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Iggy! [CLOSED]
Lil-Cynder Blue Sparx Gems: 829
#1 Posted: 22:13:44 20/08/2008 | Topic Creator

I've been waiting for the scene where Spy and Cynder meet up with Iggy and peeps.

I one of the scenes with Iggy be him annoucing he's Spyro father. I've been pituring this...
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Spyrodude25 Blue Sparx Gems: 929
#2 Posted: 22:28:12 20/08/2008
Thats not Ignitus //

This is Ignitus!
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SequoiaDragon Emerald Sparx Gems: 3930
#3 Posted: 22:58:58 20/08/2008
The first one wasn't Ignitus, I don't think. But those cat guys look awesome, especially the blue ones, smilie. smilie
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Axel Yellow Sparx Gems: 1975
#4 Posted: 23:03:18 20/08/2008
Quote: Spyrodude25

GO IGGEH GO IGEeeeeHHHH one!!!1one
Iggy is teh MASTAH!
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