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thug life?? [CLOSED]
LevanLish Green Sparx Gems: 120
#1 Posted: 02:41:46 09/05/2013 | Topic Creator
People are always saying they were born into the 'thug life '. But everyone has their own opinion on it...
What is your idea of what the thug life really is?!
Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?
somePerson Platinum Sparx [online] Gems: 5702
#2 Posted: 02:46:33 09/05/2013
Thug life what is that. I only live the Pug life.
Rand O M Gold Sparx Gems: 2223
#3 Posted: 03:09:54 09/05/2013
Thug life= beer run at 7-11
Brightscales Ripto Gems: 445
#4 Posted: 19:27:20 09/05/2013
did you choose it or did the thug life choose u???????
HIR Diamond Sparx Gems: 8982
#5 Posted: 21:12:38 09/05/2013
When you get married in the thug life, you get a thug wife. <.<
When you slice your bread, you use a thug knife. >.>
Congrats! You wasted five seconds reading this.
Edited 1 time - Last edited at 21:13:15 09/05/2013 by HIR
LevanJess Emerald Sparx Gems: 3404
#6 Posted: 21:54:25 09/05/2013
[User Posted Image].....
but i love it all smooth
Samius Hunter Gems: 8358
#7 Posted: 16:51:07 10/05/2013
It's a joke, that's what it is.
Per aspera ad astra
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