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What game [CLOSED]
semp123 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3232
#1 Posted: 15:07:54 17/02/2007 | Topic Creator
Wich kind of spyro fusion do you have? I have the one that calls it fusion!
I'm in the USA!I know that it's from a diffrent country!
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Doshdie Fodder
#2 Posted: 09:04:11 30/06/2007
Iv got fusion and im in England (actually i brought it in spain)
robby Yellow Sparx Gems: 1513
#3 Posted: 18:10:18 04/08/2007
i got fusion
Ya rite chaps
DragginMaster Red Sparx Gems: 11
#4 Posted: 17:59:34 02/01/2008
I have orange
Spyro_rules Emerald Sparx Gems: 3213
#5 Posted: 01:45:29 04/01/2008
I have Orange.
Dragongyrl1000 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1939
#6 Posted: 01:09:55 12/01/2008
I have Orange: Cortex Conspiracy....
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Crush Gold Sparx Gems: 2812
#7 Posted: 09:19:55 14/01/2008
I have Fusion.
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ThatsSoRaven Yellow Sparx Gems: 1166
#8 Posted: 13:44:53 19/01/2008
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Ross Gold Sparx Gems: 2159
#9 Posted: 21:29:24 19/02/2008
I have both Spyro and Crash Fusion.

I've got the Superpack...
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