the ground)
smilie Spyro, Quick Blades get Spyro!
smilie Okay, Chopper (He grabs Spyro and flies back to the others)
smilie Wrecking Ball...
smilie Oh, no...
smilie We got Spyro but he's badly hurt and we left Vathek where he was...
smilie It says Mily Sighrus Wrecking Ball on the disc... He was murdered by this awful song
(Wrecking Ball wakes and poops)
smilie I'm glad I don't have ears otherwise I'd be dead right now...
smilie Okay... Okay let's go home
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Iganagor Emerald Sparx Gems: 3544
#616 Posted: 10:31:13 11/10/2014
story !?
Summoning a STUNFISK
1. Go to a beach - 2. Fall flat on the ground - 3. Recite Stunfisks fart-cry
4. Flop 618 times - You have a STUNFISK!
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#617 Posted: 10:33:41 11/10/2014 | Topic Creator
Quote: Iganagor
story !?

YAY someone commented. I still to finish Chapter 8. I'll do it now.
Iganagor Emerald Sparx Gems: 3544
#618 Posted: 10:49:10 11/10/2014
That you my lord
Summoning a STUNFISK
1. Go to a beach - 2. Fall flat on the ground - 3. Recite Stunfisks fart-cry
4. Flop 618 times - You have a STUNFISK!
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#619 Posted: 10:50:31 11/10/2014 | Topic Creator
Quote: Iganagor
That you my lord

I never stopped my stories you know I just slowed down a lot until Trap Team.
Iganagor Emerald Sparx Gems: 3544
#620 Posted: 10:58:38 11/10/2014
Quote: wreckingballbob
Quote: Iganagor
That you my lord

I never stopped my stories you know I just slowed down a lot until Trap Team.

I'm not sure why you quoted that, but I guess I've gotta DEAL WITH IT
Summoning a STUNFISK
1. Go to a beach - 2. Fall flat on the ground - 3. Recite Stunfisks fart-cry
4. Flop 618 times - You have a STUNFISK!
NINJAsk11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1124
#621 Posted: 16:53:05 11/10/2014
I'm so suprised I'm still enjoying this. Keep up the good work!
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#622 Posted: 11:17:51 18/10/2014 | Topic Creator
Save the Homeless
Chapter 1 The Bulllying

smilie Wrecking Ball please do wake up we need to go buy some food and you need to find the best food
smilie I'm still scarred from those horrible experiences
smilie You can get garlic bread
(Wrecking Ball jumps up and rolls out)
smilie We are here let's go find food
Homeless Mabu: Have any change sir?
smilie Yes, thanks loads
(Ghost Roaster then walks on laughing)
smilie What the hell do you think you're are doing Ghost Roaster that's horrible!
smilie I have loads of change I asked his question
smilie No, this man needs change to live! We are Skylanders we should being doing something
smilie He should have got a job
smilie He can't you idiot... I was going to but garlic bread but I think this £100 should go to you
smilie Wrecking Ball think about what you are doing the garlic bread!
smilie I know Gusto but... Look I will make sure you have a home and have a happy life I'm fixing this everyone will have a home!
Homeless Mabu: Thank you kind sir (He coughs)
smilie I'm going so talk to Spyro right now
(Wrecking Ball rolls out)
smilie Wait, I do not have any money for food now I'm going to die!
(Gusto begins to cry and then he starts eating his boomerang)
smilie Yum, Traptanium
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#623 Posted: 17:30:35 19/10/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 2 The Idea

smilie Hello Skylanders!
smilie Give me that microphone!
smilie Security please escort Slobber Tooth at of the building and fix his addiction... Anyways, I'm here to talk about a problem that needs fixing right away...
smilie Yes, finally we are going to make room in the Skylanders HQ for us all!
smilie Uh, no right now we are fine what we need to do is make a place for the homeless to live
smilie I knew this was going to happen... We don't care about the stupid homeless Wrecking Ball! Get in trough your skull... Did any get that?
smilie They need help right now they deserve to have a place to live instead of being outside freezing
smilie How would this work?
smilie We give loads of money to make the shelter and then we give half of our food to them
smilie There's no way that would work so screw the homeless!
smilie That's awful Thumpback! Think about them being hungry, desperate and cold
smilie Okay, I've thought about it and still screw them!
smilie You wouldn't like being homeless would you?
smilie Nope, but since I am not I don't care
smilie Wrecking Ball I think it is time to end this as it hasn't worked
smilie No! Spyro! Please we need to help them I said I would
smilie Sorry Wrecking Ball it's over
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mrdarkspyro Blue Sparx Gems: 918
#624 Posted: 01:27:31 22/10/2014
I have finally started reading these again. smilie do another story with smilie or one with smilie please!
MAX AURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#625 Posted: 06:17:06 22/10/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 3 The Dirty Deed

