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A bit of annoyance in with the companions. [CLOSED]
gerima Green Sparx Gems: 294
#1 Posted: 23:16:49 02/04/2013 | Topic Creator
I like the idea of the companions, but I find it annoying that new players will have to pay for access to buy houses. I don't want to buy T-Bone to unlock Sheep Shearers. First you have to reach the level to buy that companion, then buy them. Some are for coins which I don't mind, but I think we're being milked a little bit. I don't mind buying Flynn for 3000 gems (it's alot but it's a quarter to a half off of adventure times) but I do mind things like Spyro's fan. It only unlocks one adventure. I hope that Ramses and Jesse won't cost gems. DO they?
Double Gremlin Tagteam: Pop Fizz and Trigger Happy! smilie
Mabu Blue Sparx Gems: 678
#2 Posted: 17:08:15 03/04/2013
I'm not sure ow it works, I was level 30 when it upgraded so only a few were still locked: Flynn, Quigley, and Spyro's #1 fan.
easterro in Lost Islands
skylanderGIRLz Green Sparx Gems: 226
#3 Posted: 17:58:39 03/04/2013
Only some of the companions actually have to be bought....all of the others just naturally get unlocked the same way prior to the new update.
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