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Mama.... [CLOSED]
Dark_Spyro999 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4713
#1 Posted: 19:16:16 10/05/2013 | Topic Creator
...,just killed a man

Put a gun against his head

Pulled my trigger, now he's dead
I is ded
DragonCamo Platinum Sparx Gems: 6132
#2 Posted: 19:18:04 10/05/2013
I thought this had to do with that one scary movie
Gay 4 GARcher
thumper Ripto Gems: 3519
#3 Posted: 19:22:04 10/05/2013
Mama, life had just begun
But now I've gone and thrown it all away..
Mama, ooh, didn't mean to make you cry..
Dark_Spyro999 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4713
#4 Posted: 00:52:40 11/05/2013 | Topic Creator
Too late, my time has come
Sends shivers down my spine
Body's aching all the time
Goodbye everybody - I've got to go
I is ded
thumper Ripto Gems: 3519
#5 Posted: 01:08:34 11/05/2013
Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth
Mama ooh I don't want to die
I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all...
spyro and sonic Platinum Sparx Gems: 5736
#6 Posted: 01:10:07 11/05/2013
Seiki Platinum Sparx Gems: 5015
#7 Posted: 05:03:09 11/05/2013
Even though you guys skipped a verse and several lines...

I see a little silhouetto of a man
Scaramouch, scaramouch will you do the fandango?
Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening me!
Once in my dreams, I rose and soared. No matter how I'm knocked around or beaten down, I will stand up restored.
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