smilie How could they not want to help the homeless? They're selfish...
smilie Not me, Shroomboom, Pop Thorn or Chopper! We agree with your cause!
smilie Thanks guys but what are us five going to do to change their minds...
smilie I could roar in their faces for five hours
smilie I don't think that would work...
smilie I can send my paratroopers from the sky you kill them all
smilie No murdering
smilie I could burn... Nah...
smilie No, go on Hot Dog you might have something good here
smilie I was going to say I could burn down the Skylanders HQ so we are all homeless
smilie That's stupid
smilie Oh yeah it's brilliant
smilie You see, we can make them all homeless so they no how it feels and then we can make them make the homeless shelter
smilie Okay Hot Dog make us all homeless
smilie My pleasure
(Hot Dog began to burn the Skylanders HQ which made the fire alarm turn off and everyone ran out)
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#626 Posted: 14:45:32 23/10/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 4 Skylands is Homeless

smilie I did it because Wrecking Ball approved
smilie Wait a minute, how would that work if the fire element rooms have lava in them?
smilie I don't know.. Plot holes?
smilie Why the heck would you tell him to do this Wrecking Ball? You could have killed us all and this cost £1,000,000 to make!
smilie Again, I ask why to we have to pay for things if we are Skylanders and why can't we make stuff for free?
smilie Because life that's why...
smilie You little poop why would you do this?
smilie To prove a point so we can help the homeless!
smilie So you made us homeless yo make us help them? FAT CHANCE! Spyro rebuiled right now!
smilie No Spyro! I'll make Hit Dog burn it down again unless we all sign a petition to give homes to the homeless
smilie Fine, we'll sign....
smilie We also need Mabu to sign so Hot Dog go burn more houses!
smilie OKAY!
(Hot Dog runs away to burn more houses)
smilie Let's get signing!
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#627 Posted: 05:35:27 24/10/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 5 No More Homeless

smilie What? Why are you looking at me like that? I'm not signing that crap
smilie Do you want to be homeless the rest of your life?
smilie I'd rather be homeless than help the homeless
smilie So you'd rather be homeless than help yourself?
smilie Come on just sign it so we can finally be done with this
(Krypt King walks over to Ghost Roaster and kills him with one swift swipe of his Traptanium sword)
smilie Since he is dead he is not a member of Skylands so everyone has signed...
(Wrecking Ball looks shocked at Ghost Roaster's dead corpse)
smilie Will do!
smilie Who the heck are you?
smilie Who are goo? (He runs away)
smilie Wash Buckler you know what this means?
smilie No?
smilie We can finally get more rooms...
smilie SCORE!
smilie I'm not paying for this just build it
(Ghost Roaster gets up)
smilie The heck just happened?
smilie You were dead when we needed the signatures so we still don't need one because you weren't a member of Skylands at the time
smilie I hate you Wrecking Ball!
(There is a montage of everything getting built with the Homeless Mabu thanking Wrecking Ball as he is smacked in the face by Ghost Roaster's chain)
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blackout3000 Blue Sparx Gems: 568
#628 Posted: 03:15:56 27/10/2014
smilie is the best house destroyer
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#629 Posted: 10:03:57 27/10/2014 | Topic Creator
Quote: blackout3000
smilie is the best house destroyer

Indeed he is.
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#630 Posted: 10:42:08 27/10/2014 | Topic Creator
Skylanders Short: Two Years...

smilie I can't believe it's been two years of me being awesome
smilie Hey, you can't take all the credit as you weren't in every story
smilie Yeah but I was in most stories as the main attraction!
smilie I guess that's true...
smilie Okay, readers click this link here: // to view the first story EVER!
smilie There you can see the writers awful 12 year old writing skills
smilie Slam Bam what happened? You were a cool lemon ice cone eating guy to a guy who flips tables... Wait, Gill Grunt why didn't you let me eat the lemon ice cone?
smilie Because Wrecking Ball... It was pee
smilie What are you on Gill Grunt? It was lemon! Why would I pee in it just to trick you guys?
smilie Because you're a bully?
smilie See? It was lemon all along and I never got to eat it because of you Gill Grunt!
smilie I'm here!
smilie Wham-Shell how did you foresee that the pirates were coming?
smilie I'm not sure... I think I was on stuff
smilie Wait, one second that was a dream wasn't it? How do you guys know this?
smilie Because you're dreaming right now in fact you're in a coma again because of Ghost Roaster
smilie Aw, poop
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Dream Land
Chapter 1 Wrecking Ball's Face

