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What country do ya live in? [CLOSED]
WUMBOSIMPSON Yellow Sparx Gems: 1424
#51 Posted: 09:42:57 04/05/2013
**** you state
cry baby, I am
Jaggedstar Platinum Sparx Gems: 5572
#52 Posted: 09:52:24 04/05/2013
Quote: DragonCamo
Quote: Jaggedstar
Quote: DragonCamo
District 2, Panem
I live in the future y'all!

If you dare put my kids in the arena....

at least let me get free popcorn

Don't worry, they won't.........
*at the reaping*
Now, for the girls
*shuffle shuffle*

Aw hell naw
hell yeah
DummyZ Gold Sparx Gems: 2828
#53 Posted: 14:12:23 04/05/2013
I can't tell you, You'll have to guess. One tip: Somewhere in Europe.
ShadowMewX Platinum Sparx Gems: 6016
#54 Posted: 14:18:57 04/05/2013
I live in PA, USA, but I'm moving soon. You'll never know my true state! >:3
...Wow, there are a lot of people who live in PA.
"Putting Skyward in a coma has given me the most amusement of this month. I think I'm going to do it."

henryszuch Gold Sparx Gems: 2545
#55 Posted: 14:19:36 04/05/2013
VespiDragon8 Platinum Sparx Gems: 5114
#56 Posted: 14:27:41 05/05/2013
Colombia - Bogotá D. C.
In Colombia there are no states, there are regions. The city of Bogota is located in the central region, called: Andean Region.
BigBoom Emerald Sparx Gems: 3221
#57 Posted: 14:39:39 05/05/2013
pm me if u want to talk but dont tell my mom because im amish and she'll beat me
Brightscales Ripto Gems: 445
#58 Posted: 14:40:44 05/05/2013
north korea

Blackholes_Wolf Diamond Sparx Gems: 9494
#59 Posted: 15:39:36 05/05/2013
that one where dudes where skirts

that country
Samius Hunter Gems: 8382
#60 Posted: 16:18:15 06/05/2013
Quote: Blackholes_Wolf
that one where dudes where skirts

that country


THAT country.
Per aspera ad astra
Brightscales Ripto Gems: 445
#61 Posted: 16:27:07 06/05/2013
what couldl that me
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