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New Activate Friends [STICKY]
cengaverrr Green Sparx Gems: 159
#501 Posted: 21:25:53 01/03/2014
Add me for daily gifts
Activate: Cengaverrr
Vtown Green Sparx Gems: 397
#502 Posted: 18:37:09 02/03/2014
Very Very active,

Please add

Vtown and Jackstown

We gift everyday
Unknownflames Green Sparx Gems: 285
#503 Posted: 10:29:49 03/03/2014
I have series 1 and 2 of skylanders and the bluetooth portal so my codes are useless! So I plan on holding a Raffle for those willing to gift daily. Ever 10, 15, or 20 jewels I get from gift individually from each friend I will track and manage daily! 10 being a 1 series, 15 being a 2 series, and 20 being a series 3 (ill start collecting next month) will get a skylander of their choice! So add me and gift daily. Pm me to apply!!! Starting now, make shore you message me to apply!
rb6freak Green Sparx Gems: 224
#504 Posted: 21:50:02 03/03/2014
Hi guys, I'm tired of adding new friends that play for a few weeks and drop off. I just removed about 20 of them and now have room for those dedicated folks. I've been playing since day one; add - rb6freak
papnswell Red Sparx Gems: 20
#505 Posted: 23:48:08 07/03/2014
If you want daily gift, just add me

hotboyinpcola Yellow Sparx Gems: 1303
#506 Posted: 06:44:50 09/03/2014
add me daily player daily gift giver my id is adamwilmot
OttoBot Red Sparx Gems: 35
#507 Posted: 23:02:48 11/03/2014
I still have room on my account so feel free to add me, and my wife needs lots of friends so add her too.
Sethborsch Green Sparx Gems: 331
#508 Posted: 03:15:55 13/03/2014
Don't have any friends yet, so I'm new to the whole gift giving thing. I've been playing religiously every night for about 3 months and I don't plan on quitting anytime soon. Help this newb! Activate: Sethborsch
231 Skylanders; 22 Vehicles; 33 Traps; 34 Magic Items; $0 Monies
skylander7 Red Sparx Gems: 26
#509 Posted: 18:58:58 15/03/2014
I am a multiple time a day player. Please add: Skylander7
goldstock Green Sparx Gems: 181
#510 Posted: 19:40:40 15/03/2014
Ducktown10....would love an add
crystalgirl Red Sparx Gems: 38
#511 Posted: 09:17:14 16/03/2014
Please add me, me and my boyfriend are frequently on the game!.....tammers1978
My lost islands code is tammers1978 add me!
antoniolambri Green Sparx Gems: 208
#512 Posted: 17:59:39 16/03/2014
Please add me, my son and wife.

  • antonioLambri
  • harryLambri
  • Alika

Always active. Gifts guaranteed!
Edited 1 time - Last edited at 12:37:52 17/03/2014 by antoniolambri
Jedro Red Sparx Gems: 42
#513 Posted: 02:22:22 22/03/2014
I am active everyday. Add me for daily gift!

Activate Name: Jedro
Kalamath Blue Sparx Gems: 561
#514 Posted: 18:03:51 23/03/2014
Frequent play family. Lots of room for friends!

  • kalamath
  • petra-kate
  • pinjindir

Edit: We're all still very active & have 40 or so slots open. June 3, 2014
Activate family - Kalamath, Petra-Kate, Pinjindir (retired)
Edited 1 time - Last edited at 16:40:28 03/06/2014 by Kalamath
bernd Red Sparx Gems: 11
#515 Posted: 19:35:29 24/03/2014
I am also active everyday. Please add me for daily gift.

Activate Name:
bernd Red Sparx Gems: 11
#516 Posted: 19:40:33 24/03/2014
Sorry wrong Aktivate Name

Correkt Name: berndgeisler
Oznam181 Green Sparx Gems: 389
#517 Posted: 02:41:59 26/03/2014
Just started playing this game add me

papnswell Red Sparx Gems: 20
#518 Posted: 16:06:16 28/03/2014
If you want to add an addictive player, add roxanne_25, daily giver and don't forget me, papnswell too
michmachdk Red Sparx Gems: 33
#519 Posted: 17:03:37 29/03/2014
The wife and I love this game. Add us for daily gifts.

User ID: michmachdk
and the wife:
User ID: knhall

Thank you in advance!
Bemmie Red Sparx Gems: 11
#520 Posted: 20:53:32 01/04/2014
ID: Bemmie

Active every day, please add
williamhaze Red Sparx Gems: 11
#521 Posted: 20:23:15 03/04/2014
I will gift daily. My activate name is: williamhaze
Add me if you'd like.
beth18 Green Sparx Gems: 316
#522 Posted: 08:46:45 04/04/2014
hi im looking for lost island friends to complete auras task my user name is stocktonbeth
beth18 Green Sparx Gems: 316
#523 Posted: 10:54:37 04/04/2014
just changed my gamer user name on activate its now stinkblade
dbatchelor Red Sparx Gems: 33
#524 Posted: 01:37:32 08/04/2014
Add my activate ID: dlb15