(Wrecking Ball is on a hospital bed with a Doctor Mabu looking over in which Stealth Elf runs in)
Doctor Mabu: I'm sorry but he cannot hear you after that awful hit from Ghost Roaster he's in a coma
smilie Well, it looks like I'm screwed...
smilie You're damn right you're screwed Ghost Roaster!
(Stealth Elf then walks over to Ghost Roaster to press him up against a wall)
smilie You're dead Ghost Roaster I'm going to do things to you that you could never imagine
smilie Screw that I'm a heel
(Ghost Roaster then breaks free to quickly float away in his ectoplasm form which hurt him over time)
smilie Don't worry Stealth Elf Spy Rise has made a device that can let some of us go inside Wrecking Ball's brain to wake him up
smilie All right but who goes in there?
smilie Spy Rise, Scratch, Enigma and Ninjini will go
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Chapter 2 Going In

smilie Okay, I have made this special device to send us in Wrecking Ball's dreams to wake him up
smilie Why do I have to go in there Spyro?
smilie You up for it?
smilie Uh... Yeah?
smilie Since you're up for it there's no reason why not
smilie Why are Ninjini and Enigma coming?
smilie Ninjini has that dreamy potion thing and Enigma is ghostly... I don't just go!
smilie Okay, this device will transport us in his dream using it's particle power two send us in there... The particles will carry us in his dream and there we will be... Now, this is just a warning but depending on how dangerous Wrecking Ball's dreams are we might be in for a bad time so focus and stick together! Ready? 1... 2... 3...!
(All four of them are sucked into Wrecking Ball's dream along with Spyro who was too close nearby)
smilie SUCCESS!
smilie It must have sucked you in here too...
smilie Look, we are in Skylands and it looks the same as all ways
smilie Trust me when I say it won't be there'll be something
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Chapter 3 Dreamcatcher

smilie Look, it's Wrecking Ball and a floating head
smilie You can't run forever!
smilie YES I CAN! (He continues running along the island and jumps onto another)
smilie We must follow...
(Enigma cloak falls to the ground as his purple mist follows Wrecking Ball and brings him to them)
smilie Nice job Enigma
smilie Wrecking Ball, don't run we are trying to help you get out of your coma
smilie I'm not in a coma and here trying to run away from the scary lady
smilie No, you're in a dream and we need to wake you up
smilie No, I'm not! Leave me alone! (He runs off again)
smilie Shall I get him again?
smilie No need Enigma we must take out the floating head to stop this
smilie Hey you Skylanders what are you talking about?
smilie You...
smilie Why are talking behind my back?
smilie What? You're looking right at us!
smilie OMG not cool!
smilie I hate these types of girls
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Chapter 4 Wrecking Ball's Head

smilie We must defeat this floating head
smilie My name is Dreamcatcher not floating head and I'm going to get Wrecking Ball
smilie Come face me and I will Scratch you brains out
smilie How are you female?
smilie Leave me alone! I'm telling on you!
(Dreamcatcher floats away after Wrecking Ball)
smilie If we get Wrecking Ball she'll come to us
smilie Yeah, you guys go do that while I...
(Enigma gets Wrecking Ball quickly using his purple mist)
smilie Let go of me!
(Dreamcatcher comes following)
smilie NOW!
(Spy Rise, Ninjini, Scratch and Enigma begin attacking Dreamcatcher)
smilie I'm sick of this it's too much effort
(Dreamcatcher ends Wrecking Ball's coma and they are all returned home)
smilie Uh... I'm awake
smilie Another successful journey
smilie I just wonder who was she?
smilie I don't know but something's going on...
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#635 Posted: 01:00:17 04/11/2014
Wheres the Chapters? Oh wait i'm guessing you haven't started... Can i add my stories here or is this special for you? @WreckingballBob
smilie smilie STARCAST FOR PRESIDENT OF MY SEXUALITY smilie smilie
smilie smilie Professor Jet-Vac? I don’t feel so good. smilie smilie
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#636 Posted: 06:29:42 04/11/2014 | Topic Creator
Quote: Luminous35
Wheres the Chapters? Oh wait i'm guessing you haven't started... Can i add my stories here or is this special for you? @WreckingballBob

