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Who do you see the mods as? [CLOSED]
Oracle Ripto Gems: 351
#51 Posted: 01:51:44 03/05/2013
well the comment he had on the mods was really unecessary
King_Pika Blue Sparx Gems: 544
#52 Posted: 01:53:10 03/05/2013
It's his attitude. He's always putting someone in the mod group down. I never had much respect for CAV. Too affected by this site. He's bitter.
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HIR Diamond Sparx Gems: 9026
#53 Posted: 01:54:29 03/05/2013
Quote: Oracle
the kind of smile that you have after you fling an m&m across the room with a plastic spoon from wendy;s into your friends mouth, that kind of smile

Oh yeah, that smile. XP
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CAV Platinum Sparx Gems: 6266
#54 Posted: 01:57:32 03/05/2013
Quote: Oracle
well the comment he had on the mods was really unecessary

It asked a question.

I answered the question.

Quote: King_Pika
It's his attitude. He's always putting someone in the mod group down. I never had much respect for CAV. Too affected by this site. He's bitter.

Not always. I don't think they're all terrible, and I've made it noted as to who I think is good.

But is this going to become a thing now? Where any time mods are mentioned and I make a comment things are immediately going to go to "NO SHUT UP YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS YOU AREN'T ONE"?
And I think I already established why I wanted to be a mod so if someone runs in and talks about me wanting power or authority I'm gonna smack them.

But yeah, they're right about me being bitter about ****.
Trix Master 100 Diamond Sparx Gems: 8190
#55 Posted: 01:58:14 03/05/2013
Well I see some of them are doing their job. Some of them should be put off because they are either
  • Not doing their job at all when online
  • Or not caring about the public
  • ---
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    CAV Platinum Sparx Gems: 6266
    #56 Posted: 02:12:30 03/05/2013
    Quote: shorty

    I agree that he does seem a bit bitter but he isn't really too affected by this site, to be honest. I've seen people be affected a lot more by it in my time here, one of them being me. *shrugs*

    You and I need to talk.
    HIR Diamond Sparx Gems: 9026
    #57 Posted: 02:21:14 03/05/2013
    Time for serious 2 cents? I guess. Incoherent rambling go go go go!

    I understand that some of you think CAV and some others are acting bitter. But I can say that they're at least making a concerted effort to put all of it behind them and just continue trying to enjoy themselves. Although, if this is not the case then my bad. I can understand why CAV is so bitter. He's put in a lot of time and effort into being a big part of this sect of the darkSpyro community. I mean, he's posted about twice as much as me and I've been here over 2 times longer. He's made it pretty known that he wants to help make this place better for everyone and future users, and he felt that the mod position would have helped him accomplish that significantly better.

    As for people's opinions, you don't have to like mods, myself included. But if the sole reason you have a negative opinion of one of us is simply because we are mods, then I'm afraid that's unreasonable and juvenile. You're welcome to dislike or oppose a decision a mod makes. I certainly don't always agree with the decisions some of the other mods have made, even though I know I can't do anything. If you disagree with something, it's okay to let someone know, just at least try to make it constructive or respectful.

    And if you're going to simply ignore this because "Well HIR's a mod so it's easy for him to say all this," then I'm not going to try to reason with you anymore.

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    wspyro Emerald Sparx Gems: 4422
    #58 Posted: 02:57:24 03/05/2013
    Humans with abilities we don't have over DarkSpyro.
    Anyways, I forget they are mods. Even that Hunter that's on their posts doesn't remind me. I have to ask myself, "The mods are?" and then I remember ^.^
    ....Some of them/////

    Either way, their pretty cool katz.
    Meta Knight Green Sparx Gems: 359
    #59 Posted: 03:10:34 03/05/2013
    Pool Noodles.
    JCW555 Hunter Gems: 8635
    #60 Posted: 03:34:10 03/05/2013
    I just want to be treated as a regular user. NO ONE should be afraid of me.
    You gotta believe! Heh heh.
    Big Green Platinum Sparx Gems: 6345
    #61 Posted: 04:07:50 03/05/2013
    Quote: JCW555
    I just want to be treated as a regular user. NO ONE should be afraid of me.

    I read that in chef ramsay's voice which just made you seem intimidating smilie
    Gem-A-Knight Yellow Sparx Gems: 1644
    #62 Posted: 04:36:51 03/05/2013
    Quote: Spyrobaro
    Quote: kardonis
    ^ hey! I am not a "doofus", the correct term is mentally unstable. smilie

    Nope, doofus. Every dS user is a doofus.

    But you're cool doofuses.

    Yes, even I'm a doofus. And, I don't know if anyone has ever noticed, but a little creepier than just a doofus. I kind of scare myself sometimes. *moves into dark area so only eyes are visible* and say gross things on here. Nobody wants to's a nighttime mental problem...thats how I see it anyway. *disappears stalkishly*
    cowpowa23 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4833
    #63 Posted: 04:54:31 03/05/2013
    I see the mods as other normal users, but ones who have a little more authority....
    I am a Cow.

    HIR Diamond Sparx Gems: 9026
    #64 Posted: 15:11:10 03/05/2013
    I see Hunters as regular users, sure they have more authority over everyone else but they're just doing their jobs and
    keeping the forum healthy and clean c:

    darkSpyro, are you brushing your teeth twice a day? And do you remember to floss after meals? ^.^;
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    VespiDragon8 Platinum Sparx Gems: 6693
    #65 Posted: 15:13:36 03/05/2013
    I see the moderators (Hunters) as users that has their name in orange color, with a background Hunter Japanese version, also in their user rank, and with many gems. Then normal users in blue, then purple visited by one (stored in cookies or temporary files on your computer or what you use for the internet), then green users: who are the friends that one accepts have, and the Mr. administrator, who was in red color (danger) and with a background of Spyro Japanese version.
    ~And we all live happily forever, or at least, in a moment.

    → Well, I'm in a state of boredom, so when I write silly things, regained a bit of my happiness smilie. What I wrote above↑ is a joke, a joke.

    Now in a right way: they are people who have a greater charge than a normal user: are responsible to have more order, security and always ensure that the content posted by users value is safe, clean and according to the rules, when the administrator is not available or he does not have time for these tasks. But, that does not mean be afraid to talk to them, they are also cool users and who want to live in peace and harmony with the others users of
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    DragonCamo Platinum Sparx Gems: 6666
    #66 Posted: 19:06:03 03/05/2013
    I personally don't see what all the fuss is about mods. They are still the same users they were before they became mods. They haven't changed except that they have a Japanese Hunter in their posts and they can change posts. Maybe it's just because i only go on S&N, Idle Chatting, Video Gaming, and sometimes the Skylanders section, but i see them doing their job when the time arises.
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