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Help! I seem to have bricked my Lost Islands app! [CLOSED]
AzureStarline Emerald Sparx Gems: 3539
#1 Posted: 15:50:24 23/03/2013 | Topic Creator
Ok, so last night I was cruising along doing the social invites thing while watching a K-Drama Iris with my wife. I must have glitched something somehow, because at some point my Lost Islands crashed and it still will not load fully - it crashes every time I try to start it. Yes, I have tried turning the iPod off and back on, plus activating and deactivating WiFi.

My question is this: Is it safe for me to delete the app entirely and reinstall? I know my save data will be wiped from the iPod, but will Activate and my cloud save come to my rescue? Please help!

Go figure this happens when I'm a hair from finally hitting level 30 and getting my only locked Skylander, Boomer, right? haha
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Advisor_Orville Yellow Sparx Gems: 1083
#2 Posted: 14:24:18 29/03/2013
v1.3 came out yesterday! Try installing that to see if that resolves the problem. If you have another device you could try logging into your activate account on that device to see if you save game is correctly saved to the cloud. (I would not recommend deleting your app until you have verified that).
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