I haven't got to them yet... I'm not sure if it would be a good idea to put them here. Maybe, in your own topic?
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The Traptanium Plot
Chapter 1 The Traptanium Hole

(Spyro has started a drilling facility to find fossil fuels for Skylands)
smilie Found any fossil fuel?
smilie We have found some coal but not much yet but we'll keep drilling
(The drill then begins jamming)
smilie Quick, turn off the drill it can't break something
(The drill then is turned off and lifted as there was Traptanium under it)
smilie That's Traptanium!
smilie This is a giant Traptanium crystal and only more Traptanium can break it
smilie Well, are we going to break it?
smilie It would be best to leave it as it is otherwise it may get into the wrong hands once it is broken
smilie Yeah, evil can't take parts of it without breaking it and to do that they need Traptanium
smilie And the only Traptanium around here is our weapons which they most likely can't acquire
smilie All right Skylanders stop drilling for coal and keep this Traptanium secure until further notice
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Chapter 2 The Traptanium Raiders

smilie How was I the Chompy Mage supposed to know they weren't Chompies? They told my there were!
smilie You were foolish to not be able to tell the difference
smilie OMG I almost had that blue blob until those Skylanders stopped me!
smilie Almost isn't good enough as you know
(Krankcase comes running in the Villain lair)
smilie After doing some research I have find out that the Skylanders have found a giant Traptanium crystal while mining for coal!
smilie Traptanium is just what we need so we must take it from them!
smilie The only way we can do that is by getting Traptanium to destroy the giant Traptanium so we need to steal the Skylanders weapons some how...
smilie Fools! How can you not know how to take the Traptanium weapons? It's simple go in at night while they are sleeping and take the weapons!
smilie Kaos? I thought your dad killed you
smilie Nonsense fool I have mad dark magic portal master hacks!
smilie Well, that's a lacklustre backstory
smilie Quiet Gulper, Kaos needs to help us get Traptanium!
smilie How do we not know that you will betray us?
smilie I would never do such a thing! I am smart enough to know you'd hunt me down if I did so... I propose I go ggo get the weapons along with Dr Krankcase and then you guys come along to get the Traptanium!
smilie You better remember I am in charge of this operation and I do what must be done with the Traptanium!
smilie Why yes, of course my queen
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#639 Posted: 08:36:04 07/11/2014
Quote: Luminous35
Wheres the Chapters? Oh wait i'm guessing you haven't started... Can i add my stories here or is this special for you? @WreckingballBob

It is a smarter idea to make your own topic. Gives you more attension.
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Chapter 3 Stealing Traptanium

(Kaos and Dr Krankcase are on a hill looking over the Skylanders HQ while Kaos is holding a map)
smilie All right this map clearly shows they have a front room which is too risky to go through the door or they'll know we are there becasue they have an alarm but we could drill underground up the basement to get to the meal room then to the front room without setting of the alarm and then you walk on the ceiling and...
smilie And what?
smilie I don't see a room for the Trap Masters...
smilie Why not?
smilie There's a Swap Force room, a Giants room and rooms for each element but no Trap Master room...
smilie There's an explanation for this... As this is an outdated map as the HQ was burned down by Hot Dog and they made a new one...
smilie Did Hot Dog turn on them?
smilie Nope, he made them homeless
smilie Da fudge? Never mind... Let's just drop in from the top
(The have a helicopter above the HQ and they both drop down)
smilie I'll break it
(He electrocutes the glass and it breaks and they parachute through)
smilie Okay, it looks like they still have an attic and if we go downstairs we'll be in some Skylanders rooms... If it's not the Trap Master room you climb on the ceiling to the Trap Master room
smilie And you?
smilie I watch you possibly fail
smilie Great...
(Dr Krankcase goes downstairs and climbs the ceiling above the Magic room as the Trap Master room is on the right)
smilie Okay, I'm in the Trap Master room... How do we get the weapons?
smilie Carry them with goo!
smilie What? You're too far away
(The Magic Skylanders wake up)
smilie Ah, poop
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Chapter 4 The Battle For Traptanium