I am on everyday! smilie
evil_duck Red Sparx Gems: 36
#525 Posted: 20:36:50 08/04/2014
Hi plz add me I'm new too the forum and game my name on activate is evil_duck
gutz84 Green Sparx Gems: 170
#526 Posted: 22:37:01 08/04/2014
Hey guys, new to the game and forum, already added a few people from here. User name: jacinta morgan
dsilver72 Red Sparx Gems: 40
#527 Posted: 08:21:07 15/04/2014
Hi all,
as my first account "dsilver72" is corrupted :-( I´ve started with a second account "skyspieler". Feel free to add it to your friend´s list.
enjoy the game!
arkhamhorrorfan Yellow Sparx Gems: 1581
#528 Posted: 11:45:24 17/04/2014
Hi - I just cleared out friends who had been inactive for longer than 2 months, so I have lots of new open spots. ArkhamHorrorFan

My son is also playing and gifts daily - he is DoctorWhoFan
zorlord333 Blue Sparx Gems: 865
#529 Posted: 04:04:13 19/04/2014
how can I add friends? It only seems to want to go to Facebook and tells me ACTIVATE is no longer available.
goldstock Green Sparx Gems: 181
#530 Posted: 15:51:04 19/04/2014
Ducktown10...I'm daily and looking for friends
akinata Green Sparx Gems: 314
#531 Posted: 05:20:24 22/04/2014
Please add me and my families, we playing and gifts daily!
Edited 1 time - Last edited at 04:28:45 03/10/2014 by akinata
glfrank73 Green Sparx Gems: 378
#532 Posted: 18:56:00 22/04/2014
glfrank73...I play daily during the week and am looking for friends
23072 Red Sparx Gems: 45
#533 Posted: 19:24:46 22/04/2014
Playing 7 days a week, more when I can squeeze in an extra day!!
Looking for new friends

User name; 23072

Can guarantee daily gifts
exosquad Gold Sparx Gems: 2654
#534 Posted: 10:29:21 24/04/2014
hello i am exosquad on activate. im looking for friends. and im trying to add some people who have posted their activate names recently.

ill gift everyday!
so please add me


thank you
I am going to have 1 of everything. someday...
Edited 1 time - Last edited at 11:23:32 24/04/2014 by exosquad
PopWhiz Red Sparx Gems: 31
#535 Posted: 11:22:00 25/04/2014
Playing daily and give gifts!


Nicko542 Green Sparx Gems: 144
#536 Posted: 03:02:19 04/05/2014
Add me Trinder. I'm highly addicted to this game, can not seem to put it down for more than a day. I make sure to gift every chance I get.
skylander7 Red Sparx Gems: 26
#537 Posted: 15:59:40 04/05/2014
I am a multiple time a day player. Please add: Skylander7
Ben98gs Green Sparx Gems: 491
#538 Posted: 13:18:06 12/05/2014
Activate ID: ben98gs

Feel free to add me still. I currently have a full set of friends, but do go through about weekly and remove those that dont seem to play anymore (I play and gift daily!)
karo122 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1049
#539 Posted: 17:58:01 13/05/2014
i cleared my friendlist and deleted those who were offline for more than 4 weeks so i have some free slots again.

I am level 42 now and play daily and gift daily as well.

Please feel free to add me if you also give daily presents.

Activate ID: lollek
Edited 1 time - Last edited at 19:04:18 13/05/2014 by karo122
koralred1 Green Sparx Gems: 165
#540 Posted: 13:20:55 15/05/2014
Anyone who plays on a daily basis can add me type koralred1 i play everyday all day
bozz Green Sparx Gems: 169
#541 Posted: 18:02:17 15/05/2014
Activate ID: bozzhaftigkeit

Playing and gifting daily.
Same goes for a friend of mine: lilip
Edited 1 time - Last edited at 00:25:35 25/05/2014 by bozz
Portal King Yellow Sparx Gems: 1324
#542 Posted: 12:01:18 19/05/2014
Hello everyone mine is Portalking123
Guaranteed gifts.
You need superchargers gear in Toronto? I'm your guy.
Add me on the wii u (Mario200) see ya on the track!
JetVac96 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1973
#543 Posted: 01:59:58 20/05/2014
I'm going to add some of you I'm Refriedbeans just so you know (I need to get Admiral Thumpback finally lol)
"Sucks to be you!" - Jet Vac
Ferbius21 Red Sparx Gems: 16
#544 Posted: 18:26:52 29/05/2014
New to the forums and very active in Lost Islands.

Activate name: Ferbius
Crushlander Green Sparx Gems: 165
#545 Posted: 08:33:02 30/05/2014
I am new, but I was watching from many time I have 10 empty slots for new friends please add Crushlander.

Actually at level 38 and looking for gems everyday!
Edited 1 time - Last edited at 09:57:11 13/06/2014 by Crushlander
Jedro Red Sparx Gems: 42
#546 Posted: 16:28:45 03/06/2014
Please add: Jedro

I am active every single day and will gift you daily.
HalfHear Red Sparx Gems: 25
#547 Posted: 00:21:33 05/06/2014
Please add me. My username is Halfhear. I play everyday and will send you kudos in return. Thank you
Lilmissdanae Green Sparx Gems: 313
#548 Posted: 12:49:51 05/06/2014
Jettmcfish, play daily
Oliver100 Red Sparx Gems: 12
#549 Posted: 05:31:04 06/06/2014
I wish I could add you guys, but I can't because I accidentally deleted Lost Islands!
Don't add me on Activate-I accidentally deleted Lost Islands!
Djeep Blue Sparx Gems: 777
#550 Posted: 22:05:55 09/06/2014
Hi I'm a long time player, at level 44.. I need some new friends to replace some that don 't. Play anymore. I play almost everyday and visit when I log-on.

My username is: JPO
My activate username : Jpoosterom
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