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Who's going to be your Co-Op Buddy? [CLOSED]
crashpro Gold Sparx Gems: 2027
#1 Posted: 11:02:02 09/08/2008 | Topic Creator
I'm going to have my friend with me, and we'll be making a playthrough of the game in Co-Op as well, so if you want a Playthrough, and have a YouTube account, subscribe to

Ok, enough with the ads, who's going to play with you? Your friend, bro, sis, cousin, mom, dad, grandma (O.o)?
Tango Gold Sparx Gems: 2076
#2 Posted: 11:04:54 09/08/2008
no one,i don't have one.
Elemental Spyro Blue Sparx Gems: 667
#3 Posted: 15:09:20 09/08/2008
I have two broters ethir one would work.
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Crush Gold Sparx Gems: 2812
#4 Posted: 15:15:15 09/08/2008
My stepfather.
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dragonlover11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1679
#5 Posted: 18:29:02 09/08/2008
well i don't have another controller so no1 right now
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SilverDragon Gold Sparx Gems: 2060
#6 Posted: 19:23:02 09/08/2008
My little sister smilie
Doppel Yellow Sparx Gems: 1244
#7 Posted: 21:13:56 09/08/2008
No one. Maybe co-op after I beaten the game. I want to enjoy the game first without the annoyance of another person.
HyperShadow Red Sparx Gems: 74
#8 Posted: 22:49:18 09/08/2008
I'm not sure, I really only have 1 friend who likes Spyro as much as I do, but we never go over each others house or anything.
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Glass Gryphon Gold Sparx Gems: 2686
#9 Posted: 23:33:27 09/08/2008
I'm trying to get my friends into Spyro, otherwise none smilie
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Spyla Blue Sparx Gems: 535
#10 Posted: 00:57:46 10/08/2008
no 1 i work alone
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Spyrothelegend Yellow Sparx Gems: 1105
#11 Posted: 01:01:04 10/08/2008
I'm going to play with my little brother.
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Miles Tails Gold Sparx Gems: 2059
#12 Posted: 01:04:19 10/08/2008
I play alone....
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Axel Yellow Sparx Gems: 1975
#13 Posted: 01:25:43 10/08/2008
My best friend(s) or any of my family members.
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spyro luver Blue Sparx Gems: 557
#14 Posted: 02:37:30 10/08/2008
if dragon8r10 (shes my friend in real life but im not giving out her real name)gets another controller, her, but otherwise i might get it for either gba or ds
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Mewnaphy Gold Sparx Gems: 2750
#15 Posted: 03:03:12 10/08/2008
Probably my younger brother or sister.My brother would probably play as Spyro while my sister would probably play as Cynder.I need to tell them to take turns.>>
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Spyro Technics Yellow Sparx Gems: 1899
#16 Posted: 03:10:47 10/08/2008
My mum. smilie She is into video games like me. xP Plus, unless I play with my dog, there is no one else. I have no siblings and my dad doesen't even know what a controller is for! smilie
dragonwar2 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1887
#17 Posted: 03:40:19 10/08/2008
I'll be playing it on PS3 with my imaginary friend name Jim.smilie
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black dragon Ripto Gems: 2470
#18 Posted: 04:43:28 10/08/2008
I'm alone.
Aang Green Sparx Gems: 370
#19 Posted: 04:44:43 10/08/2008
Playing alone or with my friend.
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Night Owl Yellow Sparx Gems: 1942
#20 Posted: 08:15:07 10/08/2008
I will play it through on my own then let my litle bro join in.
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bionicle2809 Diamond Sparx Gems: 8438
#21 Posted: 09:55:46 10/08/2008
I'll either convince my sister that its good (She likes the old ones but not the new ones) or I'll convince my freind to play it with me, they used to like Spyro so I might yet have another chance.
Tango Gold Sparx Gems: 2076
#22 Posted: 12:12:26 10/08/2008
hey,i think i'm going to play with kelvin,i hate him.i'm going to make sure he dies! (by pushing him off a clif(he won't know how to fly))
Firestar Yellow Sparx Gems: 1897
#23 Posted: 15:29:09 10/08/2008
I'll play by myself. I could play with my brother, but he has no idea what hes doing.
spyroking16 Blue Sparx Gems: 776
#24 Posted: 15:56:21 10/08/2008
I don't need a co-op buddy I work alone.
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Cynder28 Gold Sparx Gems: 2731
#25 Posted: 16:33:17 10/08/2008
I would like to play co-op but I don't have any sisters or brothers.Hmm...Maybe I could ask my friend.So i will play alone.
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Robo-Spyro Platinum Sparx Gems: 5879
#26 Posted: 16:38:00 10/08/2008
I will play as Spyro and my brother or sister will play as Cynder, and then we swap smilie
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spyro_madgirl Blue Sparx Gems: 594
#27 Posted: 19:19:42 10/08/2008
My little sister. smilie
spyrorockforeva Green Sparx Gems: 391
#28 Posted: 21:07:36 10/08/2008
i won't have a co-op buddy smilie

no one in my family like spyro and my friends well my friends are kinda not into vidio games ( sorry spelling)
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Dark_Spyro999 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4713
#29 Posted: 21:36:30 10/08/2008
my big sissmilie
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dark cynder13 Red Sparx Gems: 94
#30 Posted: 21:46:53 10/08/2008
my mom but she isn't very good at video games..
dark cynder13 Red Sparx Gems: 94
#31 Posted: 21:47:54 10/08/2008
so i guess i have to pay my sister twenty bucks for her to play spyro with me
Coocie2 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4249
#32 Posted: 02:35:57 11/08/2008
none of my friends really like spyro unless my cousin will play with me, he loves video games with violence and dragons and stuff so he might play, otherwise im alone
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SequoiaDragon Emerald Sparx Gems: 3930
#33 Posted: 03:26:45 11/08/2008
Most likely my cousin (brendanch1993 smilie)
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Coocie2 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4249
#34 Posted: 03:30:00 11/08/2008
Quote: SequoiaDragon
Most likely my cousin (brendanch1993 smilie)

same here (crypto_137)
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Nalemor Ripto Gems: 789
#35 Posted: 04:24:08 11/08/2008
nobody smilie
SpyroGirlCazy Emerald Sparx Gems: 4436
#36 Posted: 15:00:14 11/08/2008
well my sister but she dont like spyro but then i have my dad... YAY me and my dad always play on the ps2 alot !
Rocky Yellow Sparx Gems: 1860
#37 Posted: 17:31:59 11/08/2008
I'll play it with my freind! He isn't very much into Spyro, but he somehow brings me luck when he's wathing me play XD

Oh, and he can be Spyro, then i'm Cynder, wich would fit perfect, 'coz hes a boy(of course) and i'm a girl!

Go Spyro and Cynder ! Or, in other words, Kedde and Ria!(our nicnames B) )

P.S. Don't ekspect that i'll answer, if anyone questions me, or something.
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rojo froglag Green Sparx Gems: 393
#38 Posted: 17:38:17 11/08/2008
one of my friends. he will play spyro and i will play cynder
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