smilie Kaos, what are you doing here?
smilie Uh...
(The rest of the Doom Raiders destroy the roof)
smilie Just grab a weapon!
smilie Okay!
(Dr Krankcase sticks Enigma's weapon with goo and Enigma wakes up)
smilie NOPE!
(Dr Krankcase grabs Snap Shot's weapons instead and he jumps on the Doom Raider ship)
smilie Quick guys we have to stop them!
(The Magic Skylanders get out of bed)
smilie ZIPLINE!
(Voodood grabs hold of the ship with his axe and Wrecking Ball grabs Voodood's foot with his tongue)
smilie Hold on Voodood we can't let them win... Wait...
(Wrecking Ball's swings on Voodood's leg and flips on the ship)
smilie Stop you bullies... Kaos? I though you were de...
smilie Dead, yeah yeah (He sends his Doom Sharks and they bite Wrecking Ball)
smilie OW OW OW!
smilie How do I use this thing?
smilie It's a bow just shoot it!
smilie It's stupid!
(The ship lands)
smilie Do something!
(The Trap Masters come to face the Doom Raiders)
smilie I don't know who you guys are but you've got a lot of nerve by stealing my Traptanium weapon!
smilie You got goo on my weapon
(Dr Krankcase runs away and drops the weapon which Kaos grabs)
smilie I'll just throw it...
(Kaos throws Snap Shot's sword at the Traptanium crystal and it does nothing)
smilie Huh?
smilie Only Trap Masters can break Traptanium mate
smilie Dammit, battle time yay...
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Chapter 5 Losing the Traptanium

(A battle begins between the Doom Raiders and the Trap Masters and Snap Shot walks over to his weapon and picks it up)
smilie Now, my power is back!
(Snap Shot then starts shooting Dr Krankcase)
smilie Hmm... the boomerang... Hey, uhh big fat blue guy you smell!
smilie I assure you I an not fat nor do I smell!
smilie Well, you do
smilie I refuse to let the bullying happen!
(Gusto then throws his boomerang which misses Kaos and hits the Traptanium which breaks it)
(The Doom Raiders then stop battling and they all grab the Traptanium and go on the ship)
(The Doom Raiders fly to the Outlands with the Traptanium)
smilie We failed...
smilie And it is all Gusto's fault
smilie He dodged the boomerang and...
smilie If only you thought about it more and then you'd know we was trying to make you throw it at him which would miss
smilie Let's report the news to the others and figure out future plans...
(At the Villains lair)
smilie I can't believe we won at something I never win against those Skylosers ever!
smilie That's because you needed a team all along one that good insure victory
smilie What are you plans now?
smilie You'll see in time...
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A new which makes more sense as in islands. It is only in rough though and it my story things are in different locations...

[User Posted Image]
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The Minis
Chapter 1 From Sidekicks to Minis

[User Posted Image] Welcome to the Skylanders academy!
smilie Great, why are we here?
[User Posted Image] There's a surprise for you guys and they're the Minis!
(The Minis all jump out and show themselves to the bigger selves)
smilie Hi master Trigger Happy!
smilie You got guns now?
smilie Yep, training and EBAY helps a lot!
smilie I get a Mini? He's beautiful!
smilie My name's Small Fry master Fryno!
smilie I'm no small fry but you sure are in a good way
smilie So, all of the old Minis learnt trained to be fighters and the news ones are just here out of nowhere?
smilie Master Spyro I thought I'd never see you and I'd die a fail...
smilie What, why in the world would you ever think that you're amazing!
smilie Oh, thank you master Spyro!
smilie Wow... HIS EYES! They must be this big from seeing me
smilie Bash my eyes are normally this big!
smilie Oh, okay still neat
smilie How did you build your suit Drobit?
smilie We all bought replica versions on EBAY
smilie Throw the fire!
(Weeruptor throws a midget fire blob)
smilie Ten out of ten
smilie What this!
(Hijinx does her dance)
smilie Not evil enough
smilie Feel the breeze!
(Breeze flaps her wings and sends a breeze to Whirlind)
smilie Feel the whirlwind
(Whirlwind flaps her wings and sends a whirlwind to make Breeze fly away)
smilie Whoops...
smilie EBAY IS REAL!
(Pet-Vac then begins flying around the area)
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Chapter 2 Attack on the Skylanders Academy

[User Posted Image] Okay now you Minis run along while I discuss things with your larger selves
smilie You can discuss that stuff with us Minis too!
[User Posted Image] No, I can't you see these are Skylanders you are Minis now go play...
(The Minis walk along)
smilie Did you guys here that? They still treat us like Sidekicks
smilie How can they do this to us?
smilie Do you think that our masters will treat us better?
smilie I'm not sure because dumb Buzz won't let us talk to them...
(Thumpling then begins playing in a sandbox near the dummies)
smilie I think we should cut our losses and be grateful that we get our own weapons and a chance to fight more...
smilie I'm sure they'll let us have greater roles
smilie They might but they seem a little preoccupied right now
(The Minis look to see Pirates ambush the bigger them and tie them up)
smilie Let's go save them!
smilie We can't rush in there or we'll get beaten we must go to the Mini only place and plan
smilie Okay, let's go!
(All the Minis then run to the book shelves)
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Chapter 3 Saving the Skylanders Academy

smilie What are we going to do? If they couldn't stop them how can we?
smilie They were ambushed so they didn't have a chance to fight back
smilie We need to plan this carefully...
smilie They're coming this way!
smilie We know they can't get up here but they sure can see us...
smilie We should all jump down and defeat the pirates and save Spyro!
smilie We will get defeated!
smilie We're very small so maybe they won't be able to catch us...
smilie Maybe you're right, we could run around the legs and distract them while we save our larger selves
smilie We can also use our EBAY weapons to defeat some of them...
(The Minis then jump down and run around the Pirates as the Pirates fail to grab them as Pet-Vac then shoots the Pirates as a few other Minis untie the others)
smilie How did you guys manage to do this?
smilie We are pros master Spyro!
(The larger versions then defeat the Pirates and they retreat)
smilie Since you saved us I think you guys deserve to know about our Skylanders business...
(Tree Rex looks as the Minis are all sleeping after very hard work)
smilie All ugly but Thumpling...
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Ghost Roaster's Trickery
Chapter 1 Hate Crime

smilie Hello all it is my Ghost Roaster and today I have been brutally hate crimed against!
(The audience then sounds shocked)
smilie Yes, it's true that in a world like this I'm still being bullied and beaten for being a skull person
smilie Spyro cancelled hate crimes remember?
smilie Spyro had poor judgement as we all know hate crimes are real and must be stopped... Please send £1 each and end hate crimes all over Skylands
smilie They're not hate crimes they're just crimes
smilie They didn't even get any punishments!
smilie Yeah, because no one likes you
(The crowd begins to boo and two Mabu Police come on stage)
Mabu Police: You have committed a hate crime now please come with us
smilie I didn't even commit a crime I just said words
smilie Yes, and those words broke my skull so he must be taken away and arrested
Mabu Police: Stop struggling
(The Mabu Police then take Fist Bump away)
smilie That you for your generous donations and please tune in next week to see tackle equality to all species
(Ghost Roaster then leaves and the crowed claps)
smilie What the hell Ghost Roaster? Why did you start your own show near all these Mabu and start talking about mate crimes that don't exist?
smilie So these idiots can send my money for the most stupid things I can be rich! And no one will stop me!
smilie I'm telling the crowd!
(Hot Dog then runs on the stage and just as they are leaving)
smilie Everyone Ghost Roaster's...
smilie HE'S RACIST!
(The crowd then begins booing and Hot Dog walks to Ghost Roaster and bites him)
(The Mabu Police then take Hot Dog off him and arrest him)
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Chapter 2 Teaching Him Lessons

smilie Thanks for getting us out Spyro...
smilie Yeah, Ghost Roaster is very foolish
smilie Foolish? You sure about that bud? Hate crimes may be band in the Skylanders HQ area but not in the Mabu area which means they must go back to jail and serve a 20 year sentence
smilie I hate to say it but you're right...
smilie WHAT?
smilie Hate crimes exist around here but not up north so you must go back to jail
smilie For 20 years??? REALLY?
smilie I guess I could try to change the laws around here but for now you must remain in jail
(Fist Bump and Hot Dog go back to their prison cells)
smilie Yeah, good luck with that Spyro
smilie Hey... Uh Mabu law makers do you think you could change hate crime laws?
Mabu Law Maker: Oh, so it looks like you're the protesters of the set Hot Dog and Fist Bump free campaign so no it's not happening!
smilie I'm damn leader of the Skylanders are say you let them free! After all we are the ones that made all the buildings here
Mabu Law Maker: You are not our leader now leave!
smilie Okay, I'll leave but I'll send others to explain why hate crime laws should be banished then you'll see the way
smilie Well, Spyro are we free?
smilie Nope, they wouldn't listen but I will send other Skylanders to explain it to then and hopefully that'll get then to ban them
smilie But, it smells in here
smilie And it's a lot worse with all your pooping Hot Dog
smilie It may be a week before I can send them because of stuff
smilie A week? NOOOOO!
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#649 Posted: 21:41:31 20/11/2014
Great so far!
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
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Quote: Swap Force Fan
Great so far!

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