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Use your Skylands for fanfic purposes [CLOSED]
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#1 Posted: 04:29:12 08/04/2013 | Topic Creator
Was gonna post something like this anyway, but what with the closure and whatnot, it's best to do it now.

Why not use pics of your Skylands for fanfics? I'm currently making several variations of my Skyland to go with different settings (it's a lot easier with 9000k coins!). I'm currently doing a post-apoc Skyland. Don't forget, make good use of the weather machine (make sure you have weather turned on in the graphics settings)! Also, enter in the code "glow" and you can use a special lantern for your small trees, which launches a minigame.

I'll post pics soon, and maybe some fanfics to go along with this.
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