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Skylands Anime [CLOSED]
Doomslicer Yellow Sparx Gems: 1993
#1 Posted: 10:47:39 06/05/2013 | Topic Creator
Is it any good?
No, it doesn't have anything to do with Skylanders, but I found a volume of it on Amazon while looking for Skylanders. Just wondering if anyone's seen it or anything.
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#2 Posted: 08:11:03 07/05/2013
OOh I think I remember that. I never watched much of it when it came out like 6 years ago, but I can still remember some of it.

It was pretty much about this futuristic world where the world was devoid of water and was now a bunch of floating islands. There were these bad dictator guys that controlled all the water that was left. It had something to do with some poor boy and his mum or something trying to get water maybe???

Just googled it and aparently it's French/Canadian? Not Japanese?
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