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Questions about Activate and Web Codes [CLOSED]
obidawsn Gold Sparx Gems: 2901
#1 Posted: 16:19:10 18/06/2013 | Topic Creator
My wife and I both have our own Activate accounts (much like others here), so I was wondering if anyone knew how it worked if you registered your Skylanders before signing into Activate.

When we were playing Lost Islands, I'm pretty sure we used the same code on a couple of Skylanders, but we soon both signed up for Activate. After that, we couldn't use the same code. Now that I'm built up to Level 23, I'm not interested in starting over, but I'm not just starting to play Cloud Patrol and was curious. I've added a couple of Skylanders to my game, already, but have yet to connect my Cloud Control game to Activate. If my wife and I both enter in the same web codes (which should work if we aren't on Activate), would it then let us both play the characters once we connect the game to Activate? I'm assuming it would, but haven't tried it.

It's too late to try that with Lost Islands, but I assume I could get a Bluetooth portal and add them with no problems. I don't really have the money to but it, right now, but hopefully one day I'll try it. But if I can get the workaround for Cloud Patrol to work, that would be great.
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