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2 help glitches [CLOSED]
IcelectricSpyro Gold Sparx Gems: 2002
#1 Posted: 12:47:06 11/08/2008 | Topic Creator
First help glitch is electric whirlwind . We know , the breath is too small for long using this attack , but what it will do , if we press triangle and hold and so fast press and hold square. The Eternal whirlwind !

Second help glitch is combination of elements. For example.... Take an earth and then DarlSpyro and you have stronger breath, cool huh ? smilie
The one from deviantART...
dragonmaster1 Green Sparx Gems: 328
#2 Posted: 23:15:20 11/08/2008
cool! I'll try it!
It's not mean,it's creative humor
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