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Share your Online Game IDs. [STICKY]
bash fan Emerald Sparx Gems: 3577
#151 Posted: 13:01:48 23/12/2014
My Game Center is: M1chaelCurc1c

I'll add all of the Game Center forum users that are on the list as well.
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wspyro Emerald Sparx Gems: 4410
#152 Posted: 18:33:20 23/12/2014 | Topic Creator
I've been getting friend request, but I don't see their name on this list. I've been rejecting them all because I have no idea who they are. I assume they're from here because I don't see them on my "Last Played With" list.
If you sent a friend request and it was not answered, then I suggest you take a look at the first post. I clearly stated to inform the user that you are adding them. Please do so!
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StormDragon21 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4885
#153 Posted: 16:48:12 29/12/2014
Quote: wspyro
Quote: StormDragon21
Animal Jam: Dippermabel or Bluestarninelives.

Minecraft: Raythecat1

Club Penguin: Yellowflip7 or Starshine45

Which account do you use the most in Animal Jam?
Minecraft for the PC, right? Not PlayStation or Xbox?
Which account do you use the most in Club Penguin?

I'm not going to be on much for any of those games until winter break is over, but I use DipperMabel and Yellowflip7 the most. Yes, Minecraft for the PC.
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cstall04 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1050
#154 Posted: 10:08:17 02/01/2015
Xbox live StallDawg04
Farlo Blue Sparx Gems: 516
#155 Posted: 21:20:04 04/01/2015
3DS friend code:
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Templarhunter97 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1347
#156 Posted: 12:31:54 24/01/2015
Ok mine is

3ds friend code

2423 4297 7057
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skylandersspyro Emerald Sparx Gems: 3435
#157 Posted: 01:42:17 28/01/2015
nintendo network:fugaljoker
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JayjeA Blue Sparx Gems: 636
#158 Posted: 03:37:50 28/01/2015
Nintendo Network ID: JayjeA
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TorchSheep Emerald Sparx Gems: 3236
#159 Posted: 21:39:37 01/02/2015
3DS Friend Code: 1778-9418-2062
somePerson Platinum Sparx Gems: 6455
#160 Posted: 13:50:37 14/02/2015
PSN is IxaVerse
rick and morty season 3, episode 3, 00:30
jLight Ripto Gems: 0
#161 Posted: 02:43:14 18/02/2015
They're both in my signature, but in case I change it, here they are:

Steam ID: FireHeart997
Game Center (iOS) ID: FireHeart997
Camo22 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3501
#162 Posted: 03:45:02 16/03/2015
Nintendo 3ds friend code: 3969-6194-4603
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willspyro Ripto Gems: 5862
#163 Posted: 05:33:53 19/03/2015

WilltheWizard Yellow Sparx Gems: 1779
#164 Posted: 05:47:31 19/03/2015

Spread those positive vibes
willspyro Ripto Gems: 5862
#165 Posted: 05:47:55 19/03/2015
Quote: WilltheWizard


maybe we can play some time
WilltheWizard Yellow Sparx Gems: 1779
#166 Posted: 14:57:20 26/03/2015
Quote: willspyro
Quote: WilltheWizard


maybe we can play some time

Sure! What servers do you like to play on?
Spread those positive vibes
TakeYourLemons Gold Sparx Gems: 2343
#167 Posted: 02:55:36 12/04/2015
PSN: pigvader
Xbox: TakeYourLemons
goldenrushducks Yellow Sparx Gems: 1572
#168 Posted: 21:42:08 07/05/2015
club penguin - aquaboy01
minecraft - americab
OnionCakes Yellow Sparx Gems: 1810
#169 Posted: 15:07:59 11/05/2015
Minecraft: Locke_Delecroix

Nintendo: Onioncakes or Onionsaur

PSN: Locke_Delecroix
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SirKev7 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1251
#170 Posted: 16:30:22 16/05/2015
Comment your Gamertags. Mines Kevboss7 smilie
abstractsardine Gold Sparx Gems: 2244
#171 Posted: 17:02:38 16/05/2015
umm... what relation does this have with skylanders?
WilltheWizard Yellow Sparx Gems: 1779
#172 Posted: 17:30:32 16/05/2015
Hey there is actually this really cool topic called "Share your online Game IDS! Do not post this stuff in the skylanders subforums.
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TTD Hunter Gems: 4647
#173 Posted: 18:36:45 16/05/2015
Moved to video gaming.
WilltheWizard Yellow Sparx Gems: 1779
#174 Posted: 19:14:58 16/05/2015
I would say that you should just close the topic and tell him to move it to the other topic that I suggested. It will happen soon anyways.
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etherealspyro Gold Sparx Gems: 2267
#175 Posted: 17:11:56 18/05/2015
psn: etherealspyro
minecraft for ps3: etherealghosts
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Dark Snap Shot Gold Sparx Gems: 2505
#176 Posted: 08:45:52 25/05/2015
Psn-Zydren8cookie, FC 3024-5345-8692
shadowstarcat Gold Sparx Gems: 2177
#177 Posted: 11:44:05 25/05/2015
PSN: GriffinOfLegend I think, I'll check tomoz.
Game Center: GriffinofDarkness

That's it
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Sboy13 Gold Sparx Gems: 2812
#178 Posted: 14:04:42 15/06/2015
Add me to the list, my Nintendo Network ID is TriggsBoy13.
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SPCR Red Sparx Gems: 95
#179 Posted: 02:30:09 16/06/2015
XBOX Live: (i don't have that yet, but i will call itsmilie SPCR
PSN: (i don't have that yet, but i will call itsmilie SPCR
Google Play Games: SpyroThePalmontCityRacer

...uh i think that's about it.
BaylorGamer Red Sparx Gems: 10
#180 Posted: 19:32:05 22/06/2015
Xbox Live : Baylor Gamer
Animal Jam : govols10

Please add meh!
LunarDistortion Ripto Gems: 3606
#181 Posted: 15:18:59 23/06/2015
NNID: Lunar_Distortion
Minecraft: LunarDistortion
skylandersspyro Emerald Sparx Gems: 3435
#182 Posted: 20:07:59 12/07/2015 gamertag and NNID spelled wrong.These are the real ones

Uh Uh Uh! You didn't say the magic word!
TacoMakerSkys Platinum Sparx Gems: 5151
#183 Posted: 03:48:04 28/07/2015
PSN ID: eziocreed756
NNID: MetalGearSolis

Add me and include who you are in the message. Will try to add who I can.
On Wii U, I play Smash Bros, Splatoon, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (on occasions, HR1), and Mario Kart 8 (rarely).
On PS4, only multiplayer games I own so far are Destiny, Rocket League, The Last of Us, and Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare.
I also have CoD: BO2/Ghosts, Resident Evil 6, and other games that I have forgotten. If you ever want to play with me, send me a PM on either service or on here.
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PopFizzMagic Yellow Sparx Gems: 1222
#184 Posted: 16:32:08 31/07/2015
psn- arad123gepner
Spyrobaby Emerald Sparx Gems: 3976
#185 Posted: 20:02:19 06/08/2015
PsN- nysm1th9
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AdamGregory03 Gold Sparx Gems: 2156
#186 Posted: 20:15:57 06/08/2015
Nintendo ID: AdamGregory03.
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Qcumber Yellow Sparx Gems: 1054
#187 Posted: 18:49:49 08/08/2015
NNID - Qcumber712
You can't handle MEMES
TTD Hunter Gems: 4647
#188 Posted: 09:38:09 27/08/2015
3DS - 1306-8291-8870
Starfire Dragon Emerald Sparx Gems: 4966
#189 Posted: 03:53:40 21/09/2015
PSN: Starfire--Dragon
My Dragon Art & Stuff
PSN: Starfire--Dragon
I'm addicted to Minecraft smilie
darkwolf Platinum Sparx Gems: 5793
#190 Posted: 18:15:20 29/09/2015
PSN: Skyhunter641

Include your dS name in the request, otherwise I probably won't add you.
PopFizzMagic Yellow Sparx Gems: 1222
#191 Posted: 15:31:26 10/10/2015
arad123gepner psn
mega spyro Emerald Sparx Gems: 3823
#192 Posted: 00:44:08 30/10/2015
Wii U: TARDIScontroller Mii name: 11thDoctor
Dark Snap Shot Gold Sparx Gems: 2505
#193 Posted: 06:12:07 17/11/2015
Friend code 3024-5345-8692
Psn-Zydren8cookie, FC 3024-5345-8692
Barrysun Gold Sparx Gems: 2082
#194 Posted: 02:44:20 08/12/2015
3DS friend code: 5455-9453-6249
Nintendo network: Barrysun
PSN: Barrysun1
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skylandersspyro Emerald Sparx Gems: 3435
#195 Posted: 04:42:25 22/12/2015
PSN: frugaljoker8
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OimakKamio Yellow Sparx Gems: 1643
#196 Posted: 21:46:28 04/01/2016
PSN lioned33
Lioned33 PS4
Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3417
#197 Posted: 03:19:07 12/03/2016
OP needs an update yo

3DS FC: 2191-7661-4611
NNID: Nibelilt
Steam: Drawdler

Anyways, the real reason I'm posting- I don't really have a good place to "announce" this so I'll just say it here:

I've really had to clean out my 3DS Friends List for a while now, so I did it. Here's a list of the FCs I still have registered. Please send me a message if you want to add eachother and aren't on here. Nothing personal if I did remove you, but I want to keep my list small. Also, I may have accidentally removed you if your 3DS name is different from your username.

4854-7019-5635 (if you're reading this, I miss you so much, I wish I'd been a better friend </3)
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abstractsardine Gold Sparx Gems: 2244
#198 Posted: 21:33:25 05/04/2016
Well it's better then having it in my guestbook

3ds friend code: 3325-1585-4350
Gamecenter: abstractsardine
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Qcumber Yellow Sparx Gems: 1054
#199 Posted: 18:16:38 16/05/2016
I don't think my username is on here (I can't see it anywhere), but if it is, please can you remove it?

Thanks in advance.
You can't handle MEMES
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