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GBA Version Interesting Trick [CLOSED]
TruthRevealer Green Sparx Gems: 182
#1 Posted: 21:52:05 01/08/2013 | Topic Creator
I recently discovered that you can reach the runic switch in Deep Grove without having wall climb and without cheats. To see how, watch my video here:
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SamXala Gold Sparx Gems: 2398
#2 Posted: 20:43:49 06/08/2013
Yes, I know this... By accident smilie!!!
O_0 Holy Cow!! I'm a Gold Sparx!
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Arc of Archives Yellow Sparx Gems: 1486
#3 Posted: 00:25:04 20/09/2013
Correct me if I'm wrong about the location, but there's a mask you can reach at the start of Fellmuth near the top of the screen. You're supposed to use Wall Climb to reach it. However, if you jump up from the right spot, it's very easy to wall jump up to it without the wall climb at all. I'm not sure on the exact details because I haven't played this game for a long time(in fact, it's in my to-replay list), but this is a trick I've pulled off on a couple of play throughs and once when I'd already collected it anyway